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This company is very sketchy. I received a call from them about a purported Pay Day Loan (via the Vista Holdings Group) that I supposedly took out years ago. They had my name and last four of social and claimed that I applied for a loan online and took over $2000 - all of which they wanted me to pay back at that moment with a credit card. I knew I never took out such a loan and when I probed further they became aggressive. They were making threats which I am certain were in violation of FDCPA, claiming I defrauded the bank by not paying and threatening me repeatedly. When I told them I wanted copies of this loan's paperwork and that I was going to file a police report, they continued to spew threats and eventually hung up. When I tried to call back I received a "number is disconnected" message so I knew they were using blockers and spoof-dialers. A spoof-dialer is when you can conceal or change the way your number appears on someones caller id.

They buy personal information and then use it to make false claims, assuming the person called with believe what they are saying. It is called the PayDay loan scam with other companies and you can Google that for more info.

Their business address "suite" is actually a UPS post office box in Hamburg, NY. In my case (and I speculate in many others) it is complete fraud. I wanted to post this complaint to make other consumers aware.

I would strongly encourage anyone who gets a call from this group about a bogus collection account to do what I have done so that they have records each time. I spoke to the Hamburg Police [protected], the leasing agent for their address and the UPS store to confirm what I have posted here. I also called the FTC [protected]) and filed a report - something I encourage others to do as well. Lastly, since they have purchased info, I also placed a fraud alert on all credit reports [protected]) and called the New York Attorney Generals office [protected] who informed me that they are "already aware" of this company and investigating them. I filed a complaint with the BBB which was left unresolved since I would not accept their response. It was interesting that the letter they responded with had a letterhead that looked like a child made it with MS Word and it was concluded with an illegible signature and no name.

Again, I would encourage everyone who receives a call from them to call the same offices and make these reports. There have been a lot of people in and around Buffalo who are setting up these types of shops. They buy YOUR personal info from brokers and then trick you into thinking it's a real debt, then hand over your credit card info. Calling the offices above ensures that the people doing this are at minimum looked into and better - arrested.

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  • Ji
      Jul 18, 2016

    With all do respect I live in Hamburg new York and I know they're not a scam, I'm familiar with them. They're even located across from the police department and for years have never been shut down. My cousin lives out of town and got a call from them, looked into the loan and realized they had all of the correct information and the original creditor even told her that they did sell the rights to the claim to brg. Sometimes there are cases of identity theft and the workers don't know that so obviously one would get aggressive when someone sounds like they are lying about a debt they owe, not knowing that it was identity fraud.

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  • Mi
      Aug 31, 2017

    @jillxox35 You are a liar and you obviously work for them! They are NOT located across from the police station. The address listed is a UPS store! Nice try, but anyone with Google can verify that they are a SCAM!!! I know for a fact that I have NEVER had a payday LOAN! Also, I know that it is ILLEGAL to call using a robocaller, and then threaten people when you call them back. It is a direct violation of the Fair Credit Reporting Act. I suggest that if you work for this [censor] of a "company", that you find a real job and stop scamming innocent people! If you "work" for them, you are nothing but a criminal also!

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  • Te
      Oct 18, 2017

    @Michele K. Um, this is the address of the court so it would be across the street...these people are harassing me as well with 3 calls today...Town of Hamburg Court 6100 S. Park Avenue Hamburg, New York 14075.

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  • Ti
      Aug 26, 2016
    Best Best Advice

    The statement above is false! I called the hamburg, ny police today, august 26, 2016. The building across the street is an empty "brick and mortar" building. The actual address goes to a ups mail box. They have an alert against them with the bbb, and a f rating. They are trying to scam us out of money we never owed! They are not in compliance with the fdcpa, and other laws. Scam, scam, scam!

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  • Ti
      Aug 29, 2016

    I contacted bournview recovery group again today, august 29, 2016. I had send them emails in response to theirs they would not give me any further information to validate the debt, i knew was a scam. Three companies, kingston marketing, llc, vista holding group, and alliance online. Were the companies they claim they were collecting old payday loans for. Disputed the debts again. Michael roberts, a very rude supervisor told me they did not have to provide any further information. They do not handle disputes. Said he was going to return the debts to the above three. They all have alerts on them, including bournview recovery group, who has a f rating with the bbb. Vista holding is out of business. Funny thing is, as soon as i told michael roberts, i had called the hamburg police, he was quite upset. Now, every single phone number that they have called from says "the number has been disconnected. Moments after i hung up. I went to a pay phone, and guess what, they answered. I am laughing at how these scam artists operate. Again, scam, scam, scam! Beware! Do not become a victim!

