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BulldogsRUs / Bad breeding, bad business ethics

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Hey to all you Robin defenders out there... how about e-mailing Kris Foxworthy and asking her to e-mail you a pic of the puppy Robin BRED and SOLD her with deformed legs and if after you see this pathetic little puppy, you still have something good to say about Robin and her business and breeding then you must be as shady as she is! This is a woman who claims to have bred dogs for so many years, yet she couldn't tell this puppy had deformed legs... Come on People Wake Up and BRING HER DOWN! It is inhumane that she puts dogs like this on the face of the earth then has the BALLS to SELL them to people.


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N  30th of Mar, 2007 by 
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Sub: Fraud and false advertising

My, isn't it ironic that Robin takes people's hard earned money and sells them something they don't want (which is fraud by the way). You are not given any of the paperwork as promised on her website (fraud again, false advertising). Sells sickly puppies costing us hundreds of dollars, then has the nerve to threaten to SUE YOU because of her husband bing a high paid attorney (not so true either, do your homework people!) and she lives in a multimillion dollar home... (not true either, I saw it for myself) so the question here is ... is anything this woman says or does TRUE and HONEST. Oh and lets not forget her brother with the charming personality who e-mailed me, threatening me with suing me, and is there anything he can do for me...yes there is ###, you can refund the 1,200.00 I lost in selling this puppy to help pay for my out of pocket expenses for my son's chemo treatments!!!
A  30th of Mar, 2007 by 
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Well, as many others have commented through various e-mails I have been threatened by Robin and John of being sued from everything from slander, for merely expressing my discontent with her breeding and business policies to being threatened for extortion when I asked her to refund me my 1,200 I was out of or I would see to it I would and WILL do everything in my powers to bring her down! After reading 3 vulgar (to say the least) e-mails Robin has sent to an individual who questioned her about selling pregnant dogs, I think Robin has lost site of the issue--this is BUSINESS- she has attacked people on a personal level which is totally inappropriate to say the least. So if we are going to get personal and there still appears to be a couple of you (if it isn't Robin herself) supporting her then lets all take it to a personal level and play some trivia..ok here go: Question #1: Does anyone out there know the difference between a Criminal Attorney and an Attorney that is a Criminal? #2 Does anyone know the difference between owning a big house and living in the "big house"? If you know the answers, please tell Robin so she can quit with her threats and LIES which are both a silly defense for herself.
N  1st of Apr, 2007 by 
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BulldogsRUs - Bulldogsrus should be ashamed!
United States

I trust that the poper agencies, puppy registration and anyone else that you no affiliated with Bulldgosrus have been notified. The pissing contest between all of you is not going to help, you need to place it in the hands of the right people that will shut her down and they will. It happened to me with my so called persian cat and his breeder. I hope that the monetary compensation is not the only issue. I hope you are seeking revenge to prevent others from being scammed and for the sake of the ill and deformed dogs being produced. I would say Good Luck, but I don't think you will need it, I'm pretty sure you got Bulldogsrus by the short curlies! Carry on!
A  1st of Apr, 2007 by 
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Sub: Buyer Beware of Bulldogsrus coming soon

For the record....Coming soon is a buyer beware website that will appear when anyone searches for Bulldogsrus. Others considering a purchase from this so called breeder should be aware of the chances they are taking containing pictures, emails and vet documentation of people's ill dogs. Talk is talk --Seeing is Seeing , Robin and all her imaginary friends can say or post anything they like, we have the living proof of the garbage she is selling people for we are some of them.

