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In September '06 our family purchased an English Bulldog puppy form Robin Schulder. The dog required immediate vet care and was diagnosed with kennel cough. That kennel cough developed into pneumonia and within eleven days of purchase, we had to admit our dog NEAR DEATH into an animal hospital for a two week stay. It cost us nearly $6,000.00 and a lot of heartache to treat the sick puppy. Any responsible breeder would compensate us for vet care (there is a law that requires it) but Robin absolutely refused to take any responsibility, even after acknowledging the dog had kennel cough. Like the other complaint on this site, she offered a replacement puppy 4 months later - after the dog was healthy again! NOT ONLY DID SHE SELL US A SICK DOG, SHE NEVER SUPPLIED US WITH A SIGNED CONTRACT, HEALTH CERTIFICATE OR REGISTRATION PAPERS!! ALL OF THIS IS AGAINST THE LAW. She is currently being investigated by the Attorney General's Office due to our Pet Lemon Law claim. We also reported her to the NY Dept of Agriculture and Markets (the breeder regulating agency) and she was cited for 5 infractions. We also filed a claim against her with the Better Business Bureau - she offered us $50 (which she never paid) so that the file would read that we reached a "partial settlement". She even spitefully named one of the puppies currently on her website after our dog. This is all in addition to the fact that our dog is not miniature as she said...our puppy is nearly 50 lbs and is only 6 months old. Regardless of what she puts on her website, it has been our experience that robin cares more about money than the quality and health of the dogs she sells. Once she gets your money, she waives any and all responsibility as a breeder. Don't believe her claims to be a vet tech (she is not) or a responsible breeder (she is not). We recommend you go to another breeder...buying a dog from Robin Schulder could be the biggest mistake you've made in your life.


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    Jessica Feb 26, 2007

    We also purchased a bulldog from Robin in August 06. 2 weeks after bringing her home she was diagnosed with demodectic mange. She was never out of the house or near other dogs since she didn't have all her shots yet. When we first saw this developing we brought her over to Robin right away. Since she was a "vet tech" we thought she could help us out. She told us it was nothing and to put hot compresses on it. Being first time dog owners (owning a bulldog was a dream of ours) we listened to her. After a few days it got worse. I called her again and left her a message asking the name of her vet. She never called back. We found a local vet who promptly diagnosed her with demodectic mange. I called Robin from the vets office and she said she couldnt talk because she was showing her home (she is looking to sell). I decided at that point that i couldnt rely on her for anything. At 10 weeks old the puppy got the mange from its mother. Puppies are supposed to have a strong enough immune system to fight this off and never get it but our puppies immune system is not up to par. She has a weak immune system which has cause her to get sick very often since then. She has also been diagnosed with an elongated soft palate. Something that bulldogs are supposed to be carefully bred not to get. I informed Robin of all this in hopes that she would no longer breed the parents of our dog. I feared more puppies would be born with these problems. She showed no concern and simply said "these things happen" She did offer the exchange her but i could never, she is not an appliance she is a living thing. I also did not want another one of her sick dogs. Not to mention that she was supposed to send us some medicine and never did. We never received a signed contract, vet records, and did not get our dogs papers until December after nagging and nagging for them. That was 4 months after we bought her. Robin is NOT a responsible breeder. And now she has the nerve to charge $3500 for puppies on her site? That is outrageous. I urge you not to buy from her. She is money hungry and does not care about the lives these puppies will have. It's so sad, the things people will do for money.

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    Lisa Trapano Feb 27, 2007

    Hi My name is Lisa I live in new york, we purchased an english bulldog puppy from Bulldogsrus and hes a mini he only grew 35 pounds and his name is Charlie, hes 12 months old and hes never been ill, so i have to tell you I really disagree as I met Robin her kids and her husband and she seems very lovely. Just wanted to let you know about our experience it went great sorry to hear about yours!!!

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    Debbie Tiline Feb 27, 2007

    Hi I was reading the posts as well, we are Deb and Mario from Florida, we also purchased a mini english bulldog from Robin Schulder from Bulldogsrus.net and we never had any health problems with him, as he is 9 monhs old now we are getting another pup from Robin Schulder from Bulldogsrus we would like to breed when the pups mature. My little puppy Baxter is doing great he is a mini hes only 33 pounds and we hope to get a female from Robin so I do not agree with the 2 posts I read as we had a wonderful experience with Robin and we still keep in touch to this day, in fact I saw an adorable puppy on her web site we are interested in buying his name is Snoopy. thanks and I hope this was helpful. By the way she told me her contract is up on her site for all to read and she stands behind her contract as I just read the 2 complaints she was willing to honor her contract in replacing another puppy . So please do not judge a person as God will not judge you. Thank you and God Bless Debbie and Mario

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    Sandy Timmington Mar 05, 2007

    My experience with Robin Schulder was excellent..As a first time buyer of a English Bull dog and going through the internet, it was very stressful searching for a breeder. When I came across Bulldogsrus her Webpage was so personal seeing those beautiful puppies and pictures of Robin and her family I just knew this was the right choice and then talking to Robin it was positive that I will purchase her puppy. I received the most beautiful wonderful puppy ever and even my vet agreed that she was worth every cent.. I tip my hat off to Robin to be in this type of business and her most important concern are the puppies. Thank you Robin and I'm so glad I found you.. Keep up the wonderful work you are doing.. We have the best puppy ever...

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    Attorney In NY Mar 07, 2007

    Hi Sandy !!

    Thank you so much for the wonderful posts !!! I hope that little darling is doing great !!! I am glad the vet said she is healthy and beautiful, as dealing with you was a pleasure as well !!

    I am so glad you and your family love her, i knew you would !

    I just want to say thank you so much for your continued support and excellent references

    To my dear friends who purchased puppies from bulldogs r us and to all my other wonderful supporters on this board !! And my wonderful supportive family.
    We love you guys !!!

    And below is for the people that lie and the few negative people that left comments, you think you know me and you dont !!! You are a bunch of evil jealous people that always look to point a finger at the next person. You want a free puppy but thats called stealing and grand larceny !!

    You are very sad unhappy individuals that really hate your lives and try to slander others/ and your stupid negative posts just goes to show how ignorant you really are. Besides being a liar !!

    I am a licensed reputable breeder of english bulldogs and i will always breed, (your silly negative posts are all lies and cannot and do not affect my sales) i have produced and bred hundreds and hundreds of puppies and i only received 3 complaints out of almost 1,000 pups / wow thats a good ratio dont you think !!!

    And all live animals at one point get sick, if you wanted the dog never to get sick you should of bought a stuffed animal !!! (you idiots)

    Remember you cannot hurt me or my family business as i am a strong woman with a great family and a lot of friends and supporters all over the united states !!!

    Your complaints are not heard and are laughed at / and i will always continue to breed and sell my puppies all over the world as they are the best !!!

    Robin schulder and family
    Bulldogsrus #1 !!!!!!!!
    #1 breeder in the u.s.

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  • Bulldoglover Mar 13, 2007

    Wow that's intelligent Robin! Your the LIAR you sell a cheaper breed of dogs for thousands of dollars, you should be ashamed of yourself! So what is Zeus Robin an olde english bulldog or english bulldog because you have him posted on different sites as each one? You don't acknowledge the fact that you lie to people. I have spoken to some of your other "client's" that you have wronged, they have contacted me because of their misfortune with you. There will be a time that you will pay for what you have done. You have sold different breeds to people and sold sick dogs. I am one of those unlucky people who trusted you and i can asure you that this is no lie, anyone can feel free to contact me I HAVE NO REASON TO LIE. You do. You were speechless in my case. That's like me saying i will sell you a purebred maltese and it ends up weighing 20lbs it can't possibly happen it is obviously a different breed. You sell the puppies young and bank on the people to become attached to do anything about it and they are good people and can't exchange them as nothing but you should be held responsible for your wrong doings. I have to say a lot of your comments sound identical, i could sit here all day writing comments to with different names. I would be appalled if they were all clients it sounds more that your a puppy mill than breeder, how many pups do you make your poor females have a year? That's right you probably can't keep track you change your name and site around, how would your loyal customers find you or a recent customer with questions or concerns when you change your site and name of business. I feel sorry for anyone who buys a puppy from you and i feel worse for the puppies. You can make up lies about me but you know who i am and you know this is the truth. Tell everyone how and what you keep your puppies in stationary tubs that they have to jump up to see out and how it reeks like urine, it makes me laugh to see your phony comments on how your house is so clean and your so sweet. You just showed a little of your true self above to people. Then tell everyone how you brag about the multimillion dollar house you have in florida from all the money you rip off from people. You will expose your true self, i pray that you STOP breeding for all of the puppies and moms that you are breeding. I think you've become addicted to the money.

