CanadaVet.comselling meds illegal to import. you won't get it.

M Sep 15, 2017

I ordered from canadavet because I thought it was being sent from canada. On their webpage it says they are located in vancouver, bc. I am in vancouver, bc so I thought it would arrive in a few days because that's how long mail takes here. After waiting a month I called and asked why I hadn't received it. They are just drop shippers. They take your money then order from a company over seas and it takes months to arrive. They did not mention this when ordering. I could order it myself from overseas for less. I chose a canadian company so i'd get it quickly.

So after waiting months because it's too late to cancel I receive a letter from canada customs that I tried to import illegal drugs that aren't allowed to be shipped to canada unless you are a vet or pharmacist. The letter said my package was refused entry. I called canada vet and asked why they are selling products that aren't allowed to be shipped to canada and they literally said "customs doesn't check every package, they only spot check so a lot of packages still arrive. A lot of customers still get their package. There is just a chance they will catch it"!!! Seriously? You are ordering illegal drugs in my name (Like I said they are drop shippers, they take your money then order it cheap from an international company using your name and address so the blame goes on you) and they say it might not get caught!! Just because you might not get caught doesn't make it okay. I can try to smuggle cocaine across the border and I also "might not get caught"! It is illegal to order these products overseas and they are well aware of it.

Don't waste your time and money waiting for a shipment that, if caught, will be refused entry into canada. This company needs to be shut down for it's illegal activity.
Sept 15/2017

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