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Bumper 2 Bumper / Towing

1 4706 H CREMEN RDTemple Hills, MD, United States Review updated:

Good Morning,

I just wanted to share this bit of information with you. On May the 20th my car was towed from my apartment lot (due to me having an expired rental apartment sticker in my window. When I woke up I thought my car was stolen, until I realized that it may have been towed. I called the rental office at about 8am and was advised that my car was towed. The assistant provided me with the number [protected]) and address of where my car was towed, (4706 Cremen RD, Temple Hills, MD 20748. I called the company Bumper 2 Bumper about 8:20am and the answering machine came on and that the operating hours were from 8:00am to 5:00pm. I left a message. I called back again about 8:30 and no answer. I never received a return call. I finally spoke to Don about 8:40 and he told me that my car was there and that I could pick it up at 4706 Cremen Road, Temple Hills, MD 20748. I and my son went up there to get my car. We had a hard time finding the place which is located across from the boiling alley on St Barnabas road in an alley at the end on the left. When we got there the gate was locked and I could not see my car. I call Don and told him that I was in front of the building and that no one was in there. He advised me that someone will be there in about 5 minutes and that the guy had to go to the overload lot to get another person's car. I called him again because no one showed up and the machine stated that the caller was out of the area. I called again and the answering machine came on. I was really upset about this because I had to go to work and I had already been there about 30 minutes waiting for someone to show up. I called Don again and he said that the guy was on the way. Finally someone showed up looking half high and he went to the gate an acted like he was going to open it, which he never did. (Mind you my car was not there). I asked him how much would it be and if they took charge cards. He stated that they did not take cards and that it would be $140.00. I spoke back to Don and I told him that my car was supposed to be on Cremen Rd. Don told me that my car was on the over flow lot on Kenilworth Ave which is at 4521 Kenilworth Ave, Bladensburg, MD. I told him that he advised me that my car was on Cremen St. He then said again that it is at the overflow lot. I told him if I had known that from the beginning I would have went there instead of coming to Cremen Street. He then said that they could bring my car from Kenilworth Ave to Cremen Street where I was at. I told him that my car had been towed enough and that I did not want it towed any more. He provided the address to the overflow lot (4521 Kenilworth Ave, Bladensburg, MD. We followed the guy at the gate to the overflow lot. Once we got there I paid the $140.00 fee with cash and got a receipt. There were about 3 young guys there not professional at all. I then notice a scratch on my car. I call Don to let him know and he said that I should have told him while I was there. I asked him what the address to where that overflow lot is is. He would not give it to me and said what I want it for. I advised him that I just wanted the address. He did not give it to me and told me that I should have told him know about the scratch before I left. The guys were a little scary and he did see me look at the scratch before I left. I had just purchased my car and there were no scratches on my bumper. Can someone please look into this matter? I don't think this is a legitimate business and that this is a way to get over on the consumer to make a quick dollar and those we the consumers suffer. They did not have anything that looked like a towing company just a bunch of guys going from Cremen St to Kenilworth Ave using cell phones as their contact. I am still trying to talk to my manager at the rental office about this matter because they are they hired this towing company. If this is not the right place to write to, can you please advise me of where I can submit this complaint. I really started to call the police, but my son said no ma...This is not a business it is a scam that should be investigated.

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  • Bu
      27th of May, 2009
    -2 Votes

    The statement listed above is misleading and incorrect. If anyone has any questions or concerns in regards to this complaint please contact management of Bumper 2 Bumper using the contact information above .

  • Ju
      3rd of Aug, 2009
    0 Votes

    I agree that they are very unprofessional. The business is used as a cover up for something else.

  • Yo
      1st of Oct, 2009
    +2 Votes

    I agree bumper 2 bumper is not legit at all. I think it really a cover up for a drug operation.

  • Th
      5th of Mar, 2010
    +2 Votes

    They are some rude, unprofessional and probrably ex-cons at Bumper to Bumper. I'm not sure why my Management Company hired these people, the previous tow company was much more professional and courteous. Bumper to Bumper is a bunch of thugs.

