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I received an order from them and it was incomplete. I immediately called to report I was missing 3 out of 12 items. The packaging employee was not in and they said they would call me back next day. I called them the next day and was told the employee claims the order was complete. I asked to speak to a supervisor and she repeated the same, and said my only recourse was to dispute it with my credit card company. This was an order for two prescription drugs which were packaged. The pro-biotic, which can be purchased on the internet without a prescription, was missing. My total order was over $300. The three missing items were less than 10% of the total order. It was not even the most expensive item in my order! No credit with them was offered or to reship. There are many other reputable pet pharmacies on the internet that offer the same products. Even if I have to pay a few pennies more I will NEVER use this company again. Beware: They do not treasure their customers.


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