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  • Ju
    Julian Mar 24, 2007

    Hi Danielle,

    Why dont you and the others get a life!!
    I can provide hundreds of satisfied customers references all over the u.s. That it would make your head spin !!!
    I am even gonna put a testomonial page up of all my happy satisfied customers with photos and their email adress !! (but i will probably run out of room because i have sooooooo many) lol lol lol

    Im sorry you are unhappy with your dog, I just know I sold you the exact puppy you picked out on the photos/ and you choose on my site.

    You saw the photos and I never sold you another puppy, the pup you picked is the one I shipped to you and you know that !!
    Sometimes it is very hard to predict exactly what a puppy will look like when it is full grown. It is a english bulldog as thats all i breed!

    A vet is not authorized to make a breed determination, as a vet went to medical school not breed school. Zues is an olde english bulldog, I sold him months ago I rescued him from a breeder that was not taking good care of him. I never bred him. I do animal rescue as Im sure you are well aware of that. I never say on Zues description that he is an english bulldog. If you read his description it says that he is an olde english bulldog and i mention his family tree and his registration papers.
    SO STOP ACCUSING me of things that arent true THAT YOU DONT KNOW !!

    I have never lied to anyone because if I was a liar why do i have several hundred happy satisfied customers !!! ?????????? AH DUHHH???

    Guess everyone except for 3-4 people are very happy with the pups i sold them they even came back for more pups and referred me to others !!!

    Theres an old saying you cant make everyone happy all of the time !!!!

    Remember that/ and i do nothing wrong so dont think you or anyone else like ur pal linda can put me out of business as i have a breeders/dealers license and i have a clean facility which was inspected many many times/ linda thought she was slick by calling the aspca but it backfired they came we let them in and they loved our home and our dogs and all our puppies, they even said they were sorry to bother us !!! Lol lol

    My husband found out linda made that report !!! She lied to a government agency and filed a false report. She can get into alot of serious legal problems doing this!!!

    So now that we had this little chat please - all of you go on with your lifes as your beating a dead horse, you can never stop me from breeding puppies or selling them never do you understand that!!! I work within the parameters of the law which governs my license and therfore you can report me to the president of the united states and your false fictious reports will not be heard and making these lies up can get you into alot of legal situations 111

    Take care of your asthma and try not to dwell over this!!!

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  • Kris Mar 24, 2007

    I bought a bulldog from Robin almost a year ago. I talked to Robin several times about this, and she truly seemed like she cared. The pup came to us very sick. The vet report says she was mauled, had an eye infection, feet infection and she was had deformity of the front legs. They said she wouldn't live to be an old dog because of the pain of the arthritis she would surely develop.

    Robin, seem genuinely concerned for us. She offered us a replacement pup if we sent her back - of course like all others we and our 5 kids fell in love with "Lucy". After months of my continually complaining to her about the pups condition with her legs, and sending her x-rays, and dr. reports - she did in fact offer to send us another pup free and let us keep Lucy, as she would be no good to anyone else.

    Months went by, she kept saying we couldn't have any of the dogs on the site, because they weren't hers to give me - she must have finally got tired of me and said she had one. Several more weeks went by and one excuse and another, until she said he was ready. Then she couldn't arrange for a ride for the pup to the airport - so I have a relative in the state who said she could get it. Then that fell through - Robin charged me an extra $250 for her to hire someone to take my free puppy to the airport, along with $300 shipping charge. So my free pup was now $550. He didn't arrive after 3 trips to the airport (2 1/2 hours away). He was now lost! We did finally get him. He was no 8 week old pup. He was 12 pounds. Lucy was 5 pounds when she arrived! This pup has a long tail. She assured us he was an english bulldog not an Olde english, but he looks like a Boxer to us.

    Lucy is almost a year now, Brutus is only 7 months. Lucy has demodex (mange), Glaucoma (she is almost blind in both eyes) and has severe front leg deformity. Brutus is long legged, long tailed, large muzzeled, no wrinkles, with Demodex (mange) as well. He is Lucy's guide dog of sorts.

    But, we are making the best of it! We love them, and will know better in the future. I hope all the stories I've read are not true about Robin's charater. She seemed so nice to us, but the truth is in the dogs we have. I'm sure not every dog born is perfect, but I got a sick one and a strange looking one. lol

    Kris Foxworthy and family

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  • Ju
    Julie Campbell Mar 25, 2007

    I am sure Robin has at least a few clients who are happy. That does not make up for the fact that she acts irresponsibly and without regard when something goes wrong.

    Just read her own comments...does a professional, responsible and caring breeder tell other to "get a life" and call them "idiots". She doesn't need others to make her look bad, she does a good job of it herself.

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  • Kris Mar 25, 2007

    I agree, there are much better ways in dealing with unhappy people than calling them idiots. I love my two dogs, but I don't love the bills that have come with the fact that they are far from perfect. I also don't love the fact that when I let Lucy outside, I have to make sure to be standing right beside her so that she doesn't run into the door (as she can't see it anymore). Did I mention Lucy is not yet a year old?

    We saved our money for over a year to get this pup, now we have to scrimp and save everyday to afford her medications. As Glaucoma is a very painful disease.

    Anyone who needs picture proof, please feel free to email me.

    I'm very happy to have found this site, it makes me feel better to let others know the flip side of buying a puppy online.

    Thanks for reading.

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  • Bulldoglover Mar 25, 2007


    Get it right i said you lied about the breed he was (the one we chose we got). You only showed us ONE picture of him. I asked you several times for more pics that you promised and NEVER got any. You said you would email me pictures of the new litter of mini English bulldogs. Anybody with 2 eyes can see that he is not even an English bulldog he looks like a boxer. I have several reputable vets that can attest that he is NOT an English bulldog as you say. You even admitted that he looks like an olde english bulldogge (you told me to look the breed up ) that he must of had olde English bulldogge in his heritage yeah his parents!! He is very tall, very slender and muscular, very active, long snout and chopped tail. More people are coming forward about what you've done to them. You bully and threaten people so that they will keep quiet. You tell them that you will sue them, that your husband is an attorney (he doesn't look it from the pictures).

    Robin i thought you sold the business to your "sister" and moved to Florida in your multimillion dollar house lol. You shouldn't be selling any puppies that's what you told me. Seems like that was another LIE, you've never stopped selling and you said you don't lie.

    As far as Zues i said you had him listed on OTHER SITES as an English bulldog which he is not! You also have stolen pictures of puppies from other breeders sites and posted them on your site, then tell people that it's sold. You do this to draw people in with legit bully puppies then say that ones sold but we have others. You were caught by the real breeder and told to take it off your site immediately or you would be sued. Try and say that's a lie.

    Also the ASPCA told us that they sited you with Health violations when they were there. They said it was disgusting. You said you do things within the law. You should go ABOVE and BEYOND what the law requires as a good breeder does. The law requires food and proper shelter, i hope to hell that you do that!!
    What's with the playboy T-Shirt on your site and then the picture of 2 new born pups inches from an electric cord with the prongs very close to them? That's suppose to represent a reputable breeder that keeps her puppies in a safe environment it shows TRASH!! Everything that is said is the TRUTH i have no reason to lie you do!! You sell people sick puppies that are not English bulldogs as you state and bank on the fact that people will fall in love with them months later (that's how long it takes to be sure) and can not send them back for another what kind of person would YOU?? You disgust me with your attitude you take no responsibility. It's not that were unhappy with his weight or looks it like selling a Maltese that is 3-9lbs full grown and it ends up weighing 25lbs it's not a Maltese!! You can get a DNA test for around $75.00 to find out the breed and you do not need to have both parents to get it done Robin should know this. Any body can feel free to email me for the TRUTH about ROBIN. Robin uses friends and makes up references. I've never spoken to any but as you say you have to many to list lol you can list some as anyone would want to to show. You are nothing but a trashy bully. I will not stop until i am satisfied and i filed a report with the NY Better Business Bureau.

