Bob's Discount Furniture / worst retail experience

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Phone: 914-202-1200

This experience is any shoppers nightmare. I had just moved in a new apartment and wanted to buy new furniture so I decided to go to Bob's Discount Furniture. I walked in and as soon as I walk in someone ask me; "Can I help you?" . I told them "No" (I like to shop and not be bothered in the beginning to observe my settings) then I continued to look at what was available. I sat on a Sofa and another gentlemen asked me "Can I help you?" I needed help now, so I said "yes" and as soon I said that, the other salesman from the front told, the other salesman that is my customer. I am thinking what???? Arguing over commission right in front of the consumer is not professional. Ok, but then I ordered the Cierra Sectional and a Dresser totaling $1, 391 (including delivery and goof proof). Now 2 weeks pass and on a Saturday they deliver the Sectional now it is not the color I ordered. I am like what is going on. So I had company coming over the next day and had to stay with it. What happens on the first day??? The sectional breaks before the company gets there. I was sitting with a broken sectional in front of my friends, looking like I bought it over a website on craigslist or something. The left leg was falling off. So I told them to take it back, now I am waiting on my dresser. They said Saturday it will be coming but called me Thursday and said they don't have it in stock the next week, that I had to wait till Tuesday.Now I am a working person and I am like if you can have them send it early I can wait. Well I waited on Tuesday until 10:30 am to get a phone call saying the dresser they were going to deliver to me was damaged so they didn't deliver it to me. Now I am furious because a month has gone by and I have a broken Sectional sitting in my apartment. I then requested a refund for the products because I am not receiving the services provided. Guess what... Now they are telling me that I can not get my delivery or Goof proof protection reimbursed. So in their terms I walked in Bob's Furniture and paid 200 dollars which I think I should be reimbursed because i never even enjoyed a moment with the goof proof and the delivery which cost me more waiting for the merchandise... What a horrible place to shop..

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