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Buy Wheels Today / Disregard for Customer (Rude), Did not Honor Warranty

1 Cincinnati, OH, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 1866-747-6247

This company will not honor the 2 year warranty on my TSW wheels. I have had the wheels for 8 months and they have started to pit. The warranty is supposed to cover finish. The guys over at Buy Wheels Today (BWT) Marty, Jason and Felix have all been completely unhelpful in resolving my issue. Not only have they not been helpful but they have also been rude, for example hanging up the phone, or speaking over me. They have decided not to resolve my issue and now they will be seeing me in court. Just trying to save others time by giving a heads up! ****DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THESE CONARTISTS!****

Buy Wheels Today

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  • Bu
      27th of Apr, 2009
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    At Buy Wheels Today we attempt to help all of our customers with any warranty concerns. We asked Brian to email us pictures of the wheels so that we could forward them on to TSW. Three of the wheels had been damaged, it looks like they scrapped along a curb. TSW denied the claim because of the damage, had the wheels been damage free we would have happily replaced them.

    What Brian is trying to do is extort free wheels from us. Feel free to view over 7000 positive customer testimonials in our EBay store. Brian is the sort of customer that I would caution any company against selling him any product, as proven all he will do is threaten/extort until he gets his way with the support of his father, Allen.

    Any potential customers with questions please feel free to contact us, we will provide any interested parties with the pictures of the damaged wheels to show just how unreasonable this customer is. Please call us at 866-747-6247 with any questions.

  • Fa
      27th of Apr, 2009
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    First off these wheels have never been "scrapped on a curb" as stated above but instead what Marty and TSW saw was the pitting itself. TSW and Marty (Owner of BWT) continued to go back and forth saying we dont cover it its the dealer and oh we dont cover it, talk to the manufacturer. There is "supposed" to be a 2 year warranty on the finish of all TSW Wheels. This is 8 months down the road and I am going through hell trying to get this resolved. I'm out $800. Beware, dont believe this CONARTIST, I am not the only one who has complained. Marty degraded another customer last year over his skin color, calling him a n****r. Look up other reviews, call the Better Business Bureau and do a bit of research before you even bother with these idiots. His ebay record isn't perfect either, read about customer service and trying to return things. SAVE YOUR TIME AND MONEY!

  • Ho
      24th of Jun, 2009
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    I have had a very poor experience with Buy Wheels Today, the following is a history of my experience.

    For reasons inexplicable to me, PayPal forwarded my work, instead of my home address as the proper place to send my purchase. I called to explain the error and even had PayPal on the telephone when speaking to your representative. However, rather than trying to problem solve, all the representative was interested in was faultfinding. “Not my fault, not my problem, ” was his take. The fellow’s name was Felix.

    So now, as opposed to sending four tires to my home address, the tires are shipping to a high rise building in downtown Los Angeles.

    Notably the address to which the tired were shipped, is not the address registered to my credit card.

    I have been a faithful eBayer and have had a spotless feedback record for over a decade. In that time I have bought and sold more than $350, 000 in goods. Automobiles, property, vintage guitars, I try to do all my buying-business on eBay. Although I am nowhere near the biggest seller on the site, I am an excellent customer…and by the way, own four family vehicles. In fact, even my boat trailer has tires.

    In all those years, in all my eBay deals, I have never had a bad experience until now. It’s not a perfect world, so of course there have been errors, both on my part and sellers, but working them out always was easy; most things are when solving a problem, not finding a fault is the point of a conversation. Not so with Felix, he didn’t care. It wasn’t his fault, it wasn’t his problem.

    Please note, all I wanted was my purchase sent to a “PayPal Confirmed Address” Just not my work address. I wanted the tires sent to my home confirmed address. Such a change, according to the PayPal representative, would have been perfectly acceptable, and still protected the company from chargeback. The weird thing is, even if Felix had known my potential as a customer, I still don’t think he would have cared.

    That “not my fault, not my problem, ” way of looking at things, is also another way of saying, “not my profit, not my customer” when it comes to rational customert service.

    One last thing, at the end of the call, Felix told me that the tires had already shipped. If that were true, that would have solved the problem…or at least ended the conversation, long before he was so insulting. Unfortunately, I called UPS immediately after my call to him, they reported no such shipment had yet been received. Which I think means that you can add dishonesty, to the personality he portrays.

  • Ch
      4th of Nov, 2009
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    I ordered 5 rims from BWT on Thursday last week and recieved my rims on Monday. They were polite on the phone and even threw in 3 tuner lugs for the spare tire mounted on the back of my Jeep. They shipped on Friday with an email notification and tracking number. I am extreamly satisfied and I am reccomending them to friends.


  • Rl
      19th of Apr, 2010
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    Well I too am a victim of a broken part from and yes their customer service is less then stellar. Luckily my issue only amounts to about twenty dollars but if I knew before I ordered the wheel that there could be a problem with the packing for the plastic center piece I would have been more careful about checking the condition of the item before taking it to the installer. Seems when the center cap was packed with the wheel it either came loose during shipment or the person packing it just stuck it in the box either way the tines on the center cap broke and now BWT will not send me another one unless I pay for it. Admittedly I lost my temper and probably said a few words I shouldn't of said but after receiving several rude emails from the sales people and then told by Marty that he would sell me a center cap for eighteen dollars including shipping I just lost it. What happened to customer service? Shouldn't the company that packs the item use some good sense and realize if the item is being damaged during shipment lets make 100% sure in the future that this can't happen again? Word to the wise people make sure you check very carefully whatever you buy when it comes by box from a company that is not local to your home.

  • Sp
      4th of Feb, 2012
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    Felix is definitely very short and lacks customer service skills, sorta reminds me of a teenager thats been handed everything his whole life. The quality of a company is not volume of sales, and ratings from customer where things went right, it is the way things are handled when they don't. I saw some rims I liked on ebay, callled to ask if I could pick up the rims, Kyle said No we only ship the rims. I then returned to ebay and noticed the website address and went to ther site. I selected the rims I wanted using their system, I then called back to check availablity and if they would ship that day, if ordered. He said they would. I then asked if I should order them right then on the phone or use there website, Jason said the website would be just as fast. I orderd the rims, I immediately got a email confirming my purchase from google wallet 11:45am. I went back to my email at 5:30pm to print the recieve and saw a check on this order status button, I decided to check, it said it was cancelled. I have still not recieved a email from google. I called Felix to inquire about the transaction. He immediately started blamong me. He said ebay only listed one rim, but there is 8 listing of the same rim on there. He said I choose to use google wallet, I was directed there by his sales guy and it is there website. I have been charge $543.00 and not refunded as of 2 days. Said its not his problem. He constantly attemped to talk over me. I would be concerned if you have any problem with an item purchased from them.

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