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I had a delivery scheduled in an 830 to 1130 window for a mattress . I work midnight to eight so I called them in the morning and they told me I was the first delivery so instead of going to sleep I stayed awake . They arrived delivered the mattress and left at 8:55 . I noticed that it was the wrong mattress as I saw them pulling out of the driveway I've been called customer service and spoke to a female agent within two minutes and she told me they were already at the next stop . I Asked her how long it would take them to get back because I work midnight to eight and I was planning to go to sleep. She told me they would be back within a half hour . An hour later I called her back she told me that she would get an ETA on the truck to return and call me back . I waited another half hour before I called the corporate administrative offices and told him of my issue I asked free delivery manager the operator stated she would bring it to the delivery manager my message personally and they would call me . 20 minutes later the same customer service girl who I spoke to twice previously told me they'd be there within 20 to 25 minutes. I asked her why didn't the manager called me she replied a manager is not needed and ansarcastic tone. She obviously didn't want her manager to know that she's not very good at customer service by telling a customer that they'll be there in a half hour and it's really two hours because when the truck actually showed up the driver told me that they had a very large delivery at that stop it was almost the whole truck . The reason why I told her that I work midnight to eight and I was planning to sleep was because if it was going to be two hours for them to return I would've going to sleep and not wait up for the half hour for them to come back which was really two hours and 10 minutes . I called back the administrative offices because I did not receive a call from the service manager and requested to speak to Nick Rhonda repeat the owner of Cartys I end up leaving a message which was not replied to . Cardi's customer service absolutely failed at their job . The two delivery gentlemen were very apologetic for the mistake that they made and I don't blame them at all. I was more upset of the fact of the customer service representative lied to me instead of telling me it would be a while like two hours because then I would've went to bed.

Dec 07, 2016
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      Jul 11, 2019

    I bought a King size mattress from the Cardi's in West Warwick. The delivery truck showed up and pulled in front of the house on the main road. The two delivery drivers opened the back door of the truck and literally threw the mattress of the back of the truck onto the pavement! I asked the driver why he threw the mattress off the truck? He said we have no electric tailgates or hand dollies. I then found out they do not work for Cardi's Furniture. Cardi's subcontracts the delivery portion of their business. The drivers have no electric liftgates, no hand trucks or dollies, no sick days, no retirement plan and unaffordable health benefits! This is how Cardi's lets the subcontractor treat its employees! I told them to join a union!!!

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