  • Br
      4th of Jun, 2010
    +2 Votes

    Ok! Here's the deal I've dealt with this shytty company before! Now my "BEEF" is this Lastnight my car was towed from St. Moritz "The Marconi Apartments" Now I have two permits n my car one belonging to my moms property that allows u to enter a secure gate with a chip that's placed in the permit! So since I couldn't cover that I put the permit where it would be visible" (mind you I'm driving a Nissan Maxima) now the inside is not very high at all, I placed it hanging from where the garage cubby would b "if I lived in a house!"Mind you the driver stated he didn't see it at first, upon my arrival to the yard he looked again and said he saw it and had the nerve to tell me I still had to pay!I laughed cause he told me to take the bill to the rental office to have them give me my money back! I laughed again cause that's when I called the police and reported my car stolen! Now the owner of this Bullshyt company name is "Rasheed"he has a fleet full of clown troopers that buy and sell WEED from those trucks! I can prove that! He does use this company for cover ups like taking junk cars that's come back stolen for $300a pop! Ain't that sumthing! It's hard enough for BLACKS especially MEN and he comes with his DRUGGIE! Drivers and put a bad name for Minorty tow drivers. He needs to b put out of business or closely monitored for his and his drivers behaviors!

  • Cu
      8th of Feb, 2011
    +2 Votes

    They suck My car was towed yesterday.. I paid the 175 thats fine, but they damaged my front end and tried to tell me it was already there. If they were professionals they would have taken a picture of the damage before hand to cover their [censor]... the boy that opened the gate was on his cell phone the whole time and the name on his shirt was P WTF is that.. this is a drug opperated bussiness and they need to be brought down.

  • Pt
      24th of May, 2012
    +3 Votes

    I had my truck towed today. The staff is very unprofessional, nasty, and lazy. They couldn't find my truck when I got there. My truck was damaged and the men did not care. They told me to take it up with the rental office. I asked the guy did the rental office tow my truck. Bumper to bumper is the worst towing company ever.

  • Ha
      7th of Dec, 2012
    +3 Votes

    My car was towed from the Marlowe shopping center lot at the corner of 28th Ave & St. Barnabas Road. Was just parked there for 15 minutes and went to the office building around the corner to take care of some personal business. Returned and thought the car was stolen. Called the police and went to the BP station asking if the attendant had seen anyone messing with a car ... she pointed to a sign (it's BENT UPWARDS so you can't read it) with B2B's address and says no "walk-a-ways" ... it's a SHOPPING CENTER for Christ's sake ... called my parents who owned the car so they could call B2B and my mother was told they had the car and it was $175 cash only, and my mother said the girl was laughing at her on the phone.When I WALKED to the tow-yard IN THE COLD WITH NO COAT. I spotted the car so walked in the yard to see if it was in fact my parents car before I called them to say I found the place ... a black woman comes out hollering at me to get off the property, and when I stated my intentions that I was just verifying it was the car so I could tell my parents the exact location to come to she nastily hollared she had nothing to say to me because I didn't own the car so get off the property.A guy who looked on drugs or drunk then came around the corner and said it's best I get out of there. They had to be "watching" the lot where I parked because I just parked for 15 minutes at 8am, and my attempts to track down the owner of the Shopping Center have been less than fruitful to see if they even authorized that sign being posted. They're completely UNPROFESSIONAL, PREDATORY and NASTY. Oh, and the owner of B2B is RASHEED MUSTAFA 301-704-7346.

  • An
      29th of Jan, 2013
    +1 Votes

    B2B is a rip off! and so is my landlord. My car got towed last night at hillside heights apts for not having a sticker. This the SECOND time this has happend in my complex! I made sure the second time around i will not let this happen again. I literally tapped my sticker in the back of my mirror so it wouldnt come off again. Something just doesnt seem right, i called the receptionist who was kinda nice and asked her to see if she see the sticker somewhere on the floor throught the window or anywhere and she stated no. If they are not allowed to come in the car than my sticker should be in there. I keep my car very clean and there's no way i would have missed a bright red sticker on my BLACK interior car. My sticker should have been in the car somewherw and i am suspecting that thier either slim jimming my door and stealing it or something. One way another someone has to be literally opening my door and taking my sticker out! B2B are theives and ###ing with me i will get thier ### prosecuted and start off with a report. By any means necessary i will get the police to print my ### or i will buy the finger print powder my damn self! Someone is going to pay and it aint me

