Calabria, Renato / Did not perform proper procedures and failure to disclose.

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Dr. Calabria misled me as to the fact that he had never been sued by a patient (I have his e-mails to prove it). Had I known he had been successfully sued and was currently on probation, by the medical board, I would never have allowed him to operate on me.

By Calabria’s own estimate, and that of other plastic surgeons, the procedures he was to perform on me: vertical face-lift, neck-lift, endoscopic forehead lift, lower eye-lid correction (blepharoplasty) and fat injections (volume restoration) to various places on my face; that I paid $41, 000 for should have taken 8 to 9 hours to perform. He spent less than 5 hours on my procedures.

Two of the procedures got infected. My left lower eyelid, seen to by Dr. Applebaum, and the right cut in my skull. The endosocopic cut had opened to such a degree that Calabria was to re-stitch it. He did not.”

Rather than the “Vertical Facelift” I paid for he performed the One-Stitch procedure instead and left me with the scars to prove it. He also caused a lump on my cheek. He promised to eliminate this lump; he did not. My lower Eye-lids were to be done from the inside; he cut on the outside and stitched in my eyelids resulting in a chronic case of blepharitis.

Calabria had me sign release forms AFTER administering valium. The licensing board reprimanded him for this in the past but he continued this behavior.


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      21st of Jun, 2012

    I believe in the rights of patients to express their comments and their rights to express their opinions regarding the surgery but when the facts are distorted or are completely false like in this case, the patient should be responsible legally for their acts ( in this case diffamation). Also the website host is responsible to correct the false information ( not the negative comments- everybody is entitle to express their comments).
    The procedures performed in this case were indeed the vertical face lift- endoscopic brow lift and lower eyelid surgery plus fat injections. It is factually false that she would have had a one stitch facelift. It is also factually false that it would take 9 hours to performed these procedures. The actual time is around 5 hours. I never told the patient it would have taken 9 hours and I actually think it would have been unsafe to keep a patient for such a long time under anesthesia and I have never done that in my long carrier. So that is also factually false. It also factually false that I would administered Valium before signing the consents. The medical records will prove that it was not the case. And it also factually false that the Medical Board had reprimended me for that reason. In fact it is true just the opposite. I was fully exonerated by those charges.
    Also I wished that the patient would give me the rights to post on line the before and after pictures and let the public judge the results which I think they are outstanding but because of privacy issues I can not do that unless authorized by the patient itself.
    It is unfortunate that behind the shield of anonymity a patient can not be found accoutable for her diffamation statements even tough I believe that patients are entiteled in expressing their opinions . That is the reason why I developed a website where the comments by all patients that had surgery by me are post it in a consecutive fashion.
    I'm asking the webmaster to correct immediately the false statements included in the comments pending propt legal action to protect my reputation.
    Dr Calabria

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      12th of Jul, 2017

    No pictures. Maybe just a crush:)

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