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To who it may concern,

I am writing to complain about the service received when using the company Billion Stars Express.

I recently took the bus from Penang Komtar to Kuala Lumpur Sentra station on the 18/05/2017. The ticked was booked online. The bus number for this journey is PJJ 8875.

The bus was due to depart from the bus terminal at 9.15am however I was informed on arrival to the office the bus would be late with no explanation.

Once I was finally picked up, the bus proceeded to go to 'CJ Car Repair and a Service' in Sungai Nibong just away from the bus terminal. Here we parked and the two men working on the bus proceeded to get off then clean the bus and I was left on board the bus alone. When I asked what we were doing here, where we were or when we were leaving I was repeatedly told '5 minutes' with no other explanation. Once the men had finished cleaning the bus they continued to stand around talking and smoking with other nearby men working on other buses and did not seem concerned about the bus departing. The bus proceed to remain here for around 30 minutes.

The bus eventually departed Sungai Nibong terminal with others on board at 11am!! I paid for a bus to depart at 9.15am as this was time critical based on my further travels. As a result of the delay the rest of my travels was affected.

As a young, female, solo traveller I feel this experience was intimidating especially being the only person on board at this time.

I feel I was given no information and made to feel very uncomfortable. This was a completely unprofessional service and I would like this looked in to further for the sake of future travellers using the company.

As the service was not to adequate standard I would appreciate a refund of my ticket purchased.

I look forward to a prompt response.

Many thanks.

Rhiannon Hudd.

Billion Stars Express

May 18, 2017

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