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STAY AWAY!!! this is one of the worst companies I"ve ever dealt with. Signed up for a "free" 14 day trial. Was out of the country doing business(legitimate business none-the-less, unlike what these clowns do) These guys had the nerve to charge me $100 for a annual membership! Called their 1-800 number and explained that I wouldn't have minded so much if they had just charged me for a month subscription instead of a whole year at once. Customer service reps gave me the run around along with fake names and wouldn't even tell me the company's mailing address. Don't expect them to be in business much longer, because I'm going to make that $100 back that they stole from me whatever way I have to. Even if that means making them hire counsel to see me in a courtroom. I plan on filing a complaint with the New Jersey State Attorney General's Office as well as The Better Business Bureau. I also will be disputing the charge with VISA and dedicating the next 3 months of my life to destroying this companies image.

Avoid this scam operation at all costs! STAY AWAY FROM BINVERSE.COM WHATEVER YOU DO!!

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  • Bi
      Aug 14, 2009

    Sorry to hear you had a poor experience with Binverse. Please email
    [protected] with your username and I'll make sure you get your

    Please note that you do agree to the subscription model when you signup and we do send out an email reminder several days prior to the end of the free trial giving you the opportunity to choose a monthly subscription plan and warning you that you will be charged if you do not cancel the free trail by the end of the 14 days.

    We want a positive experience for our customers and hope you will take our
    offer to refund the charge to your account.

    Also, Binverse does publish its mailing address on our website. I've
    provided a link for your reference.

    Thanks again for your comments. We hope to help you resolve this situation.

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  • Co
      Sep 24, 2009

    They can surely expect the same from me should I see one red cent deducted from my card balance.

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  • 3x
      Jan 31, 2010

    I just signed up with them and had an issue with activation. I called (on a Sunday no less) and spoke with an (American!) representative who helped me immediately.

    The Binverse response on this very page shows they take seriously customer service, and I think the clown who posted this complaint is having trouble taking responsibility for the fact that he didn't cancel his account per the user agreement he had to agree to in order to sign up.

    Even though they don't owe you a cent, they're offering a refund. So take your bogus complaint elsewhere and accept responsibility for your mistake. What country were you in conducting 'legitimate business' that they don't have internet or email?

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  • Kr
      Feb 02, 2010

    They are damn scammers, saying one at first page and second from terms.
    I made a chargeback demand to Paypal. And omg Paypal supported these scammers.

    I Advise all to report Binverse to IC3 ( - Internet Crime Complaint Centre)
    If you can make a scam report to your local police station.

    AND THEY ARE NOT OFFERING A REFUND - well not to me...

    The best way to get your money back is go/call to bank and ask for chargeback.

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  • Eb
      Mar 21, 2010

    Thanks guys i think i will stick with bittorrent a bit longer.

    Saying one thing in the front page and then another hidden in the terms and conditions to scam people is not the way to go even if they can get away with it in court.

    keep up the good work and steer clear of fleebay

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  • Pe
      Apr 17, 2010

    Binverse is a SCAM. DO NOT use your Paypal account, they imbed a Recurring Payment in your Paypal account when you send them the 1.00 for the trial period. Thereafter, Binverse charge your Paypal account without you aware of them. Once you aware of them, they WILL NOT refund you. So DO NOT pay them with Paypal or Credit Card. Binverse is a SCAM. No ligitimate business using their contact system. They use contact system so you do not have proof between you and them. You can not reply their email but need to fill out a different contact to send them. Therefore you have no record of your complaint.

    Login your Paypal and remove Recurring Payment immediately or else they will able to charge your account at any time. Contact Paypal if you need instruction how to remove the Recurring Payment Binverse imbed in your Paypal account without your authorization.

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  • Le
      Jul 11, 2010

    Binverse got me! I never agreed to any continuous charges or subscriptions and here I received a charge to paypal for $100 for service I didnt ask for. Their faq is very misleading and does not say you will automatically be charged after the free trial. STAY CLEAR FROM BINVERSE!!!

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  • Do
      Sep 01, 2010

    I joined and cancelled within an hour because the file that they claimed I could get was not available after signing up.

    Not only was my PayPal account charged despite the fact that the website claimed it would not be if I cancelled within the 14 day trial they denied my refund request to PayPal stating that their fee was for a "virtual service" and PayPal had no jusrisdiction. Amazingly PayPaL agreed and closed my case.

    DO NOT fall prey to these scammers!

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  • Ma
      Sep 07, 2010

    The same thing happened to me. Binverse is giving a bait and decent netizens like us are falling prey to these unscruplous companies. PAYPAL also is part of this Binverse racket. Malhar Majumder - India

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  • Mi
      Sep 13, 2010

    Agree this Binverse and all its affiliated are a complete scam. The software doesnt deliver, the fine print is [censor]. If you 10 seconds late cancelling your apparent subscription they bill you 100.00. When you call them they laugh at you. Tell you to bad you should have read the fine print. I have Closed my paypal account and put a stop payment on there attemped withdrawl from my account. What a bunch of crap. TOTAL SCAM STAY AWAY

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