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Every time I come to this BK drive through im told to pull ahead and someone will bring me my order. I know they do this because their drive through is on a timer, in order for corporate to monitor service times and help improve drive through speed. What i dont get, is how can drive through speed can be improved if timers all have false information on them by employees moving traffic though timers. I mean are the employees that slow they cant get a burger out the window in a timely manner so they dont have to move cars through the timer. or are they just trying to keep Corporate off their backs?

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  • Fa
      29th of Jan, 2011

    At the "burger chain" I work for we are also on a timer. Believe you me were goin breakneck speed to get customers served. The company handbook says we have 30 sec. to get u thru the drive thru. (thats pulled up, ordered, money took and food delivered) Aside from being an unrealistic time frame, the problem seems to be that the timer starts as soon as you pull up to the speaker and say uuuuummmmmmmmmmmmmmm for 3 or more minutes. All the while we smile thru the window while the mangr. screams Whats the hold up!!! . Now certainly its not you the customer, and that only leaves crew to blame. I think; well would hope anyways, that people would be more understanding about being pulled forward (assuming all other things are right with their service and order) considering that EVERYTHING!!! is determined by the timer; raises, who gets put in what position. and who gets fired. My store got a 97 A on our inspection..Why not a 100 you ask? because drive thru times were 125 (thats seconds yall) avg. THE fastest in the region (because of techniques described by you) BUT still not 30 sec. I am not slow and can make you almost any item in the store in 30 sec. (assuming everything goes right) but i can still not make you order or make you find those 79 pennies in your glovebox @ night any faster. If my paycheck can suffer then soo can you.

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  • Jn
      4th of Feb, 2011

    Get corporate off your back!! As the poster above says, sometimes and especially at the burger joints they have unrealistic drive times and they need to make numbers or risk the wrath of corporate! and it is not pretty because the regional manager gets yelled at, then the store manager and then the rest of management and crew, they get threatened with demotions, losing their jobs, losing privileges and no it is not fair because I can think of many reasons why the drive time can be high and it is not because the employees are slow and lazy. There are so many factors that affect drive times-people taking a long time to order, ordering at the window, talking on cell phones, trying to find change, writing a check, the list goes on. So to combat those issues, the employees will ask the customer to pull forward to bring the average down. Please feel for them and do not be critical because no one likes to have the boss breathing down your neck daily!

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