Budget Truck Rental / car rental and con artist manager

Ca Jan 14, 2016
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I rented a from this location for a last minute trip and other places were booked. Eric Sosa was the person and apparently a manager at this location. He offered me a "manager special" to upgrade my sedan to an SUV. The Car was clean, yet had a small dent on the driver side rear door. Mr Sosa didn't mark it... When he "Inspected" the car, He only did a quick run around the car. He didn't have me join him and I didn't even know that's what he was doing till afterward, otherwise I would have joined in the inspection. Before he had gone out there, I had filled out the paper work and had declined their insurance as I have my own, so apparently his set up was on. I took immaculate care of that car. I was extra cautious purely because I didn't want any issues. So when I returned the car, a little dirty on the outside, the guy that inspected the car said there was a dent on the rear door. I scoffed because I knew it wasn't from my use, and the recollection of the Eric Sosa running around the car on his "inspection." I went out and looked at the spot... a little indent that was highlighted by dirt that I could easily rub off. I went back inside and contested both the event of it being my fault, and that it was incredibly minor. To the point that Eric didn't mark it down either on purpose, or he didn't see it due to the car being clean (It was a white car). Mr Sosa emerged from the back and without even looking at it, he just backed up his fellow employee and remarked that it must have happened during my rental period because he didn't mark it down when he released the vehicle to me. As a manager, you'd think he'd investigate the dent, think about the conditions and at least lessen the extremity of the situation with his staff filing a report for it. He had no intent to mitigate the issue or hear me out. And just contest that it was my fault. So I left. I had prepaid for the vehicle, but they charges me an additional $43 I suppose for the "Damage." I firmly believe that after he knew I had declined their insurance, he "overlooked" the prior dent... as tiny as it was. Hope it was worth it Mr. Sosa, because Budget rental has forever lost a customer... and I have lots of friends who will hear this story, and I work for a firm with over 80, 000 employees... to which I'm in a corporate peer group. Guess what recommendation I'm going to make for utilizing Budget for Corporate purposes. NADA!

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