  • An
      22nd of Feb, 2013
    +1 Votes

    B2B is really messy and it's surprising that the local authorities have done anything about them yet. My car was towed from The Milano in Oxon Hill in July 2012. They claim that I did not have a permit in my car. Understand that I lived in that apartment complex since November 2011 and was NEVER towed, because I HAD a permit attached to the back of my rearview mirror. And suddenly the permit just DISAPPEARED. I contacted the rental office and asked that they check their surveillance footage and was told by the property manager at the time that he'd check it and get back to me. Well, he was actually transitioning to another property at the time (unbeknownst to me) and I allowed him a week or two to get back with me. When I finally called him back for status on the footage, I found that he had already left the position and his replacement told me that they do not check footage from around the property unless a "real" crime had been committed. "Like if someone was mugged or robbed", she told me. If kicking out $175 for someone removing my permit from my car isn't being robbed, I don't know what is.

    Contacting B2B during their listed business hours was hard. I called as soon as they were to open and didn't reach anyone for an hour afterwards. The dude at the yard when I went to retrieve my vehicle was okay. Just doing his job. But, the folks out there towing are foul. Point blank. And these apartment managers that allow this to go on are just as foul. This was my first experience living in MD. I've never experienced no bull like this in DC nor VA. The apartment managers take care of their tenants. After all, we are the properties real bread and butter, unlike the lil kickbacks (I'm sure) they get from illegal tows on their property. But then again, the property managers probably get no more than $30k/year. Only the big wigs really benefit from the rent we pay. So, maybe this is why the property managers don't give a ### about what happens to the folks living in their complexes??

    I say, contact corporate and/or the local authorities if this happens to you. Don't take it laying down!

    I waited and waited, believing The Milano's property manager(s) would do their job and "manage" their property properly. By the time I realized that they would be of no assistance to me, 3 weeks had gone by. I then attempted to contact B2B via their little email form on their site and I never received a response. Had I known from the start that the people I pay rent to every month would have acted as my enemy rather than an ally or at the very least, neutral, I would have called the police as soon as I woke up that morning and filed my vehicle as stolen and allowed the city to follow up and make them hand over their surveillance footage. I know for a FACT that they either broke into my car and removed my sticker or that I left my car unlocked. That's the only way to explain a sticker that remained stuck to the rearview for over 8 months just disappearing, never to be seen again.

    And someone else mentioned in a complaint that their vehicle was damaged by B2B but the towing company claims the damage was there beforehand, but they had no pictures to prove to the vehicle owner that the damage was there prior to the tow. This is yet, again, another of their little tricks. When I picked my vehicle up there was no damage, but on the carbon copy I was given when I picked my car up, there is a diagram of a car. They indicated that both my rear and my front bumper had damage. This isn't true. There is slight damage to the front: A bent tag holder. There is no damage to the rear. Why would they indicate that there was damage to both my bumpers?!! Guess this is only to cover them, just in case the vehicle is damaged while (illegally) in their hands.

    Rent is cheap in Oxon Hill and the surrounding areas, but I'll never move back to this area without living in a DETACHED HOUSE. I've even read complaints of B2B removing permits and towing from townhouses in the area (where many people are purchasing and paying Home Owner Association fees on top of mortgage!! On top of that they also have to pay for these bums taking their cars illegally??!). They are a mess. And seemingly above the law and good friends with the property managers.

