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I have been on for years. I have worked and babysat from jobs I have found on the site.
About 8 weeks ago, they ran a background check on me including my DMV records and my criminal records.
I Never gave permission for this. I called and they said they pick random people and do this. This is a lie, I said ok for the Criminal which I have ran before.
It came up with a DUI from over 5 yrs ago, and I have had a clean license since. now banned me from the site, and I have written and e mailed them about 12 times and NO ONE responds.
If they ran these check on the parents they would have DUI's and DWI's and I am sure many other things on the record. The other job hunters I am sure have things on their record also!
They singled me out and made me lose a job, many jobs.
I had a woman who I was supposed to work for full time and now I am not on the site, and if they ever put me back on it makes me look like a loser who closed her account!! I can not get work because of them.
Anyone I spoke to on the phone says oh, you can dispute the report. I say the same thing over and over, I have nothing to dispute and did nothing wrong!

Sep 26, 2016
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  •   Sep 29, 2016

    What I read on the website is they have to get your permission before running a background check and they only do it when the hiring client requests it. I thought companies had to get a signed waiver to run DMV and criminal checks?

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