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Best Buy/Toshiba Laptop / laptop repair

1 13058 Fairlakes Shopping CtrFairfax, VA, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 703-631-3332

I had the misfortune of taking my laptop to Best Buy's Geek Squad at Fairfax, VA on August 01, 2008, having earlier taken out an extended warranty on the equipment. Apparently, the battery wouldn't charge, not even after I bought a new one. I received Geek Squad's first response seven days later, informing me that the laptop was still sitting in the Best Buy store since they were having "delivery issues." Being that I was going on vacation, I refused to be angered by their apparent lackadaisical attitude, and relied on my wife's laptop during our trip. It wouldn't be until the 19th of August that I heard from Geek Squad again, informing me that my laptop had finally been fixed. Relieved, I went to the store the next day only to discover that Geek Squad had created a new problem as they had failed to properly re-attach the swivel that makes it possible for my screen to rotate. It was loose, possibly broken. In addition, the laptop came back without the AC adapter that I had dropped off along with the system. Subsequently, I had to send it back and sign a new repair order, which was on August 20. On the 27th I called to find out about the status of my laptop, only to be told that Geek Squad was again having "delivery issues."

Today is the 3rd of September and I am still without this laptop that I had initially submitted on August 01. To make things worse, it's practically easier for an elephant to pass through the eye of a needle than for anyone to have access to and hold informative conversation with a Geek Squad representative. And when I try to get information Online, I am merely told that my laptop has been received, nothing else.

My experience with Geek Squad has been frustrating, infuriating, and outright disappointing. I rely on my laptop for a tremendous amount of personal and official work, including Online college teaching. Sure, I can occasionally borrow my wife's laptop, but there are limits to which I can use it, especially since she has her own work to do.

In all, I find Geek Squad to be little more than a bunch of overrated, disorganized quacks whose knowledge of computers hardly surpasses what is common knowledge, and in some instances is even less than common. Their activities border on fraudulence since their management setup is thoroughly deficient, their customer relations are horrendous, and their prices are unjustifiably exorbitant. Please avoid Geek Squad if you can. I certainly will!

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