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Bulldogs R US / This company is nothing but a scam!

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Every one needs to Stay AWAY from Bulldogs R Us. Robin shoulder also known as Robin Reich. Here's a tid bit of info, when there is a problem she will threaten to sue you because her husband is an "attorney" PERRY REICH. Google him. What she doesn't say is that he is in jail for FRAUD. Did you really think we would not find out Robin. Robin will post comments on this board using other names to look make herself look good. Myself and others have turned her into the NY STATE BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU and have gotten real attorneys. We have no reason to lie! I was sold an Olde english bulldog but I PAID for a MINI ENGLISH BULLDOG. For those of you who are not familiar with the breed all i can say is that He LOOKS like a BOXER. He has bully features because he is an Olde English Bulldog. He is opposite of an english bulldog. He is very tall, lean, muscular, long snout, can jump as high as a freaking kangaroo and is fearful aggressive that is an added bonus from Robins poor breeding. She trains guard dogs and i believed used them in breeding. She has 3 Adult Olde English Bulldogs on her site BULLDOGSRUS they are Angel, Zues and another. Look at her site. You can get any pup with the click of a button, she does not care who her pups go to, if they abuse them or breed the hell out of them or dump them on the side of the road as long as she gets her money. Her house is filthy and she keeps most dogs in her garage which is filthy and reeks of feces and urine her two red mini's are in stationary tubs in her garage that they can not see out of. We have also contacted the ASPCA on her who gave her violations. Robin will try to dispute everything I've said. She posts fake postings with different names to make herself look good. Then the ones she does sign her name to she is vulgar, insulting and makes personal attacks on those who she has wronged and lied to. She will not take responsibility for anything she has done. She also sold Kris a crippled puppy that is blind in one eye, then gave her another "english bulldog" puppy to replace the first one and it turned out to be an Olde english bulldog, so she got screwed twice from Robin. Robin didn't request for the crippled puppy to be sent back to her because she did not want a puppy that she could not make money from. It would only cost Robin Money. I will not stop until BULLDOGSRUS ROBIN REICH/ROBIN SCHULDER. She will say that she lives in a multimillion dollar house and has hundreds of "happy customers" none of what matters. She will change the subject so the focus is not one the truth which is her and her scams and lies. Myself along with Kris will be happy to email pictures of our dogs to anyone who is truly sincere. Robin that does not mean you, you have emailed us using a fake name one is RUTH you can't control yourself and make slips that only you Robin would say or care about. Like showing you vet documentation on the crippled puppy do you need glasses?? And then saying Bailey is an English Bulldog when way back i have emails of you saying "HE LOOKS EXACTLY LIKE AN OLDE ENGLISH BULLDOG" and you couldn't explain it. Then had the nerve to offer me another pup 1/2 off the price are you nuts!!! I would never let you screw me again. Remember the saying fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me. Robin Sculder is exactly like Gina Price from Rebel Ridge who was shut down. Well Robin that's what is going to happen to you. Your ###!!!

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  • Kr
      9th of Dec, 2009
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    I emailed her after I saw her on Rescue Ink, this is her intelligent response.

    From: [email protected]
    Sent: December 9, 2009 4:20:40 PM
    To: [email protected]


    In a message dated 12/9/2009 6:50:22 P.M. Eastern Standard Time, [email protected] writes:
    I saw you on Rescue Ink, and you are one shady lady! You have no respect at all for dogs, you are a money hungry monster. It's people like you that ruin these breeds. You make me sick to my stomach and I only wish bad things upon you, and your dogs get well deserved homes where they wont be bred constantly!! having 100 puppies a year is a disgrace!!! YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELF. I hope you are NEVER allowed to own an animal again, ANY animal. Witch. =

  • Jj
      5th of Feb, 2010
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    i saw her on rescue ink and decided to check her site out on the web. her website is no longer working. gee, i wonder why? i hope everyone who checks this complaint board knows she is ###. and i know the few "positive" comments on her are FAKE and LIES. i feel bad for all the people who were scammed by robin. keep up the good work in bringing her down by posting more about her. i will not believe one good comment posted on her here. she is just interested in making money. good breeders do not breed many types of dogs. they breed to improve the breed standard.

  • Be
      14th of Mar, 2010
    0 Votes

    Hello Robin,
    I didnt purchase a puppy from you but I just so happened to be flicking through the channels and saw that Rescue Ink was on. I thought that was fine until this story came on about sick puppies from a breeder. It just so happened to be you. Now excuse me if im rude, but your life and your breeding is not anything like you said it was. Maybe the pups should come out of those nasty little blue bins you keep them in. Please we all just want you to improve your breeding and maybe have them vet check before selling them, and if one of them gets sick like the mother or father, at least have the heart to take them to the vet. I think you might want to keep up the dogs hygeine! All im trying to do is prove a point and help you. So maybe clean up where the dogs sleep and do that once every two days. Anyways, thats all i have to say.

  • Ya
      23rd of Mar, 2010
    0 Votes

    Just so everyone knows Robin DOES NOT BREED she actually uses brokers to buy puppies from puppy mills. I have been trying to close her down for years. The problem has been that everyone thought she was a breeder and not a retailer. She uses companies like Lambriar Inc for instance, they are the largest puppymill broker in the country. The pups that she claimed came from other countries actually came from mills in Hungry. She will get whats coming to her eventually. Anyone needing help with a sick animal that they purchased from her or any other store or breeder please feel free to contact me anytime day or night at Yankeepuppy47 on aol. I am in the animal industry and can help! I have been trying to change the laws for years and the more people that speak out the more attention we can get. Do not keep quiet about these people, get the word out and help me stop the torture these poor defenseless puppies! I am here to help!
    Thank you Yankee Puppy Animal Rescue.

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