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Bill Penney Toyota / fraudulent practices

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I had my check engine, VSC TRAC, and traction lights all come on in my 2005 Toyota SR5 one day, so I thought, okay, I will take it to the dealership to get it checked out. My fiance (the former mechanic) warned me not to be 'taken in' by these people, and just to have them figure out what was wrong with it.

I take it in 10 minutes prior to open time on a Saturday and am met by Carrie, who takes note of the lights that are on and tells me it will be about two hours to test it (I was the 8th car in line-these folks aren't hurting for business), with a minimum charge of $55.00. I thought it was high, but thought, okay, at least they can tell me what the problem is.

Two hours roll by and Carrie approaches me with lots of figures scribbled down on her piece of paper, and tells me it will be a while longer, they have the error codes but it will cost $210.00 to do further testing because they still don't know exactly what the problem is. The other figures listed on the sheet are $586.00, 296.00, etc. I feel myself getting a little shocked, because my father has been in the automotive business (body work) for 35 years and I'm not used to getting shafted or connived by shady dealership people. I ask for a moment to call my fiance who confirms my suspicions and says, 'get out of there now, but ask for the codes.'

Carrie then informs me it will be a half hour so that my car can cool down before the wires can be removed. I go outside for the half hour and women's lib all over the place to my fiance because how dare they assume that b/c I'm a woman I'm not going to have a damn idea about cars, error codes and how that all works.

THE FUN PART: Carrie brings me my invoice, I have no choice but to pay the $55.00 for two codes (which incidentally I am able to identify exactly what the problem was via the web later) and then drops this bomb. My catalytic converter needs to be replaced UNDER WARRANTY and they have already ordered the part. Then she has the gall to tell me that she's 'real concerned' about the one code and that I need to get it fixed ASAP.

Guess what? I get the part replaced four days later and all the lights are gone. My $55.00? Also gone. Apparently they thought my intelligence was gone as well. I'd enjoy it if I got my money back, but was informed that's just too bad.

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  • Va
      11th of Aug, 2008
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    Bill Penney Toyota - Bad service
    Bill Penney Toyota
    United States

    The battery on our 2006 Toyota Camry failed without warning after 2 years and 42000 miles. Neither our local dealer or Toyota itself would accept any responsibility although we were told that the batteries provided on new Toyotas are very poor.

  • Ch
      8th of Jan, 2009
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    I have had my vehicle serviced at Bill Penney before and have always been treated like a valued customer. I normally don't respond to postings like this but I was a little miffed. I have had Carrie before as a service advisor and thought she was honest, upfront and very helpful. Cars are so complicated these days that sometimes one light means a million things could possibly be wrong (my check engine light was on).

    As with fees, as much as no one likes them it is a part of life. Time is money. The $55 fee (which I have paid before) is just like paying the air conditioning service man to come to your house or an electrician. Even if it is an easy fix.

    Sounds like you had a warranty problem, it was solved and the only thing you are out, besides your time, is $55. Welcome to reality. I also doubt that Carrie, being a woman, would treat you any diffrently since you are female. I am a female and have never had any issues. I guess you just felt like going womens lib on someone. I think this is an unfair commentary.

  • To
      15th of Feb, 2012
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    I can't agree nor can I disagree with the above, however, I wouldn't be surprised. I just bought the Scion from Bill Penny and the following are just an indication of how professional they aren't:

    1. We're just about to put pen to contract but 1st we get the grand tour of their service dept., when we head back to the car with our salesman, mechanics had come out to check it out, the hood was open, both doors and back hatch were as well, not only that there was a big fat mechanic lounging in the back seat. My salesman Jason said nothing!

    2. After 4 hours of waiting for this transaction to finalize it was late and told our salesman that we would be back the next day for his manager to go over all the bells and whistles in the car. Well we did come back the next morning and his manager did go over all the bells and whistles, however, when he told me that a button which controlled the dashboard lights was also a cruise control I knew we were in trouble. But he insisted he was correct. I went home and pulled out the owners manual and of course the Scion doesn't have cruise control.

    3. Lastly, I had asked our salesman at some point where the jack was in the vehicle and he told me, however, I made the mistake of assuming the there would also be a spare tire, there is no spare tire when you buy a scion, instead there is a tire repair kit, i.e., fix a flat and some patches, now I also learned if you use fix a flat the tires sensor it ruined. So when I asked about the spare tire they said you'd either have to use the repair kit or call roadside maintenance. Now I don't know how many people have the cost of a tire as it occurs, but I'm not sure I would.

  • To
      15th of Feb, 2012
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    I just got off the phone with Mindy concerning the problems I encountered pertaining to my purchase of my Scion IQ. I suppose alot of what they do for you depends on your approach. They were very apologetic about the difficulties I encountered and have offered me a policy that covers my tires for 5 years at cost. So, they (Cindy and Bill Penney) did come through for me, I guess the old saying is you get more bees with honey than you would with vinegar.

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