Brault et Martineau Grand Magasin / washer / poor customer service

Kirkland, QC, Canada

Order #: i214984

Firstly this is not the first time dealing with poor customer service from this particular store bm kirkland, definitely after today I will not step foot in that place. They absolutely do not care of their customers and have to sense accommodation. Order washer tuesday and delivery scheduled for today (thursday). I didn't get the call for delivery time frame on wednesday as planned. When I called thursday morning the person I spoke to said that someone called tuesday night but my mailbox was not assigned (not true at all) so basically I won't get my order today, so I should delivery to set up another day. Called delivery department was kept on hold for 20 minutes and then they hung up😡. So called back bm kirkland only now to be told that the washer is not in stock and will only be deliver the friday. So went to the store after work to deal with the situation in person but from the attitude/ sarcasism, lack of understanding, lack of option, lack of accommodation and poor customer service I decided to cancel my order. Mr. Claude you should be ashamed of yourself and very poor approach to a customer in need. Steven next time focus less on trying to sell people protection plan and make sure items are available when needed. After all you are not the only store selling washer, will be taking my business elsewhere. Im done with bm kirkland, not impressed at all!!!

Oct 25, 2018

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