Bonitas Medical Fund / poor service from broker

I have recently been retrenched. Mr Shane Moses came to our place of employment (Karbochem Newcastle)a month ago. All the Bonitas members filled in the forms to either discontinue membership or to continue in a private capacity. I elected to continue in a private capacity. My membership has subsequently been terminated. Mr Moses is unable to answer as to why the documentation was not sent directly to you and he seems to be unable to find the necessary forms that were submitted. Last week my grand daughter was admitted to hospital with swine flu. If these accounts have been rejected by Bonitas because our membership was terminated then I will hold Mr Moses personally responsible for the medical bills. I am most dissatisfied with your broker's service and wish to lodge a formal complaint. I have subsequently resubmitted the documentation directly to Bonitas and am hoping this matter will be resolved immediately.
Mr D A Headley [protected]

Jun 08, 2018

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