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Canadian Tire Store # 483 / return policy on tire chains

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While on a snowy trip to Whistler Dec 12/08, I had heard on the radio that a tire check was being done at Alice Lake, which is before Whistler. The RCMP were checking for proper tires for the road conditions. My tires were all season (Mud and snow rated) on a front wheel drive vehicle. I also went by my tire shop to confirm if they were safe. They felt I should be ok.
I decided to drop into Canadaian tire for an update on the road conditions, and also to see if any vehicles had been turned back. They would probably end up at Canadian Tire for chains or new tires, if so. There were quite a few customers like me enquiring on the need of chains. The service counter staff were stating that I should get chains or I will not pass the road block. Only good snow rated tires would pass. I though, ok, I guess I should play it safe. I was told there is a 72 hour exchange policy and only for different size or if defective. I went on my way with the $70 chains in a plastic box.
There was no road check after all, and the road conditions were better from squamish to Whistler than when I drove from Vancouver to squamish earlier.
On the way home monday I went by Canadian tire to refund the unused chains. They would not refund my money stating the receipt states only 72 hour exchange policy. Tire chain purchases weather used or not are not refunded. I stated that thier return policy states returns with recept and resaleable items accepted. They stated that tire chains are the exception.
I stated that they are still in the box unopened and are likely to be resold as this is the start of the winter season in this area. They would likley have no problem selling it. Again they were never even touched. They would not consider it. I asked for a store credit then and they said no. I talked to the store manager as well as the store owner and customer service people with no luck.
Canadian Tire is taking advantage of a situation that scams the consumer into buying an item for safety reasons, and if still in resellable condition (as new) will not refund or give a store credit. I guess is makes for a large cash pot in the winter season. They need to practice discretion in these cases. I could understand if the chains were used, or if it was the latter part of the winter season. Buyer Beware as always. They have lost me as a frequent customer.

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  • St
      15th of Dec, 2008

    At minimum they should provide you with an in store credit. What a joke

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  • Mi
      17th of Dec, 2008

    Buyer beware??? You were told the exchange policy. You accepted the exchange policy. You purchased the product knowing the exchange policy. Then you expect them to not follow the exchange policy and make an exception for you? You were a well informed buyer who decided to not listen and now you are upset. The store did nothing wrong in following the same policy that you knew they had.

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  • Ca
      27th of Dec, 2008

    Obviously you didn't bother to even READ the pamphlet that was given to you upon purchasing your tire chains.

    - There is NO warranty on Tire chains!
    - There is NO REFUND EVER on Tire chains!
    - There is ONLY a EXCHANGE for another chain size within 72 WITH RECEIPT.


    Because you admited yourself.. You didn't need it.. We are in the business of SELLING, not LOANING. Many companies have STOPPED with tire chains because of the hassle they have been and how many have ABUSED their product and wanting refunds.

    You do NOT have to even use them to USE THEM.. Like you said above, they ended up needing to check your tires.. That is the risk you take and you are made VERY CLEAR before you buy them. People have SCAMMED US buying them so they can just have them in view for the RCMP and then expect us to give them a credit, tender back once they "USED" them..

    Doesn't matter where you buy tire chains, it's exactly the same with any other place so quite whining and READ THE POLICY BEFORE YOU DO YOUR NEXT PURCHASE.

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  • Re
      16th of Jun, 2009

    Come on man ! you bought something because you wanted to be insured against possible problems, then you didn't need it so you tried to return it. Why would a company even carry something like chains if they knew everyone who didn't end up needing them would return them? Imagine if you were to buy fire insurance and then after the year when your house didn't burn you tried to get a refund. You bought $70 worth of piece of mind knowing you wouldn't be turned back or stuck on highway 99. suck it up and know that you will be prepared in the future.

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  • Aq
      14th of Mar, 2010

    I remember a few years ago when the Fraser River in Vancouver was supposed to flood over the dykes and there was a huge risk that thousands of people would be forced out of their homes, lose power, etc. I happened to be at Costco (which has a phenomenal return policy) a few days after the province announced that the river was receding and the flood risk was over. There was a line of people out the door returning their gas generators (the big ones that cost between $600 and $1200) all still in the original box, unopened! Was this just a coincidence, that all these people simulataneously decided they didn't like this product? Of course not- they knew there was no longer a risk of losing power and they didn't want their $1, 000 tied up in something they didn't need. Of course, the store, which probably had to order many more generators to re-stock those that sold so quickly, would now be on the hook for inventory they wouldn't sell for many years!

    I thought to myself, what a bunch of losers, taking advantage of the store's return policy and good will. How detestable these people were!

    This is the same thing- you "bought" these chains with the intention of returning them. The store isn't in the business of LOANING things to losers. Get a life!

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