Oh and by the way MICHAEL, you should advise your WIFE that silence is golden, ands she nor YOU should be pissing any of us off at this point my friend. her e-mails are blocked as I have enough to hang her so tell her to STOP!! Ziggy was sweet, never said he wasn't ....Too bad he was the wrong frigging breed! By the way, did you enjoy the wine from our winery or was that shared with JJ's daddy...if so I hope you ALL choked on it! Tell me, did you Mr. attorney proof read the e-mails where YOUR WIFE says someone else's husband wants to F#@! her? Or the part where she states someone else's husband jerk's off while looking at Robin's pic? Or the e-mail that says what's the big deal, it's just a frigging dog? I strongly suggest Mr. Attorney, you give her some legal advice to shut the hell up because it is going to come back and bite her in the ###! What ATTORNEY, would let his wife send e-mails such as those. We all have them,,want a copy? LOL< LOL< LOL What a joke! Your neighbors were most helpful to us. Go away, you are REALLY FRIGGING WIERD AND CREEPY, that is my opinion which I am entitled to! Stuff that in your frigging file! Twidlelee dee and twidleleedumb!!Your GOING DOWN, not a threat a promise, we've going after you Robin like it is our JOB!
N  1st of Apr, 2007 by 
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Oh and by the way "Mr. Attorney" How DARE you throw up the fact that Robin replaced Kris's puppy...NO ### that is what her so called half assessed contact says she is to do...too bad she replaced it with another misfit for a fee! Now you know as well as I do, had she not attempted to make it right that is law suit! Who the hell are you fooling! Quite a scam you guys are operating, one lies and the other swears to it. .. UNDERSTAND THIS MICHAEL ROBIN IS SELLING UNDER FRAUDULENT TERMS, NOT ABIDING BY HER OWN TERMS OF SELL. SELLING THE WRONG BREED --NOTHING MAKES THAT RIGHT! And if you think you can defend those facts, then your law practice must be as good as her breeding!THERE ARE SEVERAL WITNESSES AND WE ALL HAVE LIVING PROOF ON 4 LEGS! Robin is going down my friend, she screwed the WRONG group of people. Go away, your BOTH creepy! Enjoy all that cash while you can! how do you sleep at night. I pray for my son and I pray Robin rots in HELL for what she has done to us. NOW LOOK THAT UP IN YOUR LAW INDEX!!!
N  1st of Apr, 2007 by 
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Dear robins Husband,whatever the hell your name is...

Oh yes I was at your house in person.. how else would I know about the conditions! I sent a Christmas Card So what...that was during the process of the growing of Ziggy before he transformed into an OLDE English Bulldog! The suggestion of another puppy from Robin was to replace the bad one I got...by the way MICHAEL, Robin is not GIVING us these rejects, we pay BIG money for her misfits. However, the replacement involved me BUYING another and her trying to resale my misfit at cost to me for all the advertising. So take my file folder and shove it up your ###, we are bringing Robin down! There are agencies to protect consumers and dogs from people like her. To defend such breeding acts and garbage being sold..is ridiculous, and YOU call your self a professional...Tell me, what color is the sky in your little world?

Take your legal jargin and shove it up your ###. Get it??!!!
N  1st of Apr, 2007 by 
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Let's play more trivia.... PERRY REICH...hmmmm a poem found on google about a dog named Angel and referring to JJ as the dogs little brother signed by PERRY REICH AND ROBIN SHOULDER... Google again, address for Perry Reich SAME AS ROBIN;s Attorney serving time for forgery, disbarred, oh or is this a coincidence that a criminal attorney in which she claims she is married to who is sent to prison has the same address as her? Now Robin told me that her husband, JJ's father and her ALLL LIVE TOGETHER, so let;'s see MICHAEL do you have a flop house and Perry reich lived there too?/ ! Oh yeah maybe the ### story will be Perry was a friend of yours and you bought his house..GET REAL! LOL LOL LOL what a frigging joke !Ah we all have eyes, can read and have IQ's higher than piss ants, which is too bad for you, makes your story telling somewhat difficult doesn't it! Married to a criminal attorney...MY HOW APPROPRIATE!!!! She's going to need one! Watch for the web site it is awesome! Oh yes Robin, we all have our winter coats, however YOU and your sside kick brother are going to have to travel to SEVERAL states to "APPEAR" We may have to investigate who will be attending to JJ or if you can while all of this is going on. CYS is just a phone call away...NOW BE GONE and take your little playmates with you!
N  2nd of Apr, 2007 by 
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BulldogsRUs - Resolution to any valid complaints
United States


This is Michael and Robin Schulder. We would just like to enclose a brief summary regarding breed determination. And I would like anyone that believes that they have a valid claim to contact me as I would like to help reach a fair decision in seeing that everyone is happy.

