Bon Secours Richmond / Failure to refund

VA, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 804-342-1500

I am a Bon Secours employee and I received Emergency room services on 12/27/2004 and I was billed as uninsured incorrectly. Upon faxing proof of coverage, I was told the claim would be adjusted to a $100 copay instead of the full $1560.00 visit charge. As soon as I was told this would be adjusted, I entered into a Chapter 13 bankruptcy to consolidate my debt after school. This was placed not once, but twice on my credit report as a judment of $1560.00, despite my receiving updated claim paperwork. Upon receiving my bankruptcy discharge paperwork 3/2011, I noticed that 18 payments had been made to Bon Secours between 10/2009 to 3/2011 in the amount of 980.00. Since March of last year, I have talked to numerous managers, faxed all paperwork. I'm always told "it's in the scnaning department being reviewed." Very unprofessional

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