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  • Ju
    Julian Mar 26, 2007

    Danielle, i think that where ever you are getting your information from they are lying to you! Call the aspca in new york at 212 876-7700 i have never ever received a ticket or a violation from anyone including this animal welfare agency! call them to verify that! You are a ### artist!

    They came and inspected without calling or setting up an appt they actually blocked anymore phony complaints from the there computer as it was totally unfounded, they will not waste their precious time coming to see all my dogs/puppies any more they told me how beautiful and clean and healthy they are! Call big shot call to verify this !

    You are a lying piece of ###! You are unhappy with your life so you try to make others misery because you are a miserable human being! And yes i have hundreds of happy customers! All over the united states

    We all get sick! Like i said if you ### wanted a stuffed animal why the ### did you buy a puppy! Dont you know puppies get sick too? Their like children you ###s!

    And whos to say if the puppy grew a bit taller or has less wrinkles are you an expert on the breed?

    I myself have purchased puppies all over the us and as they grew i hated their looks! I winded up selling them! Guess what they were akc registered! And i paid over $3,000 with shipping just to keep them for 6-7 months and sell them because they werent as wrinkled as i wanted but that did not "not " make them an old english bulldog they still were an ebglish bulldog!

    I bought them from very reputable breeders as i wanted to breed them! So i guess i was lied too?

    No they just was not what i expected them to be! Did i post ###ed up negative comments about the breeders no i just sold them at a loss thats all! Im not vindictive and mean like you!
    Yes we own a home in florida actually and it is a 2 million dollar home

    My sister in law and brother run the business as well, thats my brother in the photos not my husband!!!

    If i had anything to hide why the ### would i post my pictures up on the site? i never lie its not my policy!

    Everyone on this board except for my supporters are nothing but board washed up sick house wifes that have nothing better to do with their time than try to ruin other people lives!

    But guess what its not working! I sold you people the puppy you wanted and if the puppy doesnt have enough wrinkles, is too short aor has a longer snout its not my fault im nor god!

    If the puppy took ill ohhhhhh sorry guess you should of bought a f**kin stuffed animal! You people are a bunch of sick creeps! That are really bored out of your minds!

    You have nothing better to do!

    And hey kris foxworthy i shipped you a free puppy i was selling for $3,000 i didnt even charge you a dime you and your family are a bunch of ungrateful ###!

    Thats the thanks i get right for letting you keep the other puppy plus shipping you another puppy right!

    Thats the thanks i get for being kind! So why the f*ck did you keep sending me pics and nice emails of the 2 pups? Are you a doctor jeckell and mr hyde? Do you have 2 personalities?

    It doesnt bother me my sales are up they are higher than ever this actually is helping my site to sell more puppies! No body believes you when i ship them a puppy they are overjoyed and buy more pups from me and get me more customers by giving my web site out to more and more people!

    You guys can all rot in hell! You are a bunch of pathetic liars that think you can hurt or ruin someone and you cant! No matter who you call or write i will always sell puppies! Lol lol lol lol

    And this one goes out to all the people who have posted on this board the positive postings!

    We love you and once again thank you!

    Sorry you guys for the language but you know how it is when a few idiots rty and team up against you and want everything for free!

    You lost your pay pal dispute with me my dear julie cambell hah! I had you on video surveillance camera picking a healthy little puppy up from my home! Guess you tried but lost i got that $1,000 back from pay pal!

    What you tried to do is illegal and its called grand larceny as*hole!

    Keep making the false complaints so i can sue all of you for slander!

    Robin and family
    From bulldogsrus!

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  • Kris Mar 27, 2007

    ###? That just isn't called for! You know everything in my posting is correct! YOU KNOW it. I didn't say one thing even resembling a lie! You absolutely know you charged me $550 for my FREE replacement pup. You only let us keep the other free one because she is crippled - and now blind! You couldn't breed her.

    I don't deserve your miserable name calling. I simply offered my story for everyone else to enjoy.

    I got a crappy sick dog from ROBIN SCHULDER or REICH - and she let me keep the little crippled blind thing so I could accumulate all the bills. Then she let me have a free one for $550 after being put off for months on end. All I said negative was that I had to pay when you said you had such compassion, and that my new FREE pup was not an english - but an OLDE english.

    You encouraged us to breed them - there is NO way I would do that to some other inocent people knowing that the mange and glaucoma are passed on by breeding.

    What language you use! Do you kiss your kids with that MOUTH?

    I hope more people read what you wrote. You'll end your own business that way.

    Signed this ###
    Kris Foxworthy

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  • Na
    Natalie Hayes Mar 27, 2007

    Wow! I haven't ever bought a dog from this breeder, and even with the positive remarks from others, I definitely wouldn't buy a dog from her. I am an animal advocate and animal lover. I have four dogs and three cats that I have either bought from a breeder or from the local humane society or picked up from a parking lot, abandoned. It is a sad day anyone who sells a sick animal and turns around and says "hey, not a big deal, I'll give you another". These are little lives we are talking about, not dollar signs. I also think it is completely unprofessional to use vulgar language towards another person or call them names because they feel they have a viable complaint. This website is a forum for complaints. People come to this site to help make informed decisions on products and those who sell products. So if you don't like what you read, move on. Furthermore, if the breeder weren't concerned about the complaints, then why is she trying so desperately to change the minds of those who read these posts?

    For those who are complaining--keep doing it! People need to hear the good AND the bad. Thank you for helping me make an informed decision.

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  • Li
    Lisa/George Mar 27, 2007

    Hello everyone my name is Josephine and I felt that it was imperative that I write a note on this post as well. In late June of last year I found Robin's listing on one of the bulldog serches. I proceed to call her and we spoke for quite awhile. I live in Boston MA so coming to NY was just fa few hours for me and my husband. We went to Robin's home and we met with her and her husband. We veiwed about 12 puppies 2 different litters and they were all so cute. We purchased a little female we named her Mona. Its now almost 1 year, to be exact its 9 1/2 months later we have had not 1 single issue with her health. She is very wrinkled and is 100% an english bulldog. Wherever we go people always ask where we purchased her. I always tell them the breeders name and phone number. Two of my close neighbors purchased puppies from Robin as they fell in love with our puppy. I referred them to her site. I see them almost every day and they too have had no medical issues. Please feel free to email me I would be glad to email you photos of my puppy. My vet said she is one of the prettiest english bulldogs he has ever seen. I would love to breed her so I just went ahead and purchased another puppy from Robin. We again drove to her place in ny and bought Oliver in December. He is a gorgeous healthy little male that we adore. He also is 100% english bulldog. I cannot believe these postings as I myself went to the breeders residence and saw all her dogs. I do know what an olde english bulldog is as I am an experienced bulldog owner that has done lots of research before purchasing this breed. I did not see anything other than english bulldogs. I just felt that I had to write to share my story. Please email me if you would like to see photos of my 2 dogs. I just think its sad hearing these posts as I had such a positive and wonderful experience with the Breeder Robin. And so did the other people I referred to Robin. Its very unfortunate to hear some of these stories when my dealings with the breeder went so well. Im glad to read other happy stories on here, so I see there are alot of mixed feelings about this breeder.