We would like to resolve 3 disputes, here on this board.

Linda, Danielle, and Julie please contact me.
Kris Foxworthy unfortunately you do not have a valid claim as my wife shipped you a free puppy and let you keep the 1st puppy you received. The fee was for shipping and handling and a carrier.


Breed specific legislation is not a practicable approach to regulation of dogs. Breed specific legislation is generally upheld only when it refers to named breeds of dogs and the standards set by breed clubs.
Proving that a particular dog falls within the ordinance usually requires expert testimony.
A licensed veterinarian is not authorized to make a breed determination.
DNA would be alot more helpful in making a determination as to a particular breed.
Application of breed specific ordinances to mixed breed dogs presents both legal and practical difficulties.
Whether even an expert can adequately identify a mixed breed dog is itself subject to controversy.

Regulation defining prohibited dog behavior is probably a more practicable approach than breed specific regulation. Such regulation is more likely to be supported. Properly drafted it has a stronger legal and evidentiary basis. Specificity aids enforcement and understanding of what is necessary to comply.
N  2nd of Apr, 2007 by 
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Oh for all of you wondering about Perry Reich...white pages list him under Robin's address? Perhaps he rents a room? !!! My Robin you are scraping the bottom of the barrel, grasping at straws, you have a very vivid imagination, running scared are you.... you should be you are a real piece of work! going

we promise! Keep it up, it's a challenge researching your stories and lie! We love making an ### out of you, but then you pretty much do that every time you open your mouth! Please do yourself a favor and google Bipolar or pathological liar, see if any characteristics sound familiar to you... LOL LOL LOL LOL. You are the most narcissistic person I have ever met...here we are looking at our muts, looking at the muts on your web page and you are still denying all of it.... you are simply amazing!
D  2nd of Apr, 2007 by 
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You people really don't understand really need to read more about the real AKC Modern-Day English Bulldogs they have a lot of health problem. People really need to stop judging other. I really hate humans they mouth can get them hurt. Real English Bulldogs have AKC papers. If you don't know read before you buy or get your money in these type of sorry bulldogs. They are not the real English Bulldogs. The Original Bulldogs was Mastiffs type of breed. But ### and idiots humans breed pugs in them to downside the breed. It is funny how people don't understand do a lo of research before they buy things. They see what they like they want it. For all the ###s and idiots that judge others yours days will be judge also for the ones that hide behind talk ### behind you computer.
N  2nd of Apr, 2007 by 
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I am simply entertained by what I am reading. Linda, Robin and Kris want Robin's head served on a sliver platter, can't blame them, none of us like being screwed without being kissed! Now steps in Robin's husband to defend someone that he knows is selling dogs under the wrong pretenses, whether he is in prison or not. I viewed the website and there clearly are OLDE English bulldogs as her adults. Now Michael as irate as Linda is now as Danielle it seems as though they started out to be congenial and nice until they realize they had 'BEEN HAD" truly, what do you expect? It sounds that all parties claiming damages have tried to "work this out" and was only offered more opportunity to be given the shaft as was Kris who apparently has 2 of your dogs, neither up to standards. Let's be reasonable, these people have lost money incurred astronomical vet bills, why on earth would you not assume some responsibility for the actions and make some attempt to offer negotiation or settlement? Whether intentional or not, these people have a legitimate ###, with the attitude of Bulldogsrus I say to these 3 people... Go get 'em people! More power to ya! I have e-mailed Linda for the vulgar e mails, I suggest they post them on this site so everyone can see what type of people you are and if people still want to deal with you.. MAY GOD BLESS THEM! I feel extremely bad for Kris's dog and Linda's son. It seems like people have enough on their plate without you adding your ### to it!
N  2nd of Apr, 2007 by 
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You are absolutely right Cheryl. For the redneck that wrote above you get a LIFE. English bulldogs are not suppose to be 3x their normal height. Don't get involved in matters you clearly can't understand. Check your spelling before you email me again you wrote you are ###, really intelligent. I have tried like i said before to resolve this when we first got Bailey. She agreed to send me another puppy when Bailey was 8 months old. Why would we want ANOTHER olde english bulldog. She is crazy and we will stop her. Danielle
A  3rd of Apr, 2007 by 
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I have not purchased any dogs from Robin, Perry, John, or Michael - but I have seen Kris's dogs. Her dog Lucy is blind, and has crippled legs - but she is the sweetest dog alive, and I can understand why she wouldn't send her back. As far as the other one they sent her - he is so UGLY. I know beauty is in the eye of the beholder but Brutus takes the cake. If that is a genuine English Bulldog, then I've seen everything.

