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Well it looks like I am the newbie to the boards and can't say it makes me feel good. NO ONE should have to go through the things I have gone through and am going through or anyone else on here that has had a sick baby. I bought my male english bulldog from Robin in July. Let's start at the beginning...Biggie, my baby had three months worth of giardia, conjunctivitis, skin rashes, ear infections and lovely viral papillomas---one on his eye that was so large that it was bleeding out of control and required stitches. That was the least of my problems to come. I only take Biggie to the best veterinary specialists around -nothing less for my baby. At one of his many, many vet vists, it was determined that Biggie has severe, severe breathing problems. To begin, he has a hypo-plastic trachea, an elongated soft palate, stenotic nares and Brachycephalic airway syndrome. AND NO THE PROBLEMS DO NOT STOP THERE. Biggie has been suffering from aspiration penumonia and has been hospitalized two times. It was also determined that Biggie has hip dysplasia and a luxating patella and no THERE ARE STILL MORE ISSUES. BIGGIE IS DEAF and has a cryptorchid testical. HE IS FIVE MONTHS OLD THIS IS NOT NORMAL!!! I am honestly sick to my stomach that my poor baby has to go through all of this pain and suffering due to an ignorant heartless individual. I HAVE SPENT OVER $8 THOUSAND DOLLARS JUST ON MEDICAL EXPENSES AND THERE WILL BE THOUSDANDS MORE INCURRED WITH HIS SURGERIES AND FUTURE PROBLEMS. FYI: ROBIN LOVES TO USE HER HUSBAND AS A THREAT; WELL GUESS WHAT HE HAS BEEN DIS-BARRED AND CAN NO LONGER PRACTICE LAW HA! WHAT A THREAT! I AM 22 YEARS OLD AND AM NOT AFRAID OF ROBIN OR HER "THREATS." Robin claimed to me that this is what you assume when you purchase a bulldog that they will have continual health problems. Well Biggie basically suffers from every problem and then some and he is at the innocent age of 5 months!!! YOU SOLD BIGGIE WHEN HE WAS UNFIT FOR SALE. but this makes it better because he is out of your grimey hands and has been welcomed into my heart and my family. Robin claims that she isn't God and that she can't make all dogs perfect. She also had told me that I am spending so much money and she could recommend cheaper vets. Um no thanks Robin I wouldn't take a recommendation from you if you were the last breathing human on earth. ALSO: THE PUPPY LEMON LAW IN NY NEEDS SOME CLARIFICATION!!! YOU GET 14 DAYS TO CLAIM GARDEN VARIETY STUFF LIKE COCCIDIA, GIARDIA, PARVO, ETC. BUT YOU GET A 1 YEAR GUARANTEE ON CONGENITAL DEFECTS (HIP DYSPLASIA, LUXATING PATELLA, ETC.) THIS ENTITLES YOU TO THE PRICE OF THE PUPPY, 50% OF MEDICAL EXPENSES PAID AND YOU GET TO KEEP YOUR BABY!!! I have done tons of research and know many important people. I have many contacts at different law firms, know individuals at the ASPCA, and know people who work for NY State. When someone messes with my emotions and my money I take major offense and there must be consequences!!! Robin has already lost three times in court and has had to cough up her cash. God knows she has the money, she charges outrageous prices for her dogs and has a blue bully for $12, 000. I can't even express the sympathy that I have for everyone out there who has suffered mental, emotional and financial hardships due to Robin's malicious, fraudulent business practices. All of our pain and suffering does not come close to the pain and suffering that our babies have gone through. THE PUPPIES ARE THE REAL VICTIMS!!! It turns my stomach to even refer to her as a business; a BOILER ROOM IS MORE LIKE IT. Oh and Robin is posting those comments; especially the "adorable puppies" one THAT IS ON HER VOICEMAIL WHEN YOU CALL. CLEVER ROBIN. I am looking for all of those wronged individuals who want to make a difference and put a final stop to Robin Schulder, or Robin Serrisi or whatever name she is deciding to go by today. Please contact me if you want to make a difference. I am a very strong individual and would love to meet all of you and hear your stories as well. WELL THERE YOU HAVE IT MY FIRST SCATHING BLOG!!!


