Brault et Martineau / washer scam

QC, Canada

Friday November 4th, 2011

Puchased a Maytag "Commercial" Grade Washer/Dryer set from Brault & Martineau and was delivered today.
First sign of trouble was the delivery people who had a terrible attitude and started talking about
"insurance" blah blah blah when my wife asked for assistance to hook up the washer.

Then discovered a significant amount of water that was still in the washer. The power cord did not have
the white tie-wrap on it like the dryer power cord. My first impression was that it was a "used" unit
that was a return from another client.

Then when my wife did her first load of laundrey, the washer acted like it was possessed and
she could not complete the wash. She called Brault & Martineau and they told her it was no longer
their responsability and that she had to call Maytag.

What kind of store sells product and on the first day of ownership the product is found to be defective and
they claim no responsability? Sounds like another "Big-Box" Store SCAM to me.

So BUYER BEWARE: BRAULT & MARTINEAU are SCAM Artists that sell defective returns as if
they are new products and then claim no resposability afterwards.

Take your hard-earned money and buy somewhere else.

A final lesson to be learned: They hauled away our "working" older washer and dryer so we cannot
just return the washer and hook-up the old one but we have to go thru a repair process for a product
that is not even 24 hours old. lol

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