These people deserve all their money back - and then some!

Shame on you Bulldogsrus! - Those are alive creatures - not just dollar signs.
N  3rd of Apr, 2007 by 
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Here's a clue for you, anyone who invests THOUSANDS of dollars has investigated the breed, we know what the hell they are to look like, that is what we are ### about, the dogs from Robin DO NOT LOOK LIKE BULLIES. Holy Hell, I will explain this simple enough so that even YOU can understand, then MAYBE you can explain it to Ruth and YOUR WIFEY... ENGLISH bulldogs ARE NOT lean, tall and do not have FULL LENGTH TAILS!!! Go in your garage and you will see OLDE ENGLISH BULLDOGS, they are posted right on your wifes frigging web site with OLDE ENGLISH BULLDOG REGISTRIES... Come on, knock it the hell off. Your as ridiculous as your old lady, do you both think everyone is BLIND and STUPID... WE GOT SCREWED MICHAEL AND YOUR OLD LADY DID IT.. SHE IS GOING TO PAY... BIG. I will not rest until she is SHUT DOWN! Then you and her will have a lot of time to STUDY THE FRIGGING BREED. Hey Michael, with all the money she raped from people I would think Robin would be sporting around in something a little better than a frigging UNMARKED POLICE CAR!!! LOL LOL
N  14th of Apr, 2007 by 
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Sub: A happy ending after all

After days, tempers have calmed and we all could negotiate and air our complaints and opinions as adults once again. After many harsh words, accusations and hard feelings I am happy that we have resolved the problem regarding our puppy sold to us by Bulldogsrus.
Robin and Michael were more than cooperative and fair in settling what was fair to me in my dispute. Out of everything bad, comes something good, and the good thing was the kindness Michael and Robin have shown to my son Stevie in the past week which has meant more to both of us than settling the dispute. I am happy that all is resolved, and everyone can move on. Thank you Michael and Robin for negotiating so this can all be put to rest.
A  14th of Apr, 2007 by 
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As promised Michaeland Robin Schulder from Bulldogsrus has settled my dispute. My pup became ill within 1 week but I was promised a check back and I did receive it yesterday. I just wanted to say thank you for keeping your word with us. We greatly appreciate it. Thank you for reimbursing us. We have nothing bad to say about bulldogsrus. I know this breed does get sick alot and I appreciate the money back.

Thanks Jessica
D  22nd of Apr, 2007 by 
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We purchased a beautiful Old English bulldog from Robin and we LOVE what we got!! They were extremely fair in the transaction and have been great support through questions and answers over the internet. I hope this is not just a personal vendetta, the complaints do not sound like anything I myself experienced while purchasing our LOVELY Old English.
N  4th of Jun, 2007 by 
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BulldogsRUs - A1 liars - dishonest - deformed dog - genetic diseases
United States

After months of getting No where at all!!! I decided to take care of business.
Robin and her "Attorney" husband Michael, are LIARS.

We had an arrangement or settlement that I was to be repaid for the shipping of the second dog that they sent me. I shouldn't have ever had to pay for him in the first place. He was sent to replace the deformed nearly blind dog the had already sent us.

Out of the kindness of their hearts they let us keep the first dog, to whom the vet asked us to put down at 8 weeks old. We have 5 children that fell in love with her and we could not kill her.

After months of asking Robin to hold up to her end of the bargain and actually send the 2nd dog - she did. She charged us $250 for shipping and another $250 to rent a van to get the dog to the airport (so we've been told). I don't know about anyone out there but a little crate will even fit in a sports car, let alone a police car.