  • As
    astro Nov 06, 2008
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    Verified customer

    Do not forget to add Perry Reich and Tiffany Ferrisi to the court papers, tiffany is her partner and perry owns the property located at 8042 bell blvd, this way when you win you can place the lean on the property, perry reich is the disbarred lawyer and her partner, all the bussiness transactions take place at his house at 8042 bell blvd. download tiffany's picture from her web site to show the court, she is the blond one with the tattoo on her arm and her arms around the little boy, the courts already know perry. and also call the nys attorneys office and tell them that perry reich, a disbarred lawyer is practicing law, according, to what you were told by robbin. see kids, you too can have fun.oh yes, you might also want to get in touch with the nys and nyc dept. of investigation it seems that he may have pulled in some political favors to have the heat held back from various state and city agencys. that can really mean trouble for him.

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  • Kris Nov 06, 2008

    Welcome, unfortunatly your one of us now!!! Things are going to change. Robin will end up the loser in the end of this doggie nightmare.

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  • Ke
    Kelly Nov 10, 2008
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    i am sorry we had to meet this way, but kaitlyn, we will be here 2 help u every step of the way...did u get 2 watch fox 5 tonite?

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  • Ja
    Janice Socher Nov 11, 2008
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    I am so sorry that you and your poor innocent bullie babies had to go through this. I saw the complaints against Robin last night and looked up her websight. I am a breeder of these wonderful dogs and was sickened by the sale of pregnant ### and ### a year old being bred when they are only puppies themselves. Advertising a :blue-bulldog" for 12, 000. when they are not even recconised by AKC. I have not had the misfortune of dealing with the witch but if I can be of any help to anyone who has, please feel free to e-mail me. Once again let me say how sorry I am that you and your families and your poor babies had to be involved with this person.

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  • Ya
    yahoo Nov 16, 2008
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    here is the link

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  • donna Nov 25, 2008;jsessionid=ACB6EA27A6EAA9A7D9F5D0437F902A30?contentId=7833433&version=2&locale=EN-US&layoutCode=VSTY&pageId=1.1.1&sflg=1

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  • Al
    AlphaFemale Feb 01, 2009

    I have never met or purchased a puppy from this woman but I do know that if you go to Nightingale Bullies and click on available pups they explain that they now have their name and number on all their pictures to stop Robin from using them. I also saw her mentioned on Europups scam section. I also noticed she has yet another site called englishbulldogspup. She has so many sites but none of the same puppies on any of them. How many bulldog pups can one person have? And why would someone keep making differently designed sites to try to keep people from realizing its the same person. If I were a reputable breeder, I'd have one site so all my reputation would be bound to that. I was helping my sister look for a pup and that sent up a lot of red flags. We moved on and found a reputable person with one site, memberships in clubs and a sterling rep. The pup was less expensive and she's beautiful. I say, when paying that kind of money, why take a chance.

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  • Am
    AmyJean Feb 12, 2009

    As a Pug Breeder, I am absolutely DISGUSTED by the fact that this woman is still selling pups.
    I looked her up and yes... she is still selling Bulldogs and probably other breeds as well.

    The pictures of her on the website are hilarious! You can tell she's on meds or something.
    She looks like a wacked-out Barbie Doll! *lmao*
    Can we say... umm... just a bit too much make-up?
    You can tell she's just a money hungry nut-case that benefits from the ultimate suffering of others.

    Ever since I was a child, I knew I wanted to be part of the canine enthusiest world. I researched LONG & HARD before purchasing my Pugs & breeding them. And it literally makes me sick that there are people out there like this "Robin" that are not taking the proper steps to provide potential puppy owners with happy, healthy pups.

    I wonder how she can house so many dogs?
    And the ones that some buyers have met in person, are probably the dogs that are not sick... yet.
    The poor sickly dogs she is breeding are not doubt in a kennel somewhere & kept well hidden from buyers.

    To this day, my family & I own only 3 Pugs total and each is part of the family.
    In fact, they're snorting at my feet right now!
    Plus, we produce only 1 litter a year.
    I will never breed for profit and I actually sell my quality pups for very cheap.
    I breed to better my breed and make others happy with my unique bloodline.
    Quality IS better than quanity.

    I am so sickened and... rather pissed that this thing that sorta resembles a woman is actually getting away with all this.

    My advice to anyone that has purchased a sick pup from her should definately contact whoever they need to and keep fghting until her "buisness" is completely taken down.
    By the way... why/how can someone consider breeding dogs a buisness?
    Sorry but... that just sounds strange to me.

