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BulldogsRUs / I will join support group too!

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Hi I have been following the story as well, I will email you Brian count me in as HAPPY CUSTOMER #90 I will email you now I will give you my phone number please call so you can fax me the papers to sign for Robin, she has been wonderful to us too and we are will living to help, anything in our power to help this gal we will. She has brought real joy and love to our lives and our family selling us Toby we adore her. Thanks, Lisa and George

PS. Sorry to the very few other people but maybe the woman that claimed the dog had seizures and was blind, I think you or your 16 year old daughter dropped the puppy on its head thats what caused the illness.

I also think that Bulldogsrus has more people that love her and her puppies then the few idiots that hate her.

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  • Jo
      6th of Jul, 2008
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    Only 90 happy customers? If you re-read Robin's postings, she's sold 1000's of dogs. And there are only 90 happy ones that you can make up? Oh come on, if your going to lie, then lie BIG!

  • Li
      6th of Jul, 2008
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    MY Dear I asked Robin to realease to me her english bulldog customers names, adress's and phone numbers we have way more than 93 names but I have been succesful in reaching now 93 exceptionally happy families that took pups from Mrs. Schulder other people i guess have moved over the years some phone numbers have been disconected and what not but I do believe that more proplr with surface to join this support group I have statred and dont you think 93 people opposed to your 3 people YOUR OUT NUMBERED MY DEAR !

  • Jo
      6th of Jul, 2008
    0 Votes

    Lets see it. Can't wait to make some phone calls to those 93 people. You say they won't mind me calling and verifying, right? I tried to call the make believe number for Janine you earlier posted, I'm sure your not surprised - It's not a valid phone number.

    So give me the list, I can't wait. If it really does exist, there should be no problem with me calling them.

    And what is this 3 people you come up with, DEAR? I see many more posts on here than just 3 unhappy people.

  • Ya
      16th of Nov, 2008
    0 Votes

    here is the link

  • An
      30th of Nov, 2008
    +1 Votes

    I think their are more 'idiots' then people who get good dogs from her.

  • Tr
      8th of Jul, 2010
    0 Votes

    You really need to do your research. Just because you had a good experience with someone...any bad experience with a breeder with a disease such as Parvo is not good. And the fact that more than one of her puppies that she sold had Parvo...that is in no way okay. And you are an idiot if you think that people dropping a dog on its head would ONLY cause it to go blind. It would also cause other problems for the dog as well. The seizures and blindness are from neurological things caused by either a birth defect or parasite. And from the sounds of it...a birth defect. You need to stop backing people who truly dont give a crap about anything but making money. Oh, and take into account the man who paid over 6 thousand dollars for a trained guard dog just to receive her and to learn that Robin had bought her from another breeder for 5 hundred dollars and that she had never received any training contrary to what Robin said. It is bull crap. People need to stop breading...period. There are so many animals who need good homes that are in the shelters and just want to be loved. I owned one dog from a breeder when I was in middle school. She was deaf...but we had done our research and new that with Dalmatians that is a common ailment. We were never told about the problem and when we approached the breeder about it they were apologetic and offered to pay for testing to verify and once it was provided us with a refund and allowed us to keep the puppy that we had come to love. Now, ever since her, I have adopted shelter dogs...and in all honesty...they have been the BEST dogs ever. So think about it people. Stop buying from breeders...put them out of business and help save a life in the process.

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