Canadian Tire Store 339trying to use visa card, escorted out by police

Ph Jan 24, 2015 Fort McMurray, AB Review updated:

I was escorted out of the store by a police officer while trying to use my business visa swipe card. The sales clerk wanted to see government photo ID and I said no. Then the manager came by and explained to me that it was store policy to require ID for this sort of transaction. I explained to him that it is my policy to not show the ID unless required to do so by law, and also that his agreement with Visa is to accept the card as payment, without ID. He then refused me service, called the police, and I eventually decided to leave peacefully. Overall I am still fairly angry at how things happened. I do not welcome unnecessary and misguided "fraud-protection" measures that treat me as a criminal or disrespect my right to privacy.

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  • Mk
      Jan 28, 2015

    And you also feel that you need to complain twice about this... A sign of of ???? Not Sure

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  • Ju
      Oct 19, 2016

    He should complain about it constantly because the staff. They just changed an o2 sensor on my car that didn't need changing..why? They didn't do any diagnostics. It was a 20$ connector and they are trying to tell me it's my fault because I didn't ask for the diagnostics. Sounds too stupid to be true. but unfortunately it is. Every time I go there they give me an excuse to never go back. They'll hold your car hostage and not admit their mistakes. USELESS., I'm learning how to do most of this myself and save thousands with no headaches.

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