    Thank you, Josephine in MA

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  • Bulldoglover Mar 27, 2007

    I never said our puppy was sick Robin, I stated you sell sick puppies, please read it correctly! Our puppy is healthy thank God, he's a DIFFERENT breed. You sold us an OLDE ENGLISH BULLDOGGE and tried to pass him off as an English Bulldog. You know from the start i contacted you over and over with concerns and you shrugged me off and you say I'm looking for money? I want a partial refund for selling us a different breed and overcharging. If we knew Bailey was an Olde English Bulldogge we would of never purchased him we did not want that type of dog. He looks more like a boxer that's the only way to describe his looks. Now i know you have done it to others too. Do you deny telling me that he looks exactly like an Olde English Bulldog??? I have the email printed out where you said it coming from your email address. Any body can google Olde English Bulldogge it to see what the breed is. Large snout, very tall, very long, very muscular extremely active, extremely strong (they use this breed for pulling). The vulgar you use shows the kind of person you really are. By the way you never answered me I thought you sold the business to your SISTER? I also have a copy of you saying that it was your sister business now over and over now it's your sister in law and brother come on? You can avoid all the facts if you want Robin and use two different names but Like i said before I HAVE NO REASON TO LIE YOU DO. I want to warn potential customers of the type of person they are dealing with. Your the one that needs to get a life. This is a site for complaints to warn other people, don't you have to go take care of some puppies instead of hounding and harassing people who are telling the truth about you? I hope that people do believe these comments because they are TRUE, we are not all lying Robin YOU ARE.

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  • Li
    Linda Kalina Mar 28, 2007

    Hey Robin..

    Who truly gives a ### who or WHAT you are married to, what the value is of your house, or if you are skinny or fat..the issue is you are conducting fraudulent business! WHO in their right mind would want any business dealings with you in what we have ALL read? You are about the most unprofessional business person I have ever dealt with. Not to mention a down right liar! I saw for myself 16 dogs at your house, housed in your GARAGE with no ventilation, dogs in crates some okay some in travel crates too small for them. The pay off was the 2 red mini bulls you said you were NOT breeding because of small litters,(not enough money for you!) but that you are selling now pregnant that were in tubs on your garage floor and the dogs had to stand on their hind legs to see out, in their feces! No wonder why the dogs you are producing are unhealthy! You yourself told me your neighbors have reported you SEVERAL times, for the barking and smell coming from your house (this is true as I have talked to 3 of your neighbors). You are a JOKE and need to be put out of business! For those of you who struck it lucky with your dog and actually got what you paid big money for....GOOD FOR YOU (lord knows you are probably 1 out of 200) but don't discount what the rest of us are saying happened to us. We have no reason to lie, remember the old phrase "where there is smoke there is fire"" come on people we can't all need glasses to see what we were sold!!! As for you Robin, if you want to attack people on a personal level by calling them whores, and ###, here is one for you--after reading your vulgar e-mails to another individual insinuating her husband wants to f&#@! you, I can't think of any man I know that would be desperate enough to want anyone that looks like you let alone your wonderful, compassionate, professional, personality- so don't flatter yourself! Now if you want to keep attacking people by name calling, I will gladly post the e-mails you sent saying what is all the big deal, they are just f$#!ing dogs! Remember that comment Robin? If you continue to name call and make this a personal issue with people instead of keeping it to business, I will post on here details of your sorted personal life as told to me by YOU, assuming of course that there is ANY truth that comes from you! A closing note for all you Robin supporters... if we didn't feel we had a case, we wouldn't have hired attorneys, filed complaints with the New York Better Business Bureau and Attorney General's office. And last of all for just one moment, put yourself in our place having spent thousands of dollars for a breed of dog WE DID NOT WANT AND ARE STUCK WITH, or stuck with a SICKLY breed of dog that we didn't want or pay for...how happy would you be?

    In closing Robin, with your husband being an attorney, he should be advising you that in your position you need to follow the rule that "silence is golden" instead of continuing to piss the people off that you have robbed and lied to and making matters worse for yourself legally.

    And for your mouthy brother, he asked if there was anything else he could help me with.. YES THERE IS, he can pay the $8,700 in medical bills I have from my son's cancer treatments, how about that?!!!

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  • Jo
    Josephine Laney Mar 28, 2007

    Oh my, what a terrible message board. I really could not believe what I am reading. I purchased an older adult english bulldog from Robin from bulldogsrus and I have to say its been 2 years now, and Freddy is doing wonderful, hes a happy healthy gorgeous bully they is a pure breed english bulldog. ( I even entered in him a dog show and he came in 2nd place)

    I cannot believe what I read, this is so hard to believe. We are in total shock reading this because its so hard to believe. We still keep in touch with her and she seems so sweet these posts seem so outrageous. I have met with Robin I came to her home we met her family and all her dogs and they were so cute and kept very clean sanitary conditions. You all know that are are 2 sides to a story, his side her side and the truth. I have to say my experience with Robin and the dog we purchased was great !!! I do believe that was my side and the truth. DARLINE AND MIKE

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  • Jo
    Josephine Laney Mar 28, 2007

    Hi I do agree with you Darline, we purchased little Toto 5 months ago and we recommended Robin to our brother in law and his wife / Just recently they purchased the cutest english bulldog puppy and Robin shipped the puppy to us in Calf and everything went well!

    I have read the entire listings on this forum and I myself are in total shock, because what we both received was a happy healthy pair of english bulldog puppies that we love. I cannot understand these complaints when our dealings with bulldogsrus went beautiful. Sorry to hear this news. Jessica

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  • Kris Mar 29, 2007

    WOW - I received a picture of Danielle's "bulldog" purchased from BULLDOGSRUS and I've never seen anything like it! She explains that it looks like an OLDE english or a Boxer, and boy oh boy she is NOT KIDDING.

    Her dog has longer legs than my neighbor's Black Lab! NO joke. To me he resembles a boxer or even a Pit. I'm telling you that a stray dog got ahold of that female.

    Please is you have any doubts, just ask Danielle for a picture. A picture is worth a MILLION words. I personally would be parked on the door of someone that sold me a dog that looked like that.

    Again, WOW....

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  • Bulldoglover Mar 29, 2007

    Like i said I Have NO REASON TO LIE anyone who does not believe me or believe that Robin is ### or in it for the money PLEASE email me and i will email you tons of Bailey's picture. He has a perfect circle on top of his head that we fell in love with. From the 1 picture Robin showed us. I have tried to contact you OTHERS who said to contact you if we wanted too who praise Robin how come your not responding back? Sounds fishy but you'll probably have some excuse. Ripped off by Robin at Bulldogsrus. Danielle

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  • Li
    Lisa/George Mar 29, 2007

    Hi Danielle, Two of us happy people had responded back to you this evening. I can post your emails and our responses if you like, so thats not true again what your saying !! And as I had mentioned to you I am a dog trainer and the photo that you had sent me of Bailey was really disgusting !! He is hanging from a rope and you are teaching him to be aggressive and have a very high prey drive. Thats not good Danielle what your family is training him to do that is like teaching a pit bull to be aggressive and to fight, NO WONDER WHY YOU SAID HE IS MEAN !! He looks bully to me. As I explained to you english bulldogs come in all shapes and sizes some larger than other some more or less wrinkled some with longer snouts, thats from my personal experience of being a dog trainer for over 10 years. I emailed you my photos and as you can see the pups I purchased from Robin look great we love !!!

    And Kris, your photos you emailed me of that adorable puppy he is 110 percent a gorgeous english bulldog puppy and you said he looked like a boxer that was totally wrong !! Are you people felling ok ?? You know I have no reason to defend Robin like I said she is nothing to me more than the woman that sold us my 2 english bulldogs that I have had no problems with ! But I think all of you are not really being truthful here on this board and that is wrong, especially you Kris, after you told me she shipped you a free puppy that was so cute !! $500 was a small fee to pay for that puppy you sent me pictures of. Ruth

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  • Fr
    frustratedsmartwoman Mar 30, 2007

    I dont know any of the people involved with this, however I am a pet lover and have several purebred pets and have been burned by a bad breeder myself.

    After reading these posts, I went to take a look at the Bull Dogs R Us website and what really bothered me was the "buy now" PayPal button for each puppy, like an online store. Robin, dont you screen your puppy buyers? Do you let anyone just add your puppies to an electronic shopping cart and just send them to them without even screening them first? That alone makes me think that you are only breeding these dogs for the money and could care less where they go or what happens to them.

    When I have purchased a kitten or pup in the past via seeing their photo from a web site, I had numerous conversations via email and by phone with the breeder before sending any payment. Your shopping cart puppy sale system seems very cold.

    Also, just from a purely "class" standpoint, after reading what you wrote to these people, and the language you used, you really came off as a very insane, unintelligent, trashy person. And after seeing your photos on your site, well...if the shoe fits, wear it.