    Oh yeah, on her website she claims to run a No-Kill Shelter for unwanted dogs.
    Of course she doesnt kill them... she sells them to unsuspecting buyers!!!
    Just another way to make an extra thousand bucks so she can go get her crusty nails done.
    Not to mention her horrid hair that looks like a rats nest.
    I would scream if I saw her in a dark alley coming at me!
    Franken-Witch!!! Run for your life everyone!!!

    Sorry if that sounds childish but I guess I'm just really mad at this person and... I do think she looks weird.

    I will also add, out of respect for all those suffering from this "Robin" and her unethical practices...
    Years ago, my parents bought me a beautiful Sable German Shepherd pup.
    I named him Buck.
    But not until we got his pedigree back did we finally see that he was MAJORLY inbred.
    Bucks sire was on his pedigree not 2-3 times but... 5 times!
    Before his 3rd birthday... Buck passed away from epilepsy.
    Despite us constantly taking him to the vet and providing him with medication.

    So trust me my friends... I know what you are going through.
    And to a child, losing a puppy is very heartbreaking.
    It took me years to get over Buck. He was a lovely dog. Very gentle.
    His breeders name was Linda Bragg.
    She was taken to court multiple times and eventually was forbidden to breed or even own a dog ever again. Thank God.

    Do your research when thinking about getting a new pup.
    Google and look up the breeder you are considering.
    Hopefully, if the breeder has done others wrong, you will be able to find out before you purchase a pup from him/her and save yourself all the pain some of us have had to go through.

    Much Puppy Love,

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  • Bi
    Billie Jo Mar 05, 2009

    If you look at Nightingale bullies, She is the same way. We are sueing her for sending us a parvo puppy and a defective one. She also tryed to give us a sick puppy in replacement for the one that died. Buyer bewear in Mississippi they have no lemon Laws, so she gets away with selling these puppy.She also ships them right to you, so she never even see's the puppys. Ashley Anderson is only in to selling english bull dogs for the money.

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  • He
    Helen Jones Mar 05, 2009

    Amy, Try not to start things on physical appearance, it makes the rest of your argument useless.

    Regardless of the state in which the puppies are coming from; it is still illegal to sell ill animals, and the fact they are going cross state lines is even worse; they could be infecting other animals.If they're sick and contained in one area it's lesser than them being sent around the United States and possibly starting an epidemic of sick animals.

    Aside from the possible outbreak, all breeders/store/kennels/anythingsellinganimals/etc.. must provide an up to date veterinary health check on all animals advertising to be sold, and this health check must prove the animal in question is fit and well enough to be purchased. Some acceptations are with minor diseases and the seller providing full medical care [such as pills or shots] for the animal and takes full responsibility for it's medical bills in relation to that minor disease, or if there is a birth defect that cannot be treated; such as blindness and the buyer is fully aware of this defect but is willing to take the animal in.

    So; no matter what her states Lemon laws are; every state has animal cruelty laws. I keep seeing this girls name and practice brought up here; so maybe if one of you gathered up as many people who have had problems with her as you can; and all go to court you could get something done about it. Rather then sitting on the internet and sharing stories but never actually doing anything.

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  • Bi
    Billie Jo Mar 06, 2009

    Ashley N Anderson/ Nightingale bullies has the puppys sent right from the breeder. They come from all over, Russia, U krain, Hungary and others. They lie on the health certifcates saying they are a month older then what they are to get them in the United States. Well that is what I am trying to do. There also is a attorney that is working on his own to shout her down. He also is helping me sue her. If anyone wants to help please let me know? My email [email protected]

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  • Editor Bulldog Rescue Mar 07, 2009

    Nightingale bullies Nightingale Bulldogs is a scam. We get a lot of these English bulldogs from Nightingale Bullies in Bulldog rescue. Ashley N Anderson sells English bulldogs that she does not know the health of or even care to. Regardless of how much it may hurt the new owners. Ashley N Anderson of Nightingale bullies has a few web sites now & to name a couple . You should post complaints with thier name & site on [redacted] & complaints board so people will know. Allso Contact the Better Business Bureau and search for the local BBB where Nightingale Bulldogs is located. You can fill out an online complaint form, Contact the Humane Society of the United States and fill out a breeder complaint form. or . Contact the Attorney General's Office. You can contact the local media in the area where the puppy was sold & contact the local sheriff's office where the puppy was sold.
    Good luck to you. There is A LOT OF ROBINS selling the wonderful bulldog breed we need to try to stop them as a whole. & teach people about them as a whole. What is the point of only trying to stop Robin. Other puppies need our help too...

