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Burger King / old & cold original chicken sanwiches

1 200 E. Hwy 12Valley Springs, CA, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 209-772-2800

Long Story Short!?!!?!!!
My friend and I have been going to the Burger King in Valley Springs for almost 10 years. You never know if your food is going to be what you ordered or hot, warm or most of the time COLD! When you order a hot sandwich or whopper, you expect it hot, not cold and old (like they are trying to get rid of what was left over from the lunch crowd). This has happened to us too many times and last week on Tuesday, February 23, 2010, was the last straw!!! We had ordered two original chicken sandwiches with cheese and a drink. We always use the drive-thru as it is convenient for us. We were the only one in the drive-thru so we figured it wouldn't take long to give and get our order, WRONG! When we got around the corner to the cashier's window, we had to wait for the employee's to stop their gossipping and/or off their cell phones, definitely not a professional place of business! Which was not making my friend happy, since he hates to wait and especially since we were sitting there and the employee's were not doing anything but standing around talking to each other, (we know because the window was open and could hear everything)! When we did get our order we got backon the highway and headed for home. I opened up my friend's sandwich handed it to him and made the comment that it did not feel even warm. I then opened mine and my sandwich was the same. Not only were they not warm they were downright cold, the cheese was as cold and old as the chicken was! These sandwiches, we both decided were left overs from the lunch crowd, we had ordered them at 2:33p.m. As we were driving home, I told my friend that when we got back to Stockton, I would call and make a complaint, that we have had too many orders like this in the past. We had been going to this burger King in Valley Springs for 9 years, since it was convenient and the only fast food place until just a couple of years ago when Taco Bell came to town.
When I got home, I tried to find their number in the phone book, no luck, so I called a Burger King here in Stockton and asked the manager if he had the ph.# for the one in Valley Springs, he said no, but if I had my receipt, I could call that number and make a complaint. WHAT A JOKE!!! All that number is for is a survey on how the Burger King I patronized was doing. You have to punch #'s in from 1 to 5, if you could have punched in zero's, that's how I would have rated the Valley Springs, CA. Burger King!! I finally got done with the survey (by the way has a false statement in it). Direct quote from back of receipt says, "VALIDATED RECEIPT GOOD FOR ONE MONTH FROM DATE OF PURCHASE". I finally had to call 411 to get the number for the Burger King in Valley Springs, Ca. I called and asked to speak to a supervisor as I wanted to make a complaint about the food we wad received earlier that day. The woman that answered the phone asked me if i had my receipt, I said yes, she asked me whose name was in the left bottom corner, I told her it said Ashley. I told her what we had ordered and she said that she remembered us as she was the one that took our order. She said that she was sorry that we were not happy with our order, but if I had my receipt I could call that number and make a complaint, I told her that I already knew there was not a "LIVE" person to answer that number, it was just a survey on how good your food and service was and than you got a"Code" to get a free whopper or chicken sandwich. I told her that we patronize the Burger King in valley Springs at least two or three times a week, as it's convenient to stop there on our way home. Also told her that we have had bad orders from there in the past, but never complained until now. Told her we did not appreciate waiting at the cashier's window, as we were the only one's in line and the employee's were standing around talking to each other or on their cell phone's, instead of doing their jobs. I asked her again for Burger King's Corporate headquarter's, so I could make a formal complaint. Instead, she took my first name only, told me that the next time we were in Valley Springs, to come back to Burger King and tell the person who waited on me that my name was in the "BOOK" and we would get our order the right way and at no charge, saying again to that she was sorry we were not happy with our order.
You would think that would be the end of it, not true!!??!!! We went back today, Wednesday, March3, 2010, at 2:37p.m. this time. I went inside to get the order that was owed to us from last week, thinking I would just be in long enough to get our order and back out. Not so. The young girl that asked me if I would like to place an order, I told why I was there. She got on the defensive immediately. She tried to tell me I must be mistaken, that there was no so called "BOOK" at their restaurant. (her name is MALLERY) I then told her I spoke to Ashley last week and was told to come back this week to get my order that was originally ordered, including the drink. I asked Mallery if Ashley was working and I would speak with her, since Mallery did not seem to know what she was doing. In the mean time, there were two other customers waiting to be helped. Mallery asked me to stand to the side, so she could take care of the other customer's, both cutomer's declined, they wanted to find out what was going to happen with me. Mallery went into a back room for a couple of minutes, when she came out Ashley was standing in the kitchen area, but would not come out any further. Mallery came back to me and said she was sorry and reached under the counter and out came a book. She asked for my name, I told her and then I told her exactly what we ordered last week and that I wanted it cooked fresh and hot like it should have been in the first place. I told her that no one should be expected to get the left overs from their rush times. She asked me if I had my receipt, I said yes, and showed it to her, she looked on the back of it, saw that I had done the survey, but was sorry that it was already expired. I asked her how can that be? Since it had only been a week since I did the survey, her explanation to me was that it ends on the last day of the month you did the survey, so I turn the receipt over and read to her the direct quote from above and tell her the survey when you call it says the same thing, that it's good for thirty days from date of purchase. The customer's behind me are really listening to this conversation now. I also told her since I had already made a purchase last week, that wasn't any good that i should not have to pay for anything, since it was their screw up. She said that she would give me the whopper but I would still have to buy a drink and fries, again I told her, been there done that. I ended up paying, but t
old her that Burger King is the worst fast food restaurant in town, that thank God that Taco Bell was just across the parking lot, because they had just lost our patronage to their Burger King and every Burger King!!! Never again would we patronize any of their establishments! I told Mallery that Taco Bell would be getting our business for now on, especially since there food is better for you, and the employee's treat all their customer's with respect and all orders are done correctly. As for the two customer's that were behind me, they told this girl named Mallery, that I was right and they walked out the front door and went to TACO BELL!

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      4th of Mar, 2010
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    I live in Valley Springs, Ca. I agree with you completely! Employee's are rude, food is always a hit and miss and God forbid if you upset an employee! My friends and myself are boycotting BK and go to Taco Bell or one of the pizza places where we know our order and employee's are friendly. Good for you for not quitting until you get a hold of a "LIVE" person at BK headquarters.

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