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Please refer your bill..

As i know i only charged my credit card for one time payment but your company charged me twice on the same items using 2 different company/website (Us8774966522 cyp) amount malaysian ringgit rm538.73 and (Us [protected] cyp) malaysian ringgit rm538.73 on 17 november 2014.

Its not stop there, monthly i received charge from your company malaysian ringgit rm29.95 ( dublin 2 irl on 15 january 2015 and on 14 february 2015.
I demand a full refunds on this unauthorized charged.
Khairul bariah hassan


Feb 17, 2015
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  • Vi
      Apr 21, 2015

    Dear sir,
    My HDFC credit card no-[protected] has been charged with rupees 3294.50 by lean body US [protected] on 7/9/2014 and on the date again rs-3294.50 was debited to me by bodyfit lean .com US [protected], also rs-595 were charged on the same date ie7/9/2014 by premie nicosia . Thereafter, my above mentioned credit card account is been charged with rs-595 from december onwards till now. The detail of which is as under :-
    6/12/ dublin2----- rs-595
    5/1/15-biotrimlabs . com dublin 2 -----rs-595
    4/2/ dublin-----rs-595
    6/3/ dublin----rs 595
    we have only received medicine once ie for rs-3294.50 for which we had orderd once only. So i have been charged unnecessarily rs-3294.50 once and rs-595 five times as per dates mentioned above . So you are requested to refund rs-6269.50 in my account as soon as possible. kindly inform me telephonically also.
    vikram seth
    hdfc credit card no-[protected]
    mobile number-+[protected] (india)

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  • Uv
      Jun 16, 2015

    I have been facing same problem since two months . I have been unnecessarily charged rs 595 since last two months on my HDFC credit card. My contact no is [protected] . I want the refund as soon as possible. My email uvessusiwala

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  • Jo
      Feb 17, 2017
    this company is a fraud they are a scam online

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  • Al
      Aug 14, 2018
    BioTrim Labs / - Testosterone
    United States

    I had ordered this product about 2 years back and I have not received it as yet. I had sent a numerous number of emails but still have not received my product. I had asked for a refund and have not received that as well.

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  • Pa
      Aug 15, 2018
    BioTrim Labs / - Ordered Testo product brom Bio Trim Labs on 30 April but still not received my order
    United States

    Ordered Testo Plus on 30th April 2018.
    Paid via CC ZAR 2, 035.50 (includes shipping)
    Still not received my order as at 27th June 2018
    Paul Maxwell Silberman

    ref on CC statement - BIOTRIMLABS.COM ONLINE HARROW GB 74501878117000494476128

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  • Ra
      Aug 20, 2018
    BioTrim Labs / - unauthorized credit card charges
    Shah Alam

    Pls Refund my money back MYR620.66 because it totally diferrent what i'have order

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  • Gr
      Aug 20, 2018
    BioTrim Labs / - unauthorized bank account withdawls

    About 3 months ago I bought bottles named RX24 and HGH PRO RX received all good. but now for the last 2 months a charge of $13.95 has been taken out.
    14 April 2018 $13.95
    15 May 2018 $13.95
    So how do I get this charged stopped Iam paying for something I never received.
    Gavin Grant Rodgers
    [protected]@hotmail .com

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  • Sh
      Aug 21, 2018
    BioTrim Labs / - Testoultra pack
    United States

    I was made to pay a huge amount of INR10005 on 17.12.2017 in place of 1450.
    Again they fraudulently took another INR695 on 16.02.2018.
    Despite numerous reminders over mail, tweeter, messenger I am yet to receive my pack or refund of my money.

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  • Ah
      Aug 21, 2018
    BioTrim Labs / - Testo ultra
    United States

    I purchased testo ultra online from biotrim labs and I don't receive my delivery yet

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  • Ab
      Sep 18, 2018
    BioTrim Labs / - My product is not shipped
    United States

    Date Shipped: 7/23/2017
    Order: 480948EAE9854DD08525816600186F5C this order is not shipped so, i request your goodself to look into the matter as much as possible.
    Thanking you
    Yours faithfully
    Abdullah kaloo phone number [protected]

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  • He
      Sep 18, 2018
    BioTrim Labs / - Vitamins
    South Africa

    On the 6th of June 2017 i ordered and paid for TestroUltra Tablets, Which i never received. no correspondence or material.

    I requested money back but with no communication.

    Ever since on a monthly basis they deduct money from my account with no authority from me or my bank, this is grand theft and fraudulent transactions.