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  • Jo
    joan page Mar 26, 2009

    didn't the pup have some sort of signs of being so sick when you bought him.

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  • Mg
    mgrace75 Mar 27, 2009

    I truly feel sad for these puppies, but WHY WOuld any one meet this Loser Robin & stilll purchase a Puppy from her! We too wanted a new Bullldog puppy and I reached breeders Nation wide for almost a year untill I found an Amazing Breeder in Tennesse. We left LI on a Firday at lunch time drove 7 hours and we purchased 2 English bulldog puppies for $$2750.00. They have had NO Health Probelms they were pottey trained fully within 3 weeks of coming Home. They are great dogs...WHy give your money to a low life I saw her on TV her & her home were HORRFIC. So you see if people stop giving her there money she would have been forced to go out of BUSINESS, WAke up people. Where is your common sense, the Dogs suffer! There is a BUll dog speciality Vet in Farmingdale he is Honest & reasonable w/ over 30 YEARS EXPERIENCE. On Conklin ST.

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  • Bu
    bulldogus Apr 07, 2009

    Here is an online ad posted by that beast...I think you can just make out the 666 mark burned into her forehead. Guys, she's looking for a good time and, in her estimation, she's "very pretty." I beg to differ.

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  • Ch
    Charlie Allen Apr 13, 2009

    I don't have a complaint, as a matter of fact I have nothing but praise for Nighintgale Bullies and Ashley Anderson as a business person. I bought a Bomberland puppy that my husband and I loved and adored. When he was nine months old he stopped walking and developed phenomia and died soon after. I was fully covered! It did not stop the pain of loosing a sweet puppy but I did feel good about Ashley Anderson. My new puppy comes this Wednesday, the only delay was my innability to pick which sire I liked. I have bought two females since then and plan to add another to my pack. No one can see inside a living animal so defects are hard to discover, but a contract is binding and I had no trouble in this respect with Mrs. Anderson.
    Sometimes it all in how you talk and deal with others!

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  • Na
    Nancy Apr 28, 2009

    I also purchased a puppy from Ashley at Nightingale Bullies and she was very honest and did everything she could to make sure we were happy and taken care of. We have a female puppy from her named Bella and she is perfect, healthy and just adorable. I couldnt have asked for a better puppy and Ashley was there every step of the way to offer support anytime we needed and made sure we were happy. I dont agree with any of this negative posting and feel that everyone needs to hear what we have to say as well. Dont be misled Ashley is a great person and deserves a pat on the back for her efforts and hard work. We too had to sign an agreement and she does stand behind her puppies. Before I purchased I talked with 15 other customers who have purchased puppies from her and had nothing but praise about their puppies and how great everything was going.

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  • Bi
    Billie Jo Apr 28, 2009

    I am writting this to inform people, Me and Ashly Anderson from Nightingale bullies have resolved our issuse.
    I am happy with the out come with my puppy.
    Billie Jo

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  • Ho
    How_Mean Aug 29, 2009

    way to many people with complaints for any of this not to be true, really sad that she treats these people and dogs like this.

    would hate to have her carma.

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  • Lu
    Luvbuzz Sep 08, 2009

    Helen Jones,

    Obviously, my comments on this Robin's appearence did NOT make the rest of my argument "useless".
    As you can see, I got 2 votes of agreement on my observations.
    This woman DOES look like a whacked-out Barbie Doll.
    I apologize if what I said offends you but, it's just what I see.
    (Plus, I'm only 26 & forgive me if I haven't yet learned the proper way to diss someone.)
    I guess this woman just ticks me off, to be rather blunt, if I may.
    And yes... I can see right through her, and her done-up appearence that she projects so well.

    People that are SOOO into their looks and/or material things (like this Robin clearly is) - probably wouldn't make the best possible candidates for breeding pups.
    I could be wrong; please take no offense to my words. Just hear me out.
    After all, you got to be cool with a little puppy-poo getting on your hands or shirt when you are feeding or cuddling them everyday, like I do. And, I'm sorry, but... this Robin person just does NOT look like the type that would be okay with puppy-poo staining her freshly pressed blouse.
    OR a friendly, wiggly pup licking at her face and possibly smearing her make-up.
    She'd probably get royally ticked off and go throw the pup back in his filthy, cramped cage.
    Keeping him there until an unsuspecting, potential buyer comes to look at him.
    I *know* she is just breeding these poor dogs for the major bucks she makes in the process.
    Decieving others and bringing sick pups into the world holds no concern nor sleepless nights for her.
    As long as she gets paid... she's happy.

