Canadian Tiremanager treatment of staff

Ni Nov 23, 2018 Maple Ridge, BC


I was at Canadian Tire in Maple Ridge yesterday, located at 11969 200 St, Maple Ridge, BC V2X 3M7 . There was a minor line for the checkouts, the store was busy. The manager begins shouting, "is anyone on break? Clear out the lunch room, no more breaks for anyone tonight". I was absolutely appalled. The look of quiet concern on the cashiers, clearly worried they would have to work their full shift without a break was heartbreaking. I would much rather wait in line for five minutes and know the staff was treated with kindness and respect by their superiors, and allowed to get their much needed and, I believe, legally entitled breaks than have all staff overworked and unappreciated so I could get through immediately. I hope this man is at the least reprimanded and the staff assured this type of treatment is not typical for Canadian Tire and is not something they should have to worry about.

Time of visit: roughly 7pm
Date of visit: November 22, 2018

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