California Psychicsunethical behavior

California Psychics prey on broken hearted and lonely women by posing as a certified psychic who can see into your future. They listen to your concerns then predict your hearts desire will come to pass. But when their predictions fail to come to fruition, they blame you for not believing, or doing what you were supposed to do to make their prediction for your life come to pass.

There should be a law preventing these scammers from operating. People turn to them out of desperation, curiosity or fear and they milk that situation for whatever they can. Telling each patron that their psychics can predict with 100% accuracy. Isn't this illegal? Isn't this false advertisement? None of the predictions from psychic Winter has come to pass in over 3 years. But according to their web site she is a master psychic with 100% accuracy. Can I sue them for their lies and thousands of dollars I've spent? All they care about is getting your money so they fill you with false promises.

Jan 22, 2017

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