Buy As You View / Sofa and saying i'm not keeping up with my payments

not sure, United Kingdom

This is miss jenny vickers i live at 3 beechcroft grove bolton bl2 6ez, iam sick of buy as you view sending me messages about my payments and sending me default letters when at the end of the day buy as you view are supposed to be replacing my sofa i have told them i am not paying a penny till i get my new sofa it is ridiculous it has been a month and a half since i complained about the sofa i have now me and my family cannot even sit on our sofa properly so i am not paying a penny, and aswell buy as you view still expect me to pay any arrears on my meter for the sofa i have now (I don't think so), when i finally receive my new sofa i want money took of my account for this ridiculous inconvienience, buy as you view better get this sorted very soon cos if not im gonna take this a lot further.

Aug 09, 2016

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