  • De
      7th of May, 2013
    +1 Votes

    Man these people are ridiculous. My car is getting fixed and I had to get a rental car for 2 days while its getting fixed. I forgot all about my parking pass in my car getting fixed and when I got home late that night I put a handwritten note saying this is a rental my sticker is in my car getting fixed and that I live in the following building this is my phone number. If you dont have a pass you have to park far away and im 7 months pregnant with 2 little kids I am not walking at 11 oclock at night in my neighborhood. After spending a ton of money on my rental I had no money to get the renta out of the tow lot and had to beg my boss at work to help me out. I hate these people and when I finally pick my car up today we will have problems

  • Me
      25th of Oct, 2013
    +1 Votes

    Bumper to bumper towing is a scam! They towed my beetle twice. They are opportunists using every excuse in the book to make a dollar. They towed my car once because i didn't have the sticker. After that i damn near taped that sticker in there for the whole world to see. The second time they towed my car because it was allegedly "double parker". That doesn't make any damn sense. They said they have piotures, and i called the police. The police said there is no maryland law against parking and going over the line, and having your car towed. The owner rasheed mustafa spoke with me after i retreived his phone number on the site and called him. He picked up and was very rude and unprofessional. He told me it's in my guidelines as a resident that i cannot be "double-parked", that is complete and utter ###. I will be calling the rental office when they open so they can reimburse me if this is not true. If not, i will be using my visa and then calling my bank to dispute. They are drug dealing, scam artists, and i refuse to continue to deal with them. Low life animals.

  • Dm
      27th of Jan, 2014
    +1 Votes

    Bumper to bumper need to get what they deserve quick they towed my car during the snow storm we had look at the picture you can't even see the lines on the street they said I double parked...

  • Pi
      23rd of Sep, 2014
    +1 Votes

    My car was towed this morning just like angrie renter same issue they stole my sticker the owner is very rude rasheed they towed me before and i caught they ### in a lie i filed charges aready i plan to follow up exposure them like they never have before they are a bunch of thugs finger prints all on my rearview where they took my pass off yah b2b are dirty and i hope the worst for yah its a scam yah doing hard working people ill c u in court thugs

  • Co
      5th of Apr, 2015
    0 Votes

    The entire place smelled like weed they are some very rude, unprofessional and probably ex-cons at Bumper to Bumper, thug to thug towing is more like it. I'm not sure why my Management Company hired these people, the previous tow company was much more professional and courteous. Bumper to Bumper is a bunch of thugs.

  • Di
      31st of Mar, 2016
    0 Votes

    This is the most unprofessional company I have ever seen it would make it so bad they broke into my car I had a police officer come and look at my car and he confirmed that they broke into my car and then the man lied and said my tags were gone off my car for 2 days I drive my [censored]ing car everyday there's no way my tags were missing for two days the little fat one that work at the front desk is very rude I don't know what type of company this is but it's not a towing company it really needs to be investigation I will be taking them to court to pay for my car😤😤

  • Ri
      11th of Nov, 2016
    0 Votes

    Very unprofessional. The employee I spoke to said he was the manager and hung up on me while I was pleading to get my car back. I told him I have a one year old and he's already sick and there were literally no spaces for us so we parked in handicapped but, I have a sticker. This wasnt my first time but because today is a holiday, they want time in a half and decided to come out. I've been looking everywhere for their policy and I can't find anything. 175 is a lot to pay when you live in the complex

  • Do
      28th of Dec, 2016
    0 Votes

    Is there a complaint about these people. They tow my car and didn't tow the cars that was park with no permit. Very unprofessional indeed. I be glad when my lease is up at Park Forest Apts. They are just as bad as B2B is/

  • Li
      17th of Mar, 2017
    0 Votes

    My son is a victim of B&B towing. His truck was towed this morning, citing that he didn't have a parking permit for the complex in which he lives. He does have a parking permit. It appears that B&B jimmied the lock on the door, removed the sticker and then took pictures showing the truck without a sticker. They also cited the vehicle is not drivable. My son just got a new car in December. Since that time, he drives the new car more then he does the truck. For that reason, these non-professionals deems the truck inoperable. Something needs to be done about this so-called company. They are vicious and preying on good people. A lawsuit should be filed. There are way too many complaints against them not to win.

  • An
      15th of Jul, 2018
    0 Votes

    My car was towed earlier this morning. They provided me the wrong address to pick up my car. I believe its a scam. My apartment complex Morgan properties hired these people to commit fraudulent activities. I know why cause Morgan properties is a scamming company.

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