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to keep this short Ill stick to the simple facts.
Ordered during a "buy one get one sale"
Paid extra to have the items shipped in a quicker fashion
after several attempts to contact the seller due to no info on shipping being sent and the order was to be received within 2 days at the latest I finally spoke with James. he told me my print wasn't even printed but he would expedite it and I would see my order shortly.
I asked about the shipping and he assured me it would be refunded.
Call Number 2 - Still hadn't seen product or shipping info. Asked for them to cancel the order and refund my money. I was no longer interested. Again James tells me that they will refund my shipping and he will have me info that day. He followed through on the shipping info, but not the money.
called a third time spoke with James. This time I was told that they had a press down and that all their shipments were delayed. He would put a request into the shipping department for a refund on my shipping and apologized but would not acknowledge that this was the 3rd time we spoke.
4th call spoke with James this time he tells me that they do not return shipping (suddenly this is an issue after 4 calls!?!) but that they would give me a credit towards my next purchase and he would follow up with an email. Guess what Folks, I never saw that either.
then today I call and when the person answers they do not say their name ( i know at this point its the same person I have spoken with 4 other times) But I ask who I am speaking with... the person refuses to answer and asks my order number. I provide that info and ask again for his name. He again ignores the question and puts me on hold. I continue ask his name after he gets back and he refuses and then becomes very rude and unprofessional it was a good 10 minute conversation of me providing him with dates and times we spoke, the promises HE made and trying to understand why these things have not been done. His response was " get over it cause you are not getting your money back"
then continues to tell me that they have orders that are 15-20 days delayed right now. I asked how in good faith they could charge for shipping that they couldn't fulfill and I was hung up on.

May 25, 2017

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