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Middletown, PA, United States Review updated:

Here is the exact letter I submitted to the company; you be the judge.

I've been cooking for about 10 years now. I cook for family, friends, personnel in my military unit, etc. Initially when Charles (The sales guy) displayed the meat it looked pretty good. The steak, although frozen, was a nice red and looked pretty good. When the chicken display was pulled out, he opened the first pack and I stopped him. The chicken was pathetic and tiny. I told him not to bother with chicken. I also told him to forget the seafood because I don't trust frozen seafood, especially because I don't know what kind of care it's been given. He gave me the whole freshness phrase but I told him not to waste his time; what I was interested in was the beef.

Longer story short he passed that he'll give me any case I wanted for $25. Delmonico steaks - when done right - are exquisite. What he did not know is that steak is one of, if not the best food I can cook.

Tonight (5 Feb 10) when I got off work my wife had pulled 2 of the steaks for me to cook. They were sauteed in light butter over low heat until they were a nice medium rare. Here's where the whole reason for comment comes in. The first bite I had was all fat. I realized that the reason the meat was so pink in the first place was because its own blood juice was surrounding it - good trick by the way. The steak tasted like hamburger that has been processed more than dirty toilet water turned into tap water. My wife had at best about 3 "good" pieces.

It's insulting to serve my wife such a terrible piece of meat and it's also insulting that your company would try to pass this (no better word) ### off as "Prime USDA Choice Steaks". At the very least you will refund my money immediately by the end of this coming week. I also expect additional imbursement so that I can by my wife and I Delmonico steaks that I know are of good quality.

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  • Ag
      17th of Jun, 2010

    Capital Meats is a big scam. I fell for it so its my fault. They said they were a "church going" and "God abiding" people. They sold me a freezer and packed it. What they didnt tell me is that I have to unpack the freezer and put all the food in freezer bags. I called and left messages to the office and sales person to complain.

    They never returned my calls. The meat comes with a one year warranty for freezer burns but they never honored it. I lost near 75% of the meat. I just didnt have the to fight it. It would have been a long multi-year drawn out case.

    I wish there was a better way to inform the public know about how awful this company really is - that they can lie to folks about their religion and honorable ways.

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  • Ke
      8th of Apr, 2011

    I am so glad that I am reading this article or entry about Capital Meats. I've going through the same ordeal with them. Salesmen rang and rang my doorbell on January 19th. I thought it was an emergency from a neighbor so I answered the door. They were heading back to their trucks and when they noticed me, they started their sales pitch. I told them that I wasn't interested at all but they kept pushing the product. I said to myself, "what the hell!" So I gave them a shot. I paid 148 for a case chicken, after he knocked down the price and assured me of a 12 month guarantee deal. The next night I cooked up the chicken; so that I could have lunch for the week (just one box). The next day, my roommate noticed the frig smelling really bad. Low and behold it was the chicken. Furthermore, I've gotten sick from eating the chicken and have had major medical bills because of it. I've called the 800# and written emails to them and NO ONE has contacted me. Finally, I got a call saying that wanted to take down my information and that they were going to get this out to someone. A bunch of lies! I've asked for a refund. I was told that they don't do refunds. They would exchange the chicken for more chicken. What makes you think I want to eat chicken from a company that sold me bad chicken? Literally, I want my money back. And I will never buy from them again.

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  • Fr
      22nd of Jun, 2011

    I was suprised at home one day by a very scary looking man pounding on my door with his fists. Upon first impression with all the tatoos, ganster clothing, and skull jewelery I would not open my screen door. He eyed my 2 year old daughter and said she was really cute, more reason not to open the door. He gave me a sales pitch for Capital meats with a very nervous tone, accompanied by admission to having done hard time and wanting to turn his life around. He was becoming agitated that I would not open the door and let him inside. Finally he showed me a sample box of meat through the wndow so i stepped outside. He asked to go inside and I inisited we just talk on the porch. After another corny, nervous sales pitch with his eyes not focused on me but through the window to my home interior, he asked to come inside and use the bathroom. I directed him to the local pizzeria for the bathroom and again refused to let him inside. I did try a few boxes of meat; the steak was good, the chicken ok, the hamburgers fantastic, the ginger shrimp was awesome, and the fish disgusting. I'm scared of the sales rep and hope he never somes back. If he does and with suspicious behavior, I can easily identify him to the police via tatoos and piercings. He's a big, intimidating man who made many comments about me living alone with my daughter, so I made several comments about buying meat for my husband (and I am married!) and he became less aggressive. Yikes, please don't knock on my door again. I won't come out this time.

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  • Ro
      16th of Feb, 2013

    *****ATTENTION, PLEASE READ THIS!!!******** If you are thinking about buying any Capital Meats Inc. products, please listen...I got ripped off for $150 by buying this disgusting, nasty, pink-slime, goo-injected meat. You have heard all the stories, these guys stop by your house with a BS story about how they are in the area selling or they have extra meat on the truck after completing their route in your neighborhood...either way, it is all BS, they are door to door salesmen that prey on those that have never bought from them before. Think about it, why would a company with any kind of good reputation need to come to your house and pressure to buy good quality meat?? If the stuff was good, they would have problem selling it. The truth is that some [protected]@@hole decided to use old dairy cows, that were otherwise going to be cut up for dog food, and sell them as "top quality" beef. This stuff is nasty...READ THE REVIEW ON THE INTERNET...BUT BE CAREFUL NOT TO READ THE LYING REVIEWS ON THE CAPITAL MEATS WEBSITE!!! The reviews on the capital meats website talk about how good the meat is, and every customer was extremely satisfied...this is all part of the scam. GO TO ANY THIRD PARTY REVIEW SITE AND READ THE TRUTH!!! You will find out the true story of Capital Meats...tough, nasty, goo-infused, old dairy cow beef...slightly below the grade of what would be used for the lowest grade of dog food. Absolutely nasty. Please get the word out...don't be a victim like me... STAY AWAY FROM CAPITAL MEATS!!! You will get disgusting nasty-tasting, goo and slime infused meat. Also, these clowns like to say that people who are complaining do not know how to cook meat or aomehow cooked the meat wrong...I have been cooking steak my whole life...thousands of them, at home and at work. I know how to cook, I was just duped by the ### salesmen that sold me the box of crap steaks!!!

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