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  • Ua
      Sep 06, 2016

    1 (877) 391-7379
    I have never gotten a payday loan in my life and these people called me regarding a loan from 2006 or 2007 - 9-10 years ago. Wouldn't give me any information but rather offered me a settlement. I called them numerous times and couldn't get anyone. 1 (855) 812-5262. I will be filing a complaint with the bbb also. They sounded so legitimate with all their facts but got really mad when i asked for information. Don't fall for it.

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  • Mo
      Dec 29, 2016

    Yes they are a scam and the #### who put above msg is a lie the address thy giv is false and is a auto mobil shp and has no suite. Thy cnt do anythg its a fke comp dnt fall for it if u call and tlk to them abt address thy h/u the phne and use foul lang. Do not pay them you are being tricked and please contact local atty general and report and thy can use ip address to locate them and as well as fbi let shut these losers down to the ground !!!

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  • Nl
      Jan 03, 2017

    01/03/2017 I had been getting several calls from this number and other numbers from the same company. I researched and found your review very interested. So after reading it, I was ready to call this company back, with my armed information. However, they did have my name and last 4 of my ss. I asked for the payday company name, date, and it was not one I was familiar with. The date however was two years of my filing bankruptcy, in which, that would have been included. He apologized to me and stated it was there fault for not following up better on this, and my name and number will be removed. Good experience.

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  • Mi
      Jan 09, 2017

    Can someone sue them. They giving bs info, not matching. When you try to get their info so lawyer can call them, they start different bs.

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  • Je
      Jan 17, 2017

    I've been getting phone calls from this group. My story is about the same as everyone else's. Took out an online payday of some kind from 2011 that I checked my bank account from that time period and there is no such thing there. I asked for them to send me their information so that I can ask for a debt verification and was sent via email a letter with their business address. When I looked up the address I get a business call Sir Vape A lot. I also looked them up on the BBB and didn't find anything. Has to be a scam. So irritating!

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  • Na
      Jun 01, 2017

    I myself have just started getting these calls - saying that I owe a $350.00 Pay Day Loan from 2013 and that the interest is now up to $590.00. I too asked from what company she said a third party Cornerstone Partner took over the loan and are using them to get it paid in full - (I talked to an Aubrey @ 877 402 1163 ext. 405) she had my last 4 SS# the last 4 of my bank account - I was asking questions as to what was the name - she could not give me to - I told her that I was not paying anything with the info she is giving me - since she could not give me the name of the Pay Day loan company I "supposedly" got the loan from - I told her that I will requests the statements from my bank and look for a $350.00 item and get back to her. I am so glad I looked this up. I did call my bank and requested the statements - THANK GOD i am platinum status at my bank or it would have cost me $5.00 for each monthly statement - she is sending me Jan-Dec 2013 statements - because it did sound real - and I was thinking did I get a payday loan and not pay it back. so I called this Aubrey back and told her to stop calling me - that i am not paying anything until i see my statements and then i will get back to them

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  • Sh
      Jun 20, 2017

    After the robot, I spoke with a girl named Sam who sounded like she was maybe 20. Poor thing. I feel sorry for these young girls who are doing this; they don't know it's a scam. Every payday loan I've had has been paid off and I actually parted with the company on Really Good Terms. I contacted one company which is really the victim of one of these scams as people are using their company name and they could not care less unfortunately so if the person says a real company name it really means nothing. She had my last four and an incorrect bank account number so I don't really care. I just add them to my do not answer list. If you want it to stop though, you just have to change your phone number.

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  • Ro
      Jul 17, 2017

    Well this Bournrecovery group is trying to get money out of me for a loan I had in 2010 with the First Bank of Delaware which no longer exist. It was kind of funny that I never got any letters from the institution about the amount the brg was claiming I owed. I contacted the Hamburg police department and the New York State attorney generals office to ask questions about this company. They basically said it was a scam. They are not truthful and honest with clients at all. I asked to whom gave them my information and they said they were not a liberty to give this out. SCAM Don't give them anything.

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  • Je
      Jul 23, 2017

    I got a few automated calls on my voicemail... Never answered as my caller ID was saying "scam likely" (note 5 on TMobile service). My mother called me frantic because they were calling her as well.