    May I recommend using spell check on your web site? Most of your ramblings do not even make grammatical sense. Your self-bragging is very unbecoming.

    I personally wouldn't pay a dime for any of those puppies and they appear to be outrageously priced. You should invest some of that money into a haircut, and for a decent web designer to proof your site and make you look a bit more professional.

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  • Bulldoglover Mar 30, 2007

    Well Ruth who is Robin,

    First of all why don't you tell everyone about your husband PERRY REICH WHO WAS ARRESTED FOR FRAUD LAST YEAR. Anyone can google it. So stop threatening people about suing them, we have turned you into the NY State Better Business Bureau and the attorney general and some of us did get lawyers, so we have nothing to hide as you do. As for Bailey with the rope tell everyone about the WHOLE email i have them saved as well and i will gladly post them. Ruth/Robin will change the subject to get your mind off the real problem which is her scamming. I didn't say i wanted a partial refund for a fearful aggressive dog that was just an "added bonus" from Robins poor breeding. Here is the truth about the rope. My husband was playing with a long toy rope with Bailey in our backyard he swung the rope in the air to get our 6 yr old sons attention who was on the other side of the yard Bailey jumped up and grabbed it and hung on for a second then let go, we thought it was hilarious. I ran in to get my camera and told my husband to try it again to see if he would do it again and he did, he held on for a second and let go and ran off and played. That was the beginning to his "kangaroo" play. He loves to JUMP for any kind of toy. So NOBODY TAUGHT him to do that you sick ###! I emailed you that photo so you could see how long he is. You totally get off track about the real problem. We are upset because we PAID FOR A MINI ENGLISH BULLDOG AND GOT AN OLDE ENGLISH BULLDOG. Read it right, nobody said our dogs were boxers we said that is what Bailey LOOKED like. Some people do not know what Olde English bulldogs look like. He does have bully features because he is an Olde english bulldog you idiot. You must need glasses because as i stated before 4 VERY REPUTABLE VETS told us Bailey is NOT an English bulldog anyone with two eyes can see. I also have emails of people who can't believe you tried to pass him off as an Mini english bulldog and think that as he grew we would not complain come on. This site is for complaints and if you had luck with Robin good for you. You are one of the few, i was not one of them. You call yourself a dog trainer and after seeing 3 pictures you say my dog is absolutely an english bulldog and for Kris's dog you want to see vet documentation are you fricken BLIND. No "good dog trainer" would ever give their opinion about something like that without seeing the dog in person. When Bailey jumps up on me his paws are at my chest i am 5'4 and Kris's puppies legs are deformed. Ruth is Robin no "customer" of anyone would accuse or say the things you did. Also yesterday was the FIRST time i had a response back. I TRIED to contact people over a week ago. I welcome any questions that are sincere. Danielle. Wronged by Robin

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  • Li
    Lisa/George Mar 30, 2007


    All I did was offer my professional opinion on your dog and you blew up at me! Why ??? I am a dog trainer and you sent me terrible pictures of your dog Bailey hanging from a rope suspended in the air, than you wonder why he is "MEAN" I SAID HE LOOKS LIKE AN ENGLISH BULLDOG MABEY NOT THE BEST QUALITY BUT HE LOOKED BULLY TO ME AND NOT LIKE AN OLDE ENGLISH.

    I am a professional dog trainer as I told you, and I am well aware of different breeds and what your photos show in how you train your dog to hang from a rope suspended in the air is teaching the dog to be Vicious and to have a high prey drive.

    You seem to be loosing it and you just do not want to hear the truth !! Like I said I am neutral and I am not taking sides but what you are all doing is wrong!

    I shared my positive experience with this breeder Robin and I EVEN SEND YOU PICTURES AND YOU BLOW UP AT ME WHY ?? You seem to have a few screws loose Danielle and I have to tell you I do and will SUPPORT Robin because I feel she is not only a good breeder she is a nice person as well, and making up lies about her husband being arrested for fraud is outrageous. Her husbands name is Perry? I will email Robin to let her know what you are doing.

    I have also contacted 6 people on this board that have also had a positive experience and they are also going to stand behind Robin because we feel that you are the bullies not Robin. NOW I UNDERSTAND WHY I Robin would of had a fresh mouth. If you went on a board complaining and posting lies like that I would be angry as well !!And than accusing me of being Robin are you paranoid delusional or schizophrenic???

    I myself will make sure Robin has notarized statements from me and the people I referred her to as to how happy we are with the pups she has sold us. We will submit them to the better business bureau and the attorney generals office on Monday.

    And Im sure Robin can also come up with many notarized statements from people that have purchased her puppies that are extremely happy and very satisfied with their dogs.



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  • Li
    Lisa/George Mar 30, 2007

    Hi Ruth! Its Gina, thanks for the heads up. Yes You can count me in as well, I will support Robin as we adore Herman!!! Hes the best dog I have ever owned! Gina and Thomas

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  • Li
    Lisa/George Mar 30, 2007

    Hi! Sure you guys I will sign the statement to help Bulldogsrus I think they are wonderful and have done a great job! We never ever had a problem with them.

    Thanks, Josephine

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  • Kris Mar 30, 2007


    I'm sorry you can't remember what I wrote - but I never said that my beautiful bullie looked like a boxer. I said Danielle's did. Mine is truly a bulldog in all sense of the word. I can't believe that you can't see anything wrong with her legs. I truly can't believe that. Again, anyone who wants to see a picture let me know. And yes $550 is a lot to a person with a large family, the point was it was supposed to be FREE. I shouldn't have had to come up with another penny. Enough said. No beefs with you Ruth, just get my info. right if your going to disagree with it. Kris

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  • Bulldoglover Mar 31, 2007

    "Ruth" I don't care how many people you get to sign anything! I can get a bunch of people to sign papers on how Robin screwed them. AS i said many times before for those who did not get lied to or screwed GREAT, this is a site for COMPLAINTS to WARN potential customers about OUR REAL PROBLEMS. Maybe you should READ what i wrote again we DIDN'T teach Bailey to do anything. YOU seem to take anything out of context your the one with a screw loose. I sent real proof of the type of dog he is. Bailey's legs are at least TWICE THE LENGTH of ANY ENGLISH BULLDOG are you BLIND???. Tell me why does he jump like a kangaroo for toys it's called PLAYING you sick ###. And you can't give your "opinion" by seeing 3 photos. I told you if you got what you wanted from Robin GREAT. Myself along with others HAVE NOT. Why are you even on this site if you were happy?? Robins husband is PERRY REICH same address as hers, Robins last name is Reich i have them on MY "papers". You seem to be losing site of the problem again which is that Robin SOLD ME AN OLDE ENGLISH BULLDOG AND TRIED TO PASS HIM OFF AS AN ENGLISH BULLDOG AND I'M NOT THE ONLY ONE SHE HAS DONE IT TO. Like i said the fact that he is FEARFUL AGGRESSIVE TO STRANGERS IS AN ADDED BONUS FROM ROBIN'S POOR BREEDING! You can tell Robin anything you like, she obviously knows about this site. I HAVE TOLD NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH ABOUT MY EXPERIENCE. If you are so narrow minded to not see the truth in our situations then your not worth my time to even respond back. Ruth how did i blow up at you when you showed me your pictures. I said if you were happy great, I was screwed and i will not just forget about it. I WAS SOLD AN OLDE ENGLISH BULLDOG AND ANYONE WITH TWO EYES CAN SEE IT. I also sent you a picture of Bailey by our new puppy who IS a real English Bulldog. You never responded back. Look at Angel on Robin's site who is an adult Olde English Bulldog, Bailey's legs are longer than hers, what the hell does that tell you!! And answer my question when Bailey jumps up on me when I'm standing WHY do his paws come up to MY CHEST I'm 5'4??? You don't seem to want to talk about the fact of what Bailey is or answer any of my legit questions. I will blow up at anyone who says that i am lying, I CAN'T STAND LIERS!!! Why do you think I am upset I was LIED to by ROBIN SCHULDER also known as ROBIN REICH. Like i said google PERRY REICH it is all there for anyone to see, i made nothing up. Get a life Ruth!!

