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Caine & Weiner / Crooks

1 21210 Erwin StWoodland Hills, CA, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 818-226-6000

Welcome to an introduction to the worst collection agency in the United States. Where oh where to begin.
#1. Greg Cohen.
Oh Mr. Cohen, I'm so sorry you stopped growing at 12 and just stayed 5"1, I get the short man syndrome, but come on you dont have to be a DB to everyone who is tall and somehow threatening to someone of your stature.
Im also sorry that you have chipmonk teeth and a really bad coke habit. Oh yes we all know about the coke Mr.Cohen, its very obvious the way you scream at people on a daily basis when you need a fix.
You are thee worst boss in worlds history, its all complaints and never any praise, Good way to motivate your employees buddy. You dont do anything but take take take from your hard working employees. Heaven forbid you give raises and take away from your coke fund. I feel bad for your hot ### wife, how you landed that Ill never know, oh wait yes I do, you have MONEY!
Thats the only reason you are in the position of power that you are in. No one respects you, no one would even give a sh** if you got hit by a bus tomorrow, think about that. Everyone loved Bob C, everyone, and you destroyed that man's legacy in the Caine and Weiner name. Its now a joke in the collection world. Everytime I say I work for you people go Oh man I've heard horror stories about that place. Yup, they are right, its a joke.
You are losing clients left and right, you wont stay afloat much longer, mabey a few years tops. So good luck what goes around comes around Napoleon Bonaparte.
#2. Collection tactic.
This company violates the FDCPA on a daily basis at least 100 times a day.
Dear customers, did you know that everytime they violate the FDCPA you are entitled to $1000.00, not per violation just per call. So if they break 4 laws in one call, you still only get $ 1000.00. People need to start taking advantage of thier rights against this company. One of the biggest violations I see is collectors telling people they are going to "SUE" you. Umm yeah they legally cannot tell you that unless they intend to actually do it, which they have no control over. There is one attorney in the CA office and he is awesome! However the court sytems in the state of CA are down to two court houses in LA county and lawsuits take 6 months just to file then they can serve you and by then the 4 year statue of limitations could be up, so make sure you check you last payment date from the original creditor or if you made a payment to a collection agency it starts that 4 years all over again.
But again the collectors cannot lie to you and tell you that you will be sued bc once again they dont make that decision.
They also cannot be rude, they have to recite the mini miranda each call and state the call in recorded. Be aware of that.
I would never ever make a payment over the phone, you know why? Because collectors there want to hit thier collection numbers and they run fake checks ALL THE TIME! And those fake checks hit your banks and cause charges, again illegal and you can sue them!
I hope Ive helped! Happy collecting everyone!

May 2, 2013
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