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Staff at Brook Street Croydon Branch in Particular Nicholas Papasavas had arranged me for an interview with the knowledge knowing only too well that i would not pass the interview stage.I had called up several times and sent him an email regarding the job description and the role and i was not given any, basically went for the interview like an illiterate candidate not having any idea for what the job role was for and this was for the home office.

I did not want to go but if i did not then Brook street would turn around and say, look we arranged an interview and you failed to show up, so in future i would not be considered for a position within Brook Street.

I had this previuos experience with Piroska Danyi who also worked there and i had just been moved from pillar to post with no clear cut definitons of the role.

If Brook street is not interested in hiring me then do not employ methods so as to not hire me, if you get what i mean.

I am utterly disappointed as there were some good people i got along there in Brook Street and sadly it has deteriorated since their departure, namely Nicola Muncey and Nancy Fozard who were exceptional in finding me work.

I cannot say the same about the staff currently at Brook Street who clearly have no telephone manners or show any motivational skills for the job, so why are they still there then?

May 28, 2018

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