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[Resolved] Berkeley Ergonomics / coil mattresses contain synthetic polypropylene - berkeley ergonomics mattress review

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The berkeley ergonomics coil mattresses contain synthetic polypropylene just in case the dealer/sales people fail to tell you.

The synthetic polypropylene covers all the coil springs in the mattress so it is not a tiny amount. significant information to have as it can be 'confusing' with all the “natural mattress” claims.

When I learned that my berkeley ergonomics coil mattress contained synthetic polypropylene (and it wasn't "all organic" like the sales man told me) I checked all the web sites of the berkeley ergo dealers and saw that none of them listed the synthetic polypropylene even though they listed and described the other components often in great detail.

What a huge coincidence that all the berkeley ergonomics dealers omit this same (synthetic) component yet document all the other components with perfect consistency.

I do not understand why berkeley ergonomics does not mandate all their dealers to include the synthetic polypropylene component when ever they (the dealers) are listing the other components, so consumers can have all the information. especially because berkeley proclaims on their web site that they;

-"believe in openness-nothing to hide, no secrets"

-"believe in an ethical approach to life and business".

Based on these two assertions alone, I believe berkeley ergonomics should mandate all their dealers to include the synthetic polypropylene anytime they (the dealers) are listing the other components.

As of today some of the dealers have since added the synthetic polypropylene to their web sites but it is not always listed with the other components in the mattress descriptions for easy view of the reader. hence the reason for this post and warning.

In regards of the comfort & performance of my berkeley ergo coil bed, I hate it and regret buying it. here are just a few reasons why;

1. it's not sturdy or durable. no way could I let a child jump up & down on it like we did when we were kids. the bed seems way to fragile. I feel like I have to be very careful with it. no horse-play.

2. the bed is hot. I assume the very thick quilting on top & wool are the cause.

3. when I sit on the edge of the bed I sink way down. I think its because there are not many layers of product under tension, providing strength, but I don't know for sure.

4. the very thick quilted top of my berkeley ergonomic bed is so thick I can't feel the sensation of the latex at all. this very thick quilting is one of the things I hate most about my bed.

I recall the top fabric on another manufactures bed (that I should have bought, that I won't mention here but will disclose through private messaging) being non quilted, cotton knit, that would 'give' with my every move, and I could feel the bouncy, rubbery, supportive, springy feel of the latex. my berkeley ergonomics bed does not have any of these characteristics. it has no latex sensation at all. I so regret not buying this other bed.

I highly recommend anyone shopping for a new bed to make sure and try a bed with a non quilted, stretchy top fabric. I think this makes a big huge difference.

5. the thick quilted top of my berkeley ergo bed also matted down very quickly. because there's no foam within the quilting, once it mats down, it doesn't puff back up. other mattresses that I have had that were quilted on the top, had a little foam within the quilting and it always stayed puffed up for the life of the mattress but that is not the case with my berkeley ergonomic quilted top.

6. just 2" of latex laying loosely over springs is not enough product (or labor) in my opinion.

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Berkeley Ergonomics
Berkeley Ergonomics
Berkeley Ergonomics
Berkeley Ergonomics
Berkeley Ergonomics
Berkeley Ergonomics
Berkeley Ergonomics
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Berkeley Ergonomics
Berkeley Ergonomics
Berkeley Ergonomics

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    "Berkeley Ergonomics" customer care service did everything in their power to resolve this complaint. All attempts to contact the client have failed. Therefore, this complaint has been annulled and must not be considered where company image and it's services are concerned.

Jun 2, 2016
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