Best Travel Store / passenger name wrong at airport

United States

From the so called "Best Travel Store", we bought an airticket online with correct passenger name. On the receipt in the return email, the name was correct too. However, when we arrived at the airport, the passenger's first name got totally wrong. According to the check-in manager, the travel agency did not submit the correct name to the airline.

We called this travel agency many times. Each time we were put on hold for about 10 minutes. When we finally reached a customer service representative named Lilian, she always said that everything is correct and everything is being taken care of. But nothing happened at the airport. The airport check in manager called the reservation center too and told us no one contacted them. After 3 hours of waiting and calling, we ended up to buy another much more expensive ticket (400$ more at the price of $1330 for a round trip.) at the airport and sent the 70 year old passenger to the airplane. This is really a bad experience.

I still don't understand how the name turned out wrong. In any case, this travel agency did not help their customer at all when a problem arose. I do not recommend this travel agency and website.


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