    Actually Helen, I have learnt over the years that you CAN in fact learn lots about a person from their appearence and/or the way they present themselves to the world.
    And, the feeling I got just by viewing Robin's photos on her website gave me the impression that she is more concerned with her appearence & material things than her dogs' ultimate health & well-being.
    Obviously, she certaining is NOT concerned with her dog's/pup's health & well-being.
    Otherwise... there would be no complaints against her and this blog-type entry wouldn't even exist. Right?

    Her inner, most darkest thoughts probably go something like this:
    "Screw 'em. They bought the puppy. They read the contract and they paid my asking price. Let them deal with the vet bills & such. The deal has been made & there's nothing they can do about it. I'll go to court, if I have to. Face the judge, put on a 'pretty' face and say whatever to convince them that I'm not the one to blame.
    Hmm - by the way, since I'll be in town, I might swing by Bloomingdales after the court hearing and pick me up a new handbag... or two!"

    Sorry for that... but... that's just the way I precieve her.

    Breeding healthy, well-adjusted, ready-for-the-world pups is a messy job. But, rewarding as well, of course.
    It's not prim & neat and, as in my case, doing my hair and looking pretty is usually the last thing on my mind when we have a new litter of little ones that need my care & attention.
    (I usually end up looking more like a bushy-haired, ravaged Yeti in heat than a human)
    Truth be known, I actually get so involved that a few times I woke up on my bedroom floor, looking under my bed and all around, thinking (for some unknown reason to me) that my pups were lost under my bed!
    After I came to, I'd dash madly, like a wild-woman, into our whelping room and count each pup.
    Pick them up and make sure they were okay... and certainly not under my bed!
    Why I'd think they were in my room & under the bed?
    (laughing) - I have no idea.
    Just being paranoid, I suppose. :P
    But, maybe it's also because I hardly get any sleep when we have a new litter.
    I'm constantly looking in on them, counting them, making sure their momma isn't laying on one of them, checking the heating pad (if it's winter time), changing thier bedding, cleaning up their lil' poo-poos and making sure each one gets a nipple - especially the little guys that have to fight off their bigger siblings for a good meal.

    In my home, when a new buddle of pups arrive, we set up "Shift Duties".
    Just so there is *always* someone up to keep an eye on the pups.
    I usually get the midnight shift, cause I'm like a vampire in denial and prefer the early morning hours.
    But, by the time our pups reach 5 weeks, we go back to our normal sleeping patterns and transfer the pups from the whelping box to a large, enclosed pay area. We still keep up on the nightly check-ins though.

    I can see I have rambled on about my own breeding & rearing habits - my apologies.
    I just wish other breeders out there, like Robin, would put in at least half the devotion we do with a litter of pups. Potential buyers deserve a HEALTHY, well-adjusted, looked-after pup to take home and love.
    When you bring home a new pup, whom you've already fell in love with on the car ride home, the last thing you want to face in the near future is the fact that your new pup is seriously ill and that the breeder you orginally trusted... pulled one over on you.
    This has happened to me & my family once, with a beautiful sable GSD, Buck - whom passed away just before his 3rd b-day from epilepsy. Few yrs later, we seen Buck's breeder's name in the paper for selling ill puppies.
    Justice and right will always win over cruelty and wrong-doings.
    No matter how some may try and run from it... their dirty deeds WILL catch up with them.
    Rest assured of that, my friends.

    But, to help the punishing process along - keep up on tracking her down & getting her smug little face in court again, to finally take responsibility for what she has done to these poor animals, and you also.
    Don't give up. Fight. Consider it war.
    Take advantage of every "clean" tactic available to you. "Clean" meaning - don't cross over to the dark side and do something against the law to make her face the reality of her actions.
    Research the laws for breeding animals/dogs, and hold on tight to the rights you DO have for being a wronged puppy buyer. The law IS on your side, especially since she has already been seen in court for practising unethical breeding. Her well-known, horrible record and reputation can only work against her now.
    But, it's up to her wronged buyers to keep up the fight.
    Like I said... consider it war.