After more months of arguing over the condition of the dogs, and the cost of the shipping, they decided to be nice and refund $500 of the costs we have acquired.

GREAT!! No problem!!!

Michael being the great Attorney that he is, should know that banks don't accept conditional checks. He sent me a cashiers check with a "book" written on the payer's signature line. I deposited it, my bank sent it back to me. They told me that banks cannot take "conditional checks". I sent back the contract signed, and the check. They said they'd send it out the next day... That was May 20. It still has not arrived.

Since the check episode, the second dog now has come out with the same eye disease that the first one has. The surgery is $1200!

I asked them if they thought it was fair that they sent me 2 duds? Why should I have to pay for the genetic defects that she is breeding. I asked them to help pay for part of the 2nd dogs surgery, which I thought was totally fare.

"Michael" responded that I was in BREACH of CONTRACT and he would be sewing me. Well Michael, I don't have a law degree, but I do know that the contract is null and void if the check never got cashed.... Not a lawyer, but not stupid either.

They have yet to send me a replacement check. I'm sure they don't intend to. I have contacted all Agencies I can think of. And an in the process of LEGAL ACTION myself.

If anyone needs more info on these rotten breeders please do not hesitate to ask. HMMM - I looked up Attorney's in New York and there is no Michael Schulder.
N  14th of Jun, 2007 by 
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Well, now I hear the check is LOST in the mail..... Not buying it, but an trying to be calm.

The check has been lost for nearly a month now - he claims the bank has to do a trace - I called the bank, they can trace it, stop payment and replace it all in about 3 minutes they told me.

Sounds like a STALLING to me.

I'm so sad to hear about the sick puppies (mini Yorkies) dieing... It is so hard on the families especially with children when this happens. At least
mine are alive.

Maybe the check will come today... lol.... I won't hold my breath.
N  16th of Jun, 2007 by 
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BulldogsRUs - Tried to buy my silence!
United States

Michael Schulder or Robin Schulder made me a settlement offer to put an end to all of this. It's been over two months since this started and they are still stalling. I'm now taking them to court to get ALL the money I'm out with the cost of the TWO messed up dogs they sent us.

The little $500 they offered but never sent, is not going to cut it now. They will sued not only for the shipping they were going to refund me, but the cost of the first dog, all her bills and surgery, and the second dogs bills and pending surgery.

They have strung me along for long enough! They claim to have sent me a check and the old story that it was lost in the mail. Michael also claims that the bank needs 6 months to place a hold on the check before they can reissue another one. I called them and they didn't say that at all.

Apparently, they think I'm stupid. They sent me a contract that stated I want to say anymore on this board, I was to contact the BBB and tell them of a settlement, and also contact the Attorney General's office. This contract was all pending I cash a check. They did sign this! I have a copy of the contract signed by them and no check. They accuse me of BREACH of CONTRACT, but in fact they are in BREACH...

They also have another site to watch out for - RBULLDOGSRUS... She is selling Micro Mini Yorkies. I have heard from a few people not happy with them as well. Read the complaints by a Kathy, she had one die from them, they replaced it and the second one died as well.

They also use different email addresses - Bulldogsale1@aol.com and MichaelSchulder1@aol.com and a new one I found, Darron3638@aol.com. I wonder who Darron is. I think Michael the attorney has a couple of alias names. One of which I don't believe is actually and Attorney. Isn't it funny that Robin makes habits of marrying Attorney's. One that there is no record of and one that has done or is still doing time.

These breeders need to stop breeding! They are selling crappy, genetic malformed pups. They are rude, constantly sending threatening letters and Robin with her vulgar language.

I have tried to be nice to these people, sending them pictures and nice emails of our progress with the bad breed dogs. They have come a long way but still one needs surgery. I figured you catch a lot more bears with honey. To no avail! Nothing works.

They refuse to keep their word.


I know some of you have wonderful dogs, I know, I've read it all - this is my complaint... I have a right to my complaint - It is completely valid. I don't need to hear anymore great stories, it doesn't make my story end happily ever after.

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