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Bowflex / Ego-manic actors in commercials

1 PA, United States Review updated:

Those BowFlex commercials make you want to punch those actors in the face...not go buy a bowflex!!!

Mainly Brian something-or-other, the one that 'gave his fat clothes to his fat friends'...I seriously doubt he has ANY friends now! I bet they hunted him down and farted in his Cheerios after that comment. And how he 'gets that wink from his wife now and then'??? I bet that wink is for some other guy standing behind him! What an egotistical jerk!

Is that what Bowflex is selling? Huge annoying egos? How about including a big boxfull of ###-for-brains, too?

Oh and that Michael Pilenko guy? Living his dream? Playing in a rock band at age 49...If he was no good 20 years ago, he's no good now. (and he's been 49 for almost what...4 years now?) (Notice how you can't even hear actual music he's playing, it's dubbed over with the bowflex ad).

Well, obviously the line "I'm not ashamed to take my shirt off" was written for them both, but we all think they need to keep those shirts on, practice some manners, and gain a bit of modesty.

It would be so nice to see someone that has a nice body from using their product, that encourages others to get fit without the huge ego. How about a nice polite, 'look what I did for myself, and you can, too' commercial, without that cocky "I'm better than you" attitude. So degrading of Bowflex to allow these commercials, they should know better. I bet sales have dropped since airing those 2 machoists.

Grrrr...get them off the air! Clean up some space to sell me something useful! I sure could use an armchair beverage holder, or something to prop my feet on while I gripe at my tv when these commercials come on...

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  • Go
      7th of Feb, 2009
    0 Votes

    Ahahaha! So true.

    The guy in the 'size matters' commercial with the creepy eyes scares me more than Freddy Krueger.

  • Gd
      24th of Feb, 2009
    +1 Votes

    Get a life, get a bowflex, stop complaining, and change your life!
    Whinning about others success is a good way to waste time, unfortunatly it will not get you in shape.
    Buck up and do the things that will get you to your goals, if you dont have goals set some, work on them every day and soon you will have a bowflex body, and the self esteem and confidence you will gain will set you free to set and complete many other goals, like playing in a rock band.
    Good Luck, Just do it.

  • Re
      4th of Mar, 2009
    -1 Votes

    The Bowflex company are a fine example of what is wrong in America today. They spin a distant truth and make folks belive you can look like a god or Godess in only three 20 min workouts. You know it's not true, they know it's not true, but no body oversees the practice and takes them to court. The TV is full of this "rip the viewer of" crap, like "cash for gold" etc. Who is over seeing the validity of what they cliam - no one. You could sell a flying pig on American TV and someone somewhere would buy it, why because the law allows them to. Speak to your local senetor and start to clean the nation up from the ground up. If you wait for someone else to do it, it is already too late

  • Em
      22nd of Mar, 2009
    -1 Votes

    As a woman, I can tell you that Mr. 'gave my fat clothes to my fat friends' has an ego even larger than his pecs, and I would bet his winking "wife" is inflatable.

  • Ju
      3rd of Apr, 2009
    -1 Votes

    That guy still has a bit of a paunch on his gut... do some sit ups mister "fat friends his fat clothes" and his wife is his sister.. JERRY JERRY JERRY!

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