    I'm attaching a pic of one of my Pugs - Haunsel.
    Bred him myself, and I can honestly say I couldn't ask for more! :)

    Much Luv,

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  • Ya
    Yankee Puppy Mar 23, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Just so everyone knows Robin DOES NOT BREED she actually uses brokers to buy puppies from puppy mills. I have been trying to close her down for years. The problem has been that everyone thought she was a breeder and not a retailer. She uses companies like Lambriar Inc for instance, they are the largest puppymill broker in the country. The pups that she claimed came from other countries actually came from mills in Hungry. She will get whats coming to her eventually. Anyone needing help with a sick animal that they purchased from her or any other store or breeder please feel free to contact me anytime day or night at Yankeepuppy47 on aol. I am in the animal industry and can help! I have been trying to change the laws for years and the more people that speak out the more attention we can get. Do not keep quiet about these people, get the word out and help me stop the torture these poor defenseless puppies! I am here to help!
    Thank you Yankee Puppy Animal Rescue.

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  • Ha
    haidn Jul 22, 2010

    can any one help iv rescued a 3 year old boxer [censor] that has been over bred shes had 6 litters and her nipples like bells how can i help her gt them bk 2 normal many thanks

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  • Wi
    wile orchid Jul 25, 2012

    That is what puppy millers do. They sell under one name until they get a bunch of disgruntled buyers then they shut down that website and start a new one under a different name.

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  • Wi
    wile orchid Jul 25, 2012

    I don't understand, didn't you see the puppy before you bought it? Did you see the parents before getting him? Did they have their health testing? Didn't you have a health guarantee/puppy contract? Were either of the parents of show quality? If you scrimp on paying for a quality puppy and especially in a short nosed breed you will ALWAYS have these types of problems. There will always be unethical people everywhere. It is up to the buyer to do their research and buy quality instead of buying cheap. Important with every breed, but even more so with a short nosed breed. If you can't afford to go pick up the puppy in person and meet the parents as well as the breeder than you can't afford a puppy. Period! Your new puppy is going to be a member of your family for years. Look at quality NOT price. EVERY good breeder will have a health guarantee/contract that should insist if there is ever a problem that puppy is to come back to them. Do your research.

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  • Wi
    wile orchid Jul 25, 2012

    Haidn, sorry but it is impossible for a 3 year old to have produced 6 litters. Nipples don't go back down. Lol They stay that way forever.

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  • Wi
    wile orchid Jul 25, 2012

    Oh never mind. I don't know about Boxers thought we were talking Bulldogs.

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  • Pe
    Penelope8711 Feb 06, 2013

    I have been in love with english bulldogs for over 5 years now. Ive done my research over 5 years now, since I decided when I had a stable home, I would get one. My dream is to get a male brindle and name him Milo. I also thought for a hobby maybe, just big maybe oneday when the kids (i dont have any now but will someday) are grown and I have more time for such things, I would love to breed English bulldogs. Not about money, but to share the love of such a cute breed with others who seek the love and comforts of a furry friend. Now that the time nears of ending my Masters degree and settling into a career, naturally I started my research again. Getting to know all i could so I know how to best provide and love my future Milo. I thought I might look into some breeders and came across the BulldogsRUS site. No pictures so i backed up my search back to google when I found this complaint blog. I want to say to all that have gotton a puppy that was suffering, I am sorry it happened. I am not nor will i ever be affiliated with that women but i understand the heart ache that comes with a sick new family member. To me pets arent pets, That is my family. i know the heart ache because i once got a sick cat. He had eat mites and couldnt make a solid movement, he even pushed so hard, his intestine came out. They couldnt figure out what was wrong with him. I spent tons of money for testing and surgery to put his intestine back into place. Later i realised he had some issue with catfood. I still never found out what caused his problems, but i did get him ear mite free and made his food from scratch. I mixed potatos with mix veggies and chicken bits. No spices or anything. He LOVES it, and is now the healthiest cat. Back on track, I want to thank you all for your postings. To Help warn me of everything you have gone through. I do realise this is an older post but It certainly helped steer me away from potential breeders like her. I hope all the pups survived and are now happy with the love and care you all have provided them with. I cant thank you all from saving me from supporting and helping her to continue such horrible things. I will be spreading the word to anyone I know who will be seeking an english bullie pup. I hope you all put her out of business for good. Even get her some jail time if you could.

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