    Supposedly I got a 400$ payday loan and now owe 460$ because of "taxes and fees".
    The girl couldn't give me verification of debt. She said they've been sending letters but when asked the address it's an old one that I moved from in the middle of 2015. The email they have is one I have not used in over 5 years.
    She never asked for my new address but did say she's mark it as "refusal to pay and then the company can do what they're gonna do" insinuating threats.
    Funny thing is... I didn't get any loans online deposited to any accounts. Ive never gotten ANY loans online... ever. The ONE I got in person locally was paid off. I told her this and she said "it's your social so you're financially responsible". She then started talking about arrests and siezing property.
    I told her to do what she's gotta do and I'll do the same.

    I recorded the call and have contacted the FTC and Florida attorney general's office.

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  • Ga
      Sep 28, 2017

    The called me today from (877) 331-8277 asking to verify my wife's last four digits of her social security number, They were really aggressive and I kept asking who this was, what the company was (just quicky kept saying "BRG") would not tell me WHAT the company did or what they wanted. Acted very secretive and said I was a contact listed for my wife. I asked why they didn't just call her. SHe told me to have my wife call them or call back with the SS digits so she could share more information with me. I finally pulled the company name out of her before she hung up, she said BOURNVIEW RECOVERY GROUP, which lead me to an array of negative google searches. Than you for this post. STAY AWAY!! Maybe this stems from the recent equifax hack???

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  • Yv
      Oct 10, 2017

    Thanks to the above info, I researched this company, also. After contacting the Attorney General's office in New York, and my local Attorney General's office here in Missouri, I got them to stop harassing me. I also put a temporary block on my credit info. After making sure I really didn't have an open account, and filing a report form New York sent me, I haven't heard from this company since! (Thanks to every one that provides feedback like this; it is quite helpful to the next person)!

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  • Gd
      Dec 30, 2017

    They totally are liers. Contacted me that I owed a payday loan under my maiden name when I was married 10 yrs ago. Very intimidating and pushy. They sent me settlement document to sign but when I checked into the original creditor they listed the company is not even a lender. They're a media lead generating company who has been sued and ruled against for $11.9 million.

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  • Ch
      Feb 23, 2018

    My son and I have both been receiving calls from 877-813-2348 from what I thought she told me was a "Bornsey" recovery group, but could have very well be "Bournview" Recovery Group... The woman said her name is Jamie. She was very nasty on the phone. Said that I owed a bill of over $4, 000.00 from several years ago on a CitiServe account. Only I have never had a CitiServe account. My scam radar started going off immediately, because two days previously, I received a call that left a message from a 877-799-9594 number with a fellow by the name of Joshua Hagg. and he said he needed me to file a 1010 statement file with him and that he had two separate allegations on his desk for me. (which a 1010 file is a self insurance form) I believe these two calls are related. Both calls did have the last 4 digits of my SS number and my address. They claim they sent me a letter to my address on the 20th - today is the 23rd. I told her I hadn't gotten that letter. She got very snotty and told me I probably hadn't received it yet. I told her I would not pay anything over on the phone until I received a letter documentation in the mail. Told her my name was involved in a recent data breach, and that I would not pay any one any money over the phone. Here is where she goofed up... she said that they wouldn't handle it thru the mail. Only over the phone - which I know to be a lie... she talked really fast and when I asked her to repeat things, she got more aggressive... I told her once I received the documentation in the mail and I reviewed it with my attorney, then I would call them back. She got mad and told me that I would continue to get harassing phone calls to collect a debt. She told me to enjoy the phone call and hung up... My scam radar is going off big time. Not to mention that this CitiServe card should be on my credit report as a delinquent account, if it was legitimate, and it is not. After reading all of the comments here, I am convinced that this is a scam!

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  • Ro
      May 09, 2019

    Please understand that when these companies call they probably have the last 4 of your ss # and that's all. That is why they ask you to validate your ss and once you do well you just gave them more info to use or sell.
    Also a real collection agcy must send you a letter within the first 5 days of contact.
    Any company that tells you they only will settle on the phone is a scam. Also they can not put you in jail or send a process server to you. They just want to scare you. Trust me, with out going into details I know what I am talking about.

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  • Sf
      Jun 12, 2019

    Contacted me (presumably) about a payday loan from 2004 (!) I did default on a payday loan back then, so the debt they are referring to is legitimate in my case. This company is obviously a bottom-feeding debt collection agency that buys old debt for pennies on the dollar. It's not a "scam" per se, as they realize the debt is far past the statute of limitations for collection. They exist in a debt-collection grey area bordering on illegal, but will do whatever it takes for you to acknowledge the debt is yours (which I didn't). Don't call them, don't speak to them. They want you to engage. Don't do it.

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