Burton Plumbing / Total Scam on Service and Price

1 Omaha, United States

From how this company handled the scheduling of the service to the actual service, it is hard to know where to start. They shifted the time of the appointment from morning to afternoon (12-4). Then at 2:45 called to advise that it was not looking good because all the technicians were tied up and taking longer than originally planned. I asked about the guaranteed time and the CSR indicated she had never heard of such a thing. So I leave the area to take care of business and after traveling 20 miles away from the home I get a call from a dispatcher who now says the technician is on his way. I say it will take me 30 minutes to meet him. No problem.

I next get a call from the technician. His comment is, so what is the problem. Two day s earlier I had already told the company I had a clogged basement drain. He goes on about six possible causes and outcomes. I say I will meet him at the house. Now he shows up and begins to start a process of running water in the washer, flush some toilets and other delays instead of unclogging the drain. After the testing, he then says there is good news, I have a clogged drain. He then shows me. Contract and wants me to sign up for $146 instead of advertised $99. He says there is a delivery/service charge.

After I lean on the facts the technician says he will agree to hide the service charge. I said I did not want him to hide anything. I asked if I missed some small print and he then says he will only charge $99 plus tax. I agree. After a few minutes he U clogs the drain and after placing the cover on the drain he says he would be willing to, run a camera in the drain all, the way to the street. It was coverd in the charge. What a joke and a total sham.

I then went to breakfast with 7 friends and when I told them my story they all agreed that they had negative experiences with Burton and would never contact them again.

Jun 4, 2015

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