Better Trades SystemJan

I went to a free " Bettter Trades " product promo " last night . These people had 100% of my undivided attention throughout the 2 hour presentation . I recall them using the terms of "bringing Wall Street to Main Street " . Do to the recent corporate including Madoff scandals, retirement accounts wiped out etc. why would " Main Street " want to continue to be fleeced by these " fat cats " with Better Trades ? I didn't purchase the program and I hope that no one else present at the promo did either . As we all should know the credit card industry are not the friendliest people to charge $4000.00 to if you can't pay it off within a month . I came home and " googled " the Better Trades name in the search window . I got more information with terms like complaints, scam and rip-off which brought me to ths site . Thanks for having this web-site . Better Trades almost had me . They featured success stories using Better Trades .
I've read that those success stories are outdated . This is just another factor that you simply can't trust anyone ; Wall Street, your broker, homebased business products, etc. We live in a society where morals and values are a thing of the past . It pays to do your homework before handing over your hard earned money to scam artist vultures .

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