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  • An
    Angie Semler Mar 31, 2007

    WOW, I AM IN ABSOLUTELY DISBELIEF. ROBIN IS TELLING YOU FOR HER SELF THAT SHE IS A HORRIBLE PUPPY MILL. SHE REPEATEDLY SAID I HAVE BRED HUNDREDS & HUNDREDS OF DOGS & sold a 1,000 puppy's. ROBIN SCHULDER of bulldogsrus.net in NEWYORK speaks for her self as far as being a puppy mill! I can't believe she is defending her self from these poor families she scammed by saying I ROBIN SCHULDER of bulldogsrus.net am a PUPPY MILL who breeds hundreds of Bulldog puppies as my family business. ROBIN SCHULDER OF BULLDOGSRUS.NET IS SICK ! BULLDOG PUPPIES ARE LIVING THINGS. GOOD BREEDERS DO NOT BREED BULLDOGS AS A BUSINESS, THEY BREED TO IMPROVE THE BREED!

    "Robin wrote:
    dogs and i will always breed, (your silly negative posts are all lies and cannot and do not affect my sales) i have produced and bred hundreds and hundreds of puppies and i only received 3 complaints out of almost 1,000 pups / wow that's a good ratio don't you think !!! you can't ruin my family business"

    ROBIN SCHULDER OF BULLDOGSRUS.NET has had the ASPCA (animal law enforcement in NY) called on her over 5 times in the last couple months alone. ROBIN SCHULDER OF BULLDOGSRUS.NET Bulldog breeder in New York is one of the worst kind of people. ROBIN SCHULDER OF BULLDOGSRUS.NET Bulldog breeder in New York keeps many Bulldog in little poop filled cages, in unthinkable conditions! You can't get much more selfish than to hurt people & animals the way ROBIN SCHULDER OF BULLDOGSRUS.NET Bulldog breeder in New York is. Any breeder who is working to improve the breed only breeds a limited number of healthy Bulldog puppies. The purpose for breeding any litter is to get healthy puppies for them to keep/show or continue the bloodlines NOT NOT to sell hundreds of Bulldog puppies as a family business. It is no wonder these puppies are so low quality. Bulldogs are so expensive because it takes so much to breed them, if a breeder is breeding as a business you can be 100% sure they are taking huge cuts in quality/money / time and are so they can make MONEY MONEY MONEY!!! Never ever buy a Bulldog puppy from ROBIN SCHULDER OF BULLDOGSRUS.NET Bulldog breeder in New York, she is a selfish monster. My friend got a Bulldog puppy from ROBIN SCHULDER OF BULLDOGSRUS.NET Bulldog breeder in New York, the puppy had every health problem you can think of, no reg papers & did not look like a Bulldog! EVERYTHINK that ROBIN SCHULDER OF BULLDOGSRUS.NET Bulldog breeder in New York says is a lie.

    Now ROBIN SCHULDER OF BULLDOGSRUS.NET Bulldog breeder in New York her self just told all of us that she is a puppy mill of the worst kind! NEVER EVER buy a puppy from ROBIN SCHULDER OF BULLDOGSRUS.NET Bulldog breeder in New York! Tell everyone you know and spread it on every message broad you find to "beware of the monster puppy mill ROBIN SCHULDER OF BULLDOGSRUS.NET Bulldog breeder in New York !" ROBIN SCHULDER OF BULLDOGSRUS.NET Bulldog breeder in New York thinks she can't get shut down or go to jail for fraud like her husband did but she is WRONG!!!
    ROBIN SCHULDER OF BULLDOGSRUS.NET Bulldog breeder in New York also has English Bulldog puppies, mini Bulldog puppies & old Eng Bulldog puppies (all probably mixed) So be sure to tell people in all breeds about her please! If ROBIN SCHULDER OF BULLDOGSRUS.NET Bulldog breeder in New York scammed you too, please speak up! The more help we have in stopping her the better!

    All of the positive post about ROBIN SCHULDER OF BULLDOGSRUS.NET Bulldog breeder in New York were posted by Robin. Robin places phony "I love you Robin" post just so that this board won't stop her from selling puppies. That's what puppy mills do best, IS LIE! ROBIN SCHULDER OF BULLDOGSRUS.NET Bulldog breeder in New York doesn't care about her reputation she only care if she can sell a low quality unhealthy bulldog for a ton of money!

    AGAIN, all of the positive post were fraudulently written by Robin & guess what THEY ALL SOUND THE SAME because the puppy mill owner ROBIN SCHULDER OF BULLDOGSRUS.NET Bulldog breeder in New York wrote them all!


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  • Li
    Lisa/George Mar 31, 2007

    This is robins husband, i am not in jail i am very much at home with my wife and kids. That was a disturbed out and out lie ! To say the least.

    My name is not perry either, wrong person so please before you make an accusation please make sure you are 100 percent positive. (see now, thats called slander)

    I have read all the postings and i have read the good and the bad.

    I have to say that in life we are not all happy with everything we come into contact with.

    We will have disagreements and disappointments not everyone and everything in life is perfect, including people , pets and material objects.

    The fist and far most important thing is if you were unhappy with a puppy reach out to robin to express your concern, instead of taking your anger out here on this board. Or making false complaints to all these agencies. (they all came back unfounded) if you believe otherwise it is public information so please be sure to ask the agency to mail you a copy of the valid tickets that were issued to robin. As there is none, so you will not receive anything.

    I do understand why a few of you are unhappy as i have read your complaints, but in the case with kris foxworthy my wife replaced the puppy at no extra charge other than airfare and a carrier including the services of a gentleman that my wife uses to drop the puppies off at the airlines. Robin even let you keep the other puppy, because when she asked you for her back, we have in your emails that we printed out - " how much your kids love her and cannot part with her" / my question to you kris is why would you want a blind sick crippled puppy ??

    Why would you want to endure all those costly vet bill?/ why didnt you just ship the puppy back to my wife ??

    And to you danielle when you contacted robin didnt she offer to exchange the puppy when you claimed he was getting to big ?? Did you not refuse as my wife offered you another puppy free of charge ?? You declined as well, we have records of all the emails in folders printed out.

    And linda i know you came to our home to pick up your puppy, so my wife had the pleasure of meeting you and your husband in person. We also have all your emails printed out in a folder. As i am reading from them now, you were very anxious about buying a similar puppy like the puppy nugget robin had sold, you wanted a very similar puppy and you specifically wanted white. Robin emailed you photos of her new litter and if you remember you came in person and saw all the puppies you picked the puppy that was sold but robins friend said it was ok to switch as you fell in love with that one that you later named ziggy. Am i correct ?

    You than were so happy and even sent us a lovely xmas card which we still have in the folder. You proceeded to ask robin about purchasing another puppy for weeks, as we have those email printed out as well. If you were so unhappy with ziggy why in the world, after the fact that you purchased ziggy would you want to buy a puppy from the same breeder ??

    Can you answer that linda ?? I can scan in all your emails from everyone on here and your replys as robin or her sister always answered all of them . We have copies of every single email that went back and fourth from day 1.

    And last but not least julie campbell you came to our home as well to pick up a puppy and he was healthy as you stayed for quite awhile. Now if the puppy was coughing im sure you would of saw this and not taken him home ? Am i correct ?? Why in the world would anyone take a sick puppy home ?? I have all the phone records of the calls documented. Robin told you the bill was very high and she asks you on the phone before you took the pup to the vet why didnt you call her ?? You had no answer ? My wife offered to have the puppy transported to her vet and take over the rest of the cost but you declined as well. My wife couldnt pay the $6,000 vet bill that you demanded. It exceeds way more than you paid, you paid $2,500 and you know that the lemon law requires that the vet cost not exceed the price of the puppy, and you demanded that my wife pay you $6,000. You lost the pay pal dispute as you know. So i guess you were wrong as your own credit card company declined your dispute. Am i correct julie ?? And didnt my wife offer you another puppy and you said that that your son loves that puppy and wanted to keep him. And you also declined when my offered you a new puppy.

    So as you can see we do have alot of evidence and there is alot of truth to our side of the story. We can prove this by documented emails printed out and phone conversations records.

