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Better Trades / Fraud and lies

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I went to their introductory seminar and was told all you need to start making fantastic money was their 'Market Essentials which was around $3000 if you didn't have that amount you simply could pay $999 and the rest would be in monthly installments for under $150 per month WITH NO INTEREST.

Of course I signed up received the CD's and scheduled to go to the 3 day workshop and to bring our computers. At the workshop we were allowed to use their software program which gives you the stocks and prices and what they are doing etc. If we wanted to buy that program it would cost another $3200 (approximately) but you dont need the program you can do paper trading with any online brokerage THEY SAID. Also in order to know about the different company's which gave you their symbols etc was another $3000 which we got to use at the 3 day.

Well lo and behold - got home - got the online brokerage and now on their webinars trying to do the online paper trading. IT'S NOT WORKING CUZ IT'S NOT THE SAME AS THEIRS.

I called them and complained they suggested to buy their program or just keep trying and I should be able to correlate what they were doing. I believe I called about 5 different times but was never given any info I could use to make this work. I supposedly could get my money back within 6 months doing actual trades. HOW COULD I DO ACTUAL TRADES WHEN I COULDN'T FOLLOW THE ONLINE PAPER TRADE SINCE I COULD NOT AFFORD THEIR SOFTWARE?? I could not get my money back plus I still have to pay the monthly charge.

I stopped paying the $150 per month with 22% interest which was suppose to be NO INTEREST and of course I am being harassed. They said it was in the contract I signed. (When I was in line signing up- with 20 people behind me - who had time to read the tiny fine print!)


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  • Wm
      22nd of Feb, 2009
    -1 Votes

    Not reading the fine print is not an excuse, its a cop out. I took the same class and am NOT using thier products, I use etrade and optionexpress, BOTH are FREE. All the education in the world will not work if YOU don't use it. It sounds like you wanted them to spoon feed you. Ask yourself How many times did you watch the dvd's? How many FREE online classes did you take? All you have to do is call you online broker and tell them what YOU want to do and they will place the trade for you. So keep buying lotto tickets.

  • Cr
      9th of Mar, 2009
    0 Votes

    Bettertrades has a problem with telling how great everything is if you use their products and follow their advice that everything will be amazing. You can quit your job start a new life, stay home with your children, give more to charity, and be a better person. Then once you go for it you hear all of the realities. You will have losses, not everyone makes it, these strategies worked for me but not for you, etc. All the while you hear about bringing Wall Street to Main Street. My main street doesn't have $3000 extra for a class, $4000 extra for an information website, $500 for extra classes (the teaser classes are free), and $1500 for commentaries that have a disclaimer saying that they can be wrong. These would not be issues if they were mentioned upfront, but they are not. The astronomical rates should ensure success with the program, but it only allows you access to their research. In other words, you're on your own and out around $10, 000. I was more successful trading on my own before joining, and have been doing better since discontinuing. Discontinuing means that I am not using their site anymore, no refunds allowed for a year subscription (I had a whole five days to cancel).

  • Bi
      7th of Sep, 2009
    0 Votes

    If it is so good, why are there people working their phones and at the seminars? Should they be using the system to make trades and get rich? I do not know too many people that would choose an 8-hour shift working phones, or traveling to a different city everyday, to living on a beach and making trades for an hour a day. They need your money to make a living because the system does not work. Think about it!!!

  • De
      19th of Sep, 2009
    0 Votes

    This company is a reverse Robin Hood. Steals from the already poor, making them poorer then giving to the rich... themselves!!! I admit, I was dumb, stupid, naive and conned! All because I wanted to improve my finances since the economy put hardships on my husband and me. The information Better Trades is selling for THOUSANDS of dollars can be found for FREE all over the Internet. I am not a stupid person, I am very much a self-starter and learner. I studied diligently for months because I did not know anything about the stock market previously and I still could not meet their requirements in 6 months to get my money back. I can't believe I allowed myself to be duped.

  • Da
      6th of Jan, 2010
    0 Votes

    I went to the free seminar today and gladly walked away without paying for the program. I saw the infomercial on tv in a hotel and decided to call after they offered some free stuff that actually looked like it was worth something. Of course they new nothing about it when I asked for my extra items. I'll try and say all of this with love, but it will be hard. Hopefully anyone who signs up for the free seminar does realize it is a sales pitch, and hopefully you'll look at sites like this to educate yourself before you go in. First thing is any company or person that has an infomercial on tv is probably making a killing off of gullable Americans. I've investigated a number of these things over the years and it always turns out the same. They want money now and the programs typically leave thousands of purchasers hanging with more hope if you keep buying more of what they have to offer in addition to the original claims of " this is all you need". This one made me sad because I saw a few people run to sign the contract as soon as the ring leader was done. Up to that point I was already sick to my stomach listening to this guy do the patented bait em, set the hook, and reel em in. Again with love, beware of the hope of success and riches because some nice looking ex-college football playing guy with bleached teeth and a tanning booth bronzness about him claims to want to " pay it back" and give you the secrets to all his wealth. Everybody has to make a living some way or another, but I'm going to pray for this guy. What sickened me was this guy tried the Christian approach on the subtle side quite frequently, yet always came in quick with the contradicting "love of money" and wealth is what we were created for, etc, etc. type of comments. I kind of hope I'm wrong, but let me do my duty and warn you all, Buyer Beware! I don't think integrity is part of the 3, 000-10, 000, price you might end up spending on this. Do your homework, they'll be around for awhile, no need to jump in on his amazing offer on the spot. As a matter of fact he made an ironic point in his monologue about not jumping into this system without learning the foundation and then practicing without money then small amounts to begin with. Just a little different than 2, 9995 NOW! Oh, and of course you can finance it also, beware of the fine print differences in the guarantees of both payment methods.

  • Gi
      13th of Jan, 2010
    0 Votes

    yes i agree with all everyone is writing in here regards to better trades, i have joined in october and here it is January and i still havent understood any thing about it, they throw to us all these cds and dvda and mentor classes but half of the time i have had problems with conection so i dont understand what the mentor is talking about, i have yet to hear a good class.
    the only thing i open a brokage account and the broker told me if i trade the options in order to get my money back i will loose more in the long run because i only can have level 1 and i can only do covered calls, wow..
    iam so fricking confused never ever been so confused about anything than this...ever...iam so sorry i paid the 995.00 and now iam stock with a 150/00 payment each month like i can afford it...grrrrrrrrrrrrr

  • Gk
      25th of Jul, 2010
    -1 Votes

    Better Trades is an aweful program and a real rip-off. Do not purchase the software for Real Time Markets or Dedicated Trader. The RTM cost money and there are much better trading platforms for free like Trade Monster or Think or Swim. Much better and free. Also, RTM commissions are twice what the market amount is and the BT's people will not tell you this and the instructors don't use instructor, John White told me he does not use RTM.

    The education process from two other firms is much better and cheaper, Options Animal and Investview.

    Don't get ripped off by these people.

    Also, the trades they suggest, you will lose you [censor]!!!

    Call GTK if you need more information


  • La
      25th of Feb, 2013
    0 Votes

    No. Avoid those two companies OA and Investview. They are both in Utah which is known for coaching, education, mentoring, internet & investment training fraud. If it is in Utah - 99.5% chance it is a scam. If You give money or your credit card to a company in Utah - be prepared to lose it. Be prepapred to get no help in recovering it too.

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