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As an existing customer for 25 years. On August 20, 2014 I traded in my 2008 Vera Cruz in mint condition and bought a used (certified vehicle) 2010 Santa Fe to save on gas mileage. This was my first time buying from them. I picked it up after work about 6:00pm but was unable to totally check out the vehicle because it was evening. I told the sales person that I was going out of state the next day and would be able to drive the car when I return. Before I took the car I told the salesman that I was told that he would change the tires. The tires had less tread than I desire and going into the winter months I knew that I would have to change them in about a month. When I picked up the car he told me that because this is a certified vehicle that they go through the car and if it does not pass inspection then they will replace parts. So saying that he said that the tires that were on the vehicle passed NY state inspection.So I took the vehicle then when I return my husband and I looked at every inch of this vehicle in the daylight. On the driver side back fender there was a long scratch not very bad but noticeable, on the passenger side the back fender had a gap where the clips were showing that it needed to be snapped into place and of course the tires as I already stated had little tread. Then we drove the vehicle and the brakes scarped and squealed. I took the vehicle back to Burdick Hyundai.I spoke to the service manager who check the vehicle over. He said that there is nothing we can do about the scratch but we will try to snap the fender back in place. As for the brakes we need to resurface the roders and scuff up the brake pads. Which made no sense to me since you told me that you completely go through this vehicle to make sure everything is done because it's a certified vehicle.So to make a long story short... I have since taken this vehicle back twice more and have only made one payment on it. On 9/29/14 I was told the they had to order a part for the fender to snap into then wanted to charge me for the part. I told them that I would not pay for the part. I was told that I would receive a call when the part is in. I have been so upset with this business until I ask for them to take the license plate holders with the Burdick name on it off. When I ask the service manager to take them off he told the sales manager who came into the waiting area laughing about it. But I told him to take them off because I don't want to advertise there business since there service is not good. I feel that this dealership has been very unprofessional and I would never buy another car through them. I would appreciate knowing how to handle servicing my vehicle from this point on. I do have a warranty on this vehicle but I'm sure what ever is under warranty they will find a way to not honor it.

Sep 30, 2014

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