    Posting all this garbage on my wife is not smart. As we have a story to tell on the 4 of you too ! And making false complaints is called :

    Libel and slander

    "libel" involves the publishing of a falsehood that harms someone. Slander is the same doctrine applied to the spoken word. Collectively, they are referred to as "defamation". Both are a matter of state laws, which usually require that the falsehood be intentional.

    Heres a case i will share with you,

    In new york times v. Sullivan, the supreme court held that the first amendment requires that, before a public official can recover damages for a defamatory statement, he must prove it was made with "actual malice", even if state laws otherwise allow recovery for negligent defamation. The court has since expanded this to cover not only public officials but "public figures", including individuals who involve themselves in controversies.

    Michael schulder

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  • Bulldoglover Mar 31, 2007

    Why don't you print your statement a couple more times Michael. I don't know who the hell any of you are, you all constantly lie!!! I also have emails of robin stating over and over and over and over how she sold us a mini english bulldog!! Another lie. I emailed robin on several different occasions about bailey. Being a first time "english bulldog" owner we trusted robin that he was in fact that, big mistake. As time went on we of course became attached (as any human being would) we started to realized that there was something very wrong. Again we contacted you and i was shrugged off. Then you told me that you (robin) did not own the business anymore, that you sold it to your sister. Another lie, you are still selling puppies i also can put up all the emails from you to me stating that, as i have kept them all. When you saw the pictures of bailey you said you could not tell me why he was so tall. You told me to look up the breed olde english bulldog that that is what he looked like to you, that maybe back in his lineage he had it in him (yeah his parents). We had already been researching all different breeds tring to find out what bailey was and did, then when you made that comment to me without us saying anything about that breed it confirmed to us what he was, an olde english bulldog. We were devastated to say the least. We would never exchange him for another puppy from you after you had just screwed us. We are not stupid. 8 months of playing cat and mouse had gone by. You disputing that bailey was anything but an english bulldog the whole time. And yes you did offer us another puppy. We said how upset we were because before we purchased bailey i asked robin over and over to confirm that he would be a mini english bulldog. She said yes and not to worry. Another lie. Well we were screwed. We said that we wanted a partial refund for you lying about the breed we had been sold and because olde english bulldogs are less expensive than english bulldogs. At the least you should have done that. Don't you feel horrible about selling someone a dog so very, very different than what they had wanted. I tried several times to talk to robin but it fell on deaf ears. Robin had her money and she had wiped her hands clean the minute bailey was shipped/flown out to us (which was an 8hr flight which should of only been 30min. By plane my husband worked for the airlines so we know how long it takes but i'm sure there is a lie to explain that yeah she charged us full price for a cheaper flight that arrived at 2am). Over some time i wanted to post complaints about robin selling me a different breed so other customers would not have the same problem, i guess i was too late. Other people have contacted me with their bad experiences of also being sold an olde english bulldog and told that it was an english bulldog. At 8wks it's kind of hard to see for a new customer. I even asked robin if maybe she sold us a puppy from an olde english and she said absolutely not, that he was all english bulldog.how can i tell my 2 small kids ok now after 8 months robin wants us to send bailey back for a different puppy so we can become attached to that one and hope it does not end up the same way. That's cruel and wrong and you know it. And don't try to say that i waited 8 months to contact you robin, i have all the emails from day one with our concerns and it took that long for you to offer to exchange our puppy how nice not!! Our request was very fair, we wanted a partial refund (not full) because he was an olde english bulldog and not a mini english bulldog which is what we wanted and told we were getting, big difference in the 2 breeds (the name might be similar but the breeds are very different) also there is a difference in price between the 2 breeds.
    You have never answered the question robin why are you still selling puppies??everyone post good and bad says your name , where is your sister who you sold the business to? I don't hear any other names just yours, there again is another lie!!

    Please try to come up with an answer for that question, you have had plenty of time to come up with some answer and i have waited long enough to hear one, you are a good lier robin.


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  • Li
    Lisa/George Apr 01, 2007

    Hello Danielle,

    The answer is very simple.
    No one has lied to you at all. I will tell you exactly what has transpired with my wifes business.
    My wifes sister was running the business for awhile as we relocated to Florida and purchased a home.
    My wife starting breeding puppies in Florida. I was back and fourth from NY to Florida as my business and office is in NY.
    Our son was enrolled in kindergarten in Florida but the school did not have a special ed program, as the school in NY did. Our son was in a larger group which consisted of 25 children opposed to 12 children.
    Because of our son's special needs in his being speech delayed we decided to move back to our home in NY. As we still kept it and never sold it. My wife decided to continue with her business here in NY.
    And It was not feasible for me to keep flying back and fourth as I do alot of work in Manhattan.

    I hope I was able to clear this up for you.
    And this is a family business as well, in which my wife works with her 2 sisters in breeding and taking care of the adult dogs and puppies.

    Remember Danielle its not nice to just assume if you do not know for certain. You cannot believe what you hear unless you actually see it first hand. Its called "Facts" and the evidence lies in the Facts. Just as you thought my name was Perry and I was arrested, UNTRUE ONCE AGAIN. And just like you said my wife received violations regarding her dogs, UNTRUE ONCE AGAIN, AS WE GAVE YOU THE NUMBER TO CALL THE ASPCA HERE IN NEW YORK AND REQUEST THE INFO AGAIN THE PHONE NUMBER IS 212 876-7700

    Do you have any more questions ?

    As far as your dog Bailey goes, I viewed the photos of him hanging from a rope suspended in the air and I am not a professional dog trainer, in fact I am not a dog trainer at all but its clear to see thats why he is "FEARFUL AND MEAN AS YOU STATE ON YOUR POSTS ON THIS BOARD". Also to define a mini bulldog - AKC DOES NOT recognize mini english bulldogs. Some call them mini because we take bulldogs and downsize the breed by breeding runt to runt. But because we start out using standard size bulldogs so in their genes/lineage there is always the possibility of the puppy being bigger than the mini we try to produce. And I see you are honest and you did admit to the fact that my wife offered you another puppy, and yes you declined.

    If any of you would like to work this out AMICABLY PLEASE EMAIL ME AND PLEASE PUT TO MY ATTENTION - Michael Schulder

    As I do apolgize for my wife's foul language. Please try and understand this has made her very upset and of course we all tend to become angry as we are only human. Its such a change for my wife after always receiving such lovely emails and photos from all her happy satisfied customers. We have developed relationships with many of Robins customers. So hearing the 3 negative posts was quite upsetting. And especially receiving emails from people posing as potential customers saying things like "WHY ARE YOU SELLING A PREGNANT ENGLISH BULLDOG" "AND THAT IT WAS VERY STRESSFUL" was upsetting to my wife. Please try and understand.

    And the fact that Robin offered all of you a new puppy, and all 3 of you declined. That was even more upsetting that this thing occurred. We are used to getting such lovely emails and photos of the pups my wife sells, so I guess seeing these posts appear made her very upset, only because of the fact that she has offered to replace all 3 puppies. And even went ahead in Kris Foxworthy's case and did replace the puppy. We couldn't understand after letting Kris even keep the 1st puppy why she wrote on this board ?? We have photos of the pup we sent Kris, I can email them to all of you. We are yet to see a vet statement stating that the 2nd pup my wife sent Kris is not an english bulldog, but a Boxer as she stated in her emails.

    When to be totally honest with the 3 of you being so unhappy it was hurtful to my wife. I guess some people react in different ways. But now that I am involved, I will be handeling this for her and there will be no more cursing or foul language. As that is uncalled for and of course unprofessional. And that goes for you too Linda and Danielle.

    Lets discuss a fair solution to this OK. And Kris are you happy with your replacement puppy ?? Or would you like to pick another one ?? If you want another pup its not a problem but you will have to send the Boxer pup, as you stated back to us and we will replace the puppy free of charge.

