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929 Worcester Rd (previously 59 Temple Pl), Farmingham previously Boston, MA, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 1-800-458-5650

This company moved to Worcestor Road, from 59 Temple Place, Boston. Same phone number. I have purchased from them since 2008. Recent purchase has been first bad experience. Used to be great when a friendly older lady answered the phone way back, and I got results.
Now, with each call, I get very young women, different voices. One named Katy has given me the run-around for two months now. After initial complaint, they don't answer the phone when you call back, even after 40 rings, three days in a row. They are probably blocking your phone number when you make a complaint. Also, will not return email. You will get ripped off. Buyer beware. Wrong merchandise and missing items. I ordered 12 and got 10, one of them the wrong color. Did ownership change or did the kids take over for the older folks and don't have a clue how to run this business. Or, is this a takeover company now? Something has changed for the worse.

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  • Fo
      10th of May, 2012

    I agree. They used to be a good company to deal with, but that is no longer the case. The above blog sounds exactly like the unfortunate experience I had. I bought goods in good faith, returned by FedEx those items of my order which didn't fit, in pristine condition and within the time period stipulated for returns and after almost 5 months I am still waiting for my refund, which I am persistently following up! Calls to tallbig largely go unanswered (the phone rings out - unbelieveable) and then when you do get through you get put on hold forever, are messed around and are then hung up upon (by these glib young women). No point emailing your complaints or questions to this company, as your email will never be answered, if my experience is anything to judge by. This has been a really unsatisfactory online shopping experience. Be very, very wary of dealing with these people or buying from any of their websites:

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  • Ba
      10th of May, 2012

    UPDATE FROM baby45 - my initial complaint here posted 3-30-12 about Big Tall Men INCOMPLETE ORDER. After posting my complaint here on 3-30-12, out of the blue 4 weeks later, with no notice from Big Tall Men, I received from them my missing items they never sent me. Now my order is finally complete after 3 months from initial order placement with them. Although, missing front pocket on this tee. They did not ask for me to send back the wrong color tee they sent me by mistake in the original shipment so I figure we are even and I forgive them. Maybe they are trying to fix things and are overwhelmed and have personnel issues, don't know, but I thought I should be fair and at least post this update that they finally sent the rest of my order. I'd say, send an email. At least they can print it out and place it in a stack whereas taking a ton of phone calls is more overwhelming for few staff which may be the problem.

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  • Di
      29th of May, 2012
    Big Men, Tall Men, Stout Men Shop - Refusal to refund after unsatisfactory products returned
    United States

    Original order took over two months and many phone calls to be delivered. Product was not what I had ordered, so I returned it via registered mail. Company has denied receiving the returned goods and refused to refund my money. I have verified delivery with the postal service through a trace, and complained to the Better Business Bureau. They have refused to respond to the Better Business Bureau.

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