Bethany group / False Advertising

1 901 S Country Club Dr, Mesa, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 949-660-0677

The website reads: "Tuscany Palms offers all the apartment living options you need to create a lifestyle you love. From fine finishes to charming interiors and luxury appointments, our apartment homes boast elegance in the details and feel of an expensive custom home."

The studio I was shown online and in person and the studio I was rented are two different places. As well as a contradiction to the Tuscany Palms website.

Yes, I was looking for a reasonable place to live, but not at the cost of my health. I have lost many nights sleep, have seen cockroaches in my belongings, silverware, dishes, cupboards, floors, showers, most every place in the unit. There are holes in the walls, rusty fixtures, caccoons in the dishwasher, water coming from an access panel in the closet, missing hardware for door stops and security chains, missing grease filter over stove in hood, peeling paint, peeling laminates on countertops and cabinets, overspray of paint on cupboards, as well as drops of paint all over the carpeting, shutters (used as blinds) do not close completely due to excess paint and failed magnets, gaps around outlets, sofas by the dumpsters, cat droppings in all grass areas of the complex, stray cats everywhere. A very unhealthy environment, opposite that which is portrayed at the website. Come by and see for yourself.

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