    I will be sending out formal letters to all 4 of you, if this is not resolved here. So please respond or feel free to email me. Thank You Sincerely, Michael Schulder

    With all due respect, now I will be waiting for a reply.
    Thanks again

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  • Bulldoglover Apr 01, 2007

    Well Micheal Schulder i don't even really know who you are. I have not been vulgar in my posts. I never denied the fact that you tried to REPLACE my puppy. The fact was we had had him for 4 months. We started having concerns about 3 weeks after we got him and emailed Robin constantly. You never offered anything in the beginning, you said he is just healthy and growing don't worry. We tried to say maybe he will grow into his body NO he just kept growing. We did not teach our dog to "hang or suspend" people can take whatever they want out of context from the picture but he was PLAYING! so get a life. That's why all the photos of the bulldogs we get from "happy" customers look staged ,there is no person in the picture or even a home setting they could of pulled a bully picture from anywhere on the web. I will be happy to email you another picture of Bailey i will take one today. I will show you how big he really is, try not to say he is attacking me, i will have him jump up on me to show you were his paws are. I will email it to you but you need to email me your email it does not show your email on this site. From the start we wanted to know the truth. To this day EVERYONE ASKS US OH IS HE A BOXER?? The fact still stands Bailey is an Olde english Bulldog not mini english bulldog as promised, we would of been happy if he was a regular english bulldog we could understand that but he's not even that. You say that nobody recognizes mini's yes there is Miniature Bulldog Club of America. It does not matter if the AKC recognizes mini's or not you do NOT register the puppies you sell with AKC, you register them with purepuppy.org they will register anything. I have tried to settle this civilly Robin told me last that she would SELL us another puppy half off. We do not want another dog from Robin, the damage has already been done to us. I would like this to be resolved so you know what we have asked, any papers you send my way i will gladly accept.

    Bailey's mom.

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  • Li
    Lisa/George Apr 01, 2007

    Hello Danielle,

    Sure you can email me at [email protected] that is my personal email address. You are more than welcome to send me pictures of Bailey there. And if you Kris Linda and Julie would like to email me there as well I would like to speak to each one of you. Hopefully we can take a look at each and every case individually and we can come to resolution that is fair to everyone.

    I also would like to know if you would like to correspond via US Postal mail, email or phone, please let me know.

    I would like to help everyone settle this matter amicably. If we can reach a fair decision and each party agrees I would like to have everyone sign a contract stating that this dispute was revolved.

    Thank you,
    Michael Schulder

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  • Li
    Lisa/George Apr 02, 2007


    I would just like to enclose a brief summary regarding breed determination. And I would like anyone that believes that they have a valid claim to contact me as I would like to help reach a fair decision in seeing that everyone is happy.

    Linda, Danielle, and Julie please contact me. Kris Foxworthy unfortunately you do not have a valid claim as my wife shipped you a free puppy and let you keep the 1st puppy you received. The fee was for shipping and handling and a carrier.


    Breed specific legislation is not a practicable approach to regulation of dogs. Breed specific legislation is generally upheld only when it refers to named breeds of dogs and the standards set by breed clubs.
    Proving that a particular dog falls within the ordinance usually requires expert testimony.
    A licensed veterinarian is not authorized to make a breed determination.
    DNA would be alot more helpful in making a determination as to a particular breed.
    Application of breed specific ordinances to mixed breed dogs presents both legal and practical difficulties.
    Whether even an expert can adequately identify a mixed breed dog is itself subject to controversy.

    Regulation defining prohibited dog behavior is probably a more practicable approach than breed specific regulation. Such regulation is more likely to be supported. Properly drafted it has a stronger legal and evidentially basis. Specificity aids enforcement and understanding of what is necessary to comply.

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  • Bulldoglover Apr 02, 2007

    Plain and simple Robin Reich sold me an olde english bulldog and we paid for and were told that we were getting a mini english bulldog. He's not even a regular/standard english bulldog. You have min's posted for sale on your site, please do not threaten me anymore or i will pursue this further than you can imagine and that's not good advertisement!!! Anyone with eyes can see i was screwed.

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  • Li
    Linda Kalina Apr 03, 2007

    Oh Michael,

    Stop i t with the legal ###... here is a term for you...DECEPTION BY FRAUD..how about that. My brother is attorney. Robin has misrepresented the breed and her business promises. It is as frigging simple as that. Now the guy I sold Ziggy to has called and threatened to sue me because he took the dog to the vet and the vet said he was NOT an English bully! He was either OLDE English or American, she honestly didn't know what the hell he was! I'll tell you this much .... I will be damned if I am going to take heat over Robin's misbreeding and lies. Furthermore why don't you let her clean up her own mess! the fact that she is married to an "ATTORNEY" doesn't give her the right to SCREW people and conduct shady business. I am sick and tired of dancing around with YOU and your silly wife..So here it is , you go ahead and send your BIG< BAD IMPORTANT certified letter that I will wipe my ### with. And this is what is going to happen,. I have had it with YOU, Your frigging brother in law and YOUR WIFE,... so here it is, I will notify a Television station to do a cover story on a "BIG TIME' attorney's wife who is selling GARBAGE to people and the newspapers. I will turn over to them the vulgar emails of calling people whores and saying their husbands are jerking off. Go ahead Michael, keep up the ### I have had it ! And Ruth you must smoke crack. Good for you, that you had a good experience...but we didn't !!! So don't disregard the fact we paid THOUSANDS of dollars for GARBAGE. If you don't know the whole story Ruth, keep your frigging ignorant mouth shut! WOW, you must be a shady lady to think Kris's dog is healthy and that it is right to breed and CHARGE people for it! Holy ### go get your frigging eyes checked will ya!

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  • Li
    Linda Kalina Apr 03, 2007

    Oh yes Michael, let''s all stop with the FOUL language after your WIFE has sent sexual UNPROFESSIONAL e mails to a certain individual!Oh poor Robin did it because she was UPSET, tough ###! That does not give her the right to type frigging porn about her clients!How do you think the rest of us feel--do you think we are NOT upset be getting screwed!? I'm tired of your legal quotes and cases. THEFT BY DECEPTION MICHAEL! Danielle's papers are from a frigging IMPORTED DOG RESCUE. NO I DON"T WANT A MISFIT, I WANT MY FRIGGING MONEY. I truly don't care you the hell you are but Robin made this mess now YOU Mr. Legal are cleaning it up....wow what a great guy. Well here is what is going to happen..First you need to tell Robin to SHUT THE HELL UP because she is declaring herself a puppy mill and that has been confirmed by THEWRONGPUPPY.ORG Now, the Attorney General has been contacted. I have NO PROBLEM contacting the TV station in Manhattan and telling them of an attorney's wife that is scamming people. I will contact the newspapers and give them the same along with the vulgar emails and the cozy little living condition you have-- DO YOU GET IT???!!!! I'VE HAD ALL THE ### I'M GOING TO TAKE. VERY SIMPLE MICHAEL --TWO CHOICES 1)SHE REFUNDS THE PEOPLE SHE HAS SCREWED or 2) I AM ON A MISSION TO EXPLOIT HER AND I WILL BRING HER DOWN, HAVE NO FRIGGING DOUBT ABOUT IT! I'LL PURSUE IT LIKE IT IS MY FRIGGING JOB! You can call it extortion or whatever the hell you wish, as I call her actions that of a thief! At this point, I could care less who the hell Perry Reich is because I think your all nuts. Don't come off like you don;'t know who Perry is when his name is on Danielles papers and has address is the same as Robins! You my friend have far more to lose than any of us do! I personally don't care if Robin has 4,000 satisfied customers... she has AT LEAST 4 that are not satisfied, and THOSE ARE WHO SHE NEEDS TO DEAL WITH. GOOD FOR THOSE THAT DIDN'T GET THE ROYAL SCREW, but we did, and we are NOT GOING AWAY >>> PUT THAT IN YOUR FRIGGING LEGAL FILE! Truly, she need to be put out of business and I will frigging carry this to Florida if I have to, I have alot of time and alot of money and my legal fees are FREE so fasten your seatbelt because if this is not resolved you are ALL going for a ride. GET IT MICHAEL AND ROBIN!!!

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  • Li
    Linda Kalina Apr 03, 2007

    Ahhh Special needs classes my a*s, who takes a kid out of school this time of year, so all of a sudden the class rooms are packed... Simple people... The heat is too high and Robin left frigging Dodge!!! My God people if you believe that then I am the frigging Virgin Mary!!! Robin and MICHAEL's jig is up... CAPTURED!!!!!

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