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My husband was due to renew his Driver Lic soon. So in Florida they have a new system, where if you had already gotten your last renewal thru the internet or phone you must come into their offices, with appropriate documentation to verify yourself. They even have a website that is suppose to make it easy; So a week before the appointment we got all the information the website said we needed: Certified Copy of birth certificate, SS card, W2, recent bills (mortgage statement & car insurance) we even brought extra documentation to prove address.

So he goes to his appointment after coming off of nightshift; he got off work at 8:30am and had to be at the DMV by 9:15am. He got there 20mins early. Stands in line for approximately 30-45mins, when it is finally his turn. The DMV employee takes one look at his (certified & notarized copy) birth cert and tells him he needs an original. (Why then does the website say original OR certified copy if THEY are only going to take ORIGINALS!!! It should just say original, state issued birth cert ONLY!!)

Anyway my husband left pissed off, and on his way home called up 411, got the phone # for the birth cert offices in NY and ordered a new birth cert which will cost us $65.00; in addition to renew the lic $48.00 (which is up from $25.00) and that doesn't include the late fee if that birth cert doesn't come in before his birthday.

(And not to mention that renewing your car tag and title this year went up from $36.50 to $57.32)

Now I fully understand that the DMV is trying to protect people from Identity theft, but we actually got all the required items that the State of FL DMV website said we needed. They need to either train their employees to follow the rules they put in place or change the rules so that it reads what they are going to take.

Thank you for reading/listening and I hope you have a nice day!!

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      16th of Apr, 2010

    Employee said they wouldn't take it. My husband was just tired & pissed at that point and didn't want to argue further.

    But reason why the birthcert cost so much is Per New York State Dept of Health-internet or telephone requests receive priority handling and are processed within five (5) to seven (7) business days of receipt. The cost is $45.00 per copy ordered plus $7.25 (per transaction) vendor processing fee. If you chose to have the copy returned to you by UPS overnight delivery, there is an additional UPS fee of $12.00. And require a major credit card to purchase.

    Even though he doesn't need it overnighted, the person on the phone didn't give him the option to choose regular mail and just charged him the UPS fee (But I don't really blame them, since they are sending an offical document through the mail which could end up in the wrong hands). But yeah shouldn't have cost that much, I agree.

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  • Bu
      18th of Apr, 2010

    I/We didn't know of the NY Bureau of Vital Stats. My husband called 411 and that is who that put him in touch with.

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