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  • Ma
      Sep 19, 2018
    BioTrim Labs / - I never received my order and paid the full amount
    South Africa

    I received the email to confrim payment was successful with the following info:
    Date Shipped: on 4 April 2017
    Shipment number: ASL20170408DE101ZA
    Order: B4DCA3814C3E7E02852580TA002E2D41

    Never received it.
    Sent seveal emails to ask to pay the money back, no reponse!!!
    Please be aware, this company is a scum!!!

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  • Lu
      Oct 22, 2018
    BioTrim Labs / - Product not delivered
    San Fransisco
    United States

    Ordered two bottles of TestoUltra R550 each including vat and paid by credit card. Order confirmed (Confirmation #48006E7B87) but thereafter no response or communication from BioTrim Labs. I request a refund if the product is not delivered within 14 working days.

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  • Dr
      Oct 31, 2018
    BioTrim Labs / - Order not received
    United Arab Emirates

    i bought the product, money deducted but product not received. All reply are standard email without much help. i beieve it is a scam and should spread the news to that it is deterimental to online consumer.

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  • Ho
      Nov 01, 2018
    BioTrim Labs / - Service
    NU US
    United States

    I was charged MYR39.95 for something not known to me via credit card ending 7679 by BIOTRIMLABS.COM NU US. I purchased Ultra Testerone Booster recently using this particular credit card. I'm afraid there is a mistake or someone/somebody is illegally charging using my last known credit card. Please try to investigate this matter. Thanks

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  • Su
      Nov 04, 2018
    BioTrim Labs / - Delivery
    United States
    South Africa

    I've placed on the 9th of Feb 2017 the following order:
    Pure Cambodia Ultra - 5 pack
    Pure Life Cleanse - 5 Pack
    Pure Green Coffee Extract - 5 pack
    Received confirmation on the 24th Feb it's been shipped and ever since nothing has arrived OR no one reply from Bio Trim for a tracking number!!

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  • Ca
      Nov 05, 2018
    Slimlivingclub.Com - Suplemen Max Recover

    Buy online on Mar 4 2017 in Indonesia but the goods was not deliver to my address: Jl Angke Indah II No.4, Tambora, Jakarta Barat
    11330 Indonesia

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  • Ai
      Nov 11, 2018
    Biotrim Labs - Pure cambogia ultra and purelife cleanse
    United Arab Emirates

    i ordered product on 24th of February and today is 21st March.. I am still waiting for delivery as its almost a month to place order...

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  • Br
      Nov 11, 2018
    Biotrim Labs - Unautherize credit card charges for testoultra confirmation #e3002e8115

    I have ordered testoultra shown on your site costing indian rupee 1465.00 where as you have deducted indian rupee 10005.00. This is unethical and never expected from your company. The confirmation no is #e3002e8115. Kindly cancle my order refund my money immediatly.
    Brigadier h s sekhon

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  • Ak
      Nov 11, 2018
    Bio Trim - Testing ultra

    I have ordered 6 month subscription plan of testo ultra money was deducted instantly more than they showed on website. Even I didn't got confirmation message or email. Is it a scam or something else. Let other people know

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  • Pa
      Nov 12, 2018
    Biotrim Labs - RX24 supplements
    United States

    On 01/12/16, I online ordered 4 bot of rx24, I was told delivery takes 2 to 3 weeks. But until today, i have yet to receive any news. Kindly help to check and get back to me asap. Tks !

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  • Do
      Nov 13, 2018 / BioTrim Labs - Pure cambogia ultra uses unauthorized credit card charges of 9,95 euros every month for the last 6 months. How can it be stopped????
    Wendell Depot Massachusetts

    As another person I ordered one delivery of the Cambodia product and since then my visa is debited every month of 9, 95 euros. How can I stop that automatic debit. I have been filling forms to stop the payment by Visa who reimbursed me two months but the debit continues???? HOW CAN I STOP THIS STICLY SITUATION????

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  • Ja
      Nov 14, 2018
    BioTrim Labs / - I don't know how they have got my card details & my address, name

    I didn't order anything from their site & they have charged me 137$ unnecessary & i Dont know how my card details is with them. I've raised this complaint with my concern bank & they are already looking in to this fraud scammers MF. Don't they have mercy on us😟we people's earn hard work money.

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  • Sa
      Nov 15, 2018
    Biotrim Labs - Never received order which was paid for
    San Francisco
    United States

    I have called 9 times & person repeated same story. Now 3 months. Product never arrived. I requested my money back.

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