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Bell South Security /protection One / 5 year contract

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I signed with Bellsouth/Protection One in August of 2006 and paid an install of $149 and agreed to $29.95/month. Our business lease is up in December of 2007. When we called to cancel, we were told this is a 5 year agreement! Who signs a 5 year agreement? Who pays for an install on a 5 year lease? Bottom line, the salesman had me signing papers and NEVER explained it was a 5 year agreement. I would NEVER have used them. BE CAREFUL WITH THIS COMPANY!

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  • Ck
      29th of Sep, 2007
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    These Protection One people are the WORST people in the world. First they had me pay over $800.00 in installation fees, using my OLD sensors! Then $34.95 a month and took their time when I needed them once in 1 year, service was TERRIBLE. When I moved out of my home, 140 miles away...they're now billing me for 2 more years, even tho' I'm an ill senior citizen and screaming at me in the phone I "still had to pay for another 2 years"...I've never in all my life seen such worse crooks, and making a person pay for 3 years, 2 of which I'll never use in the house I left and am selling (if possible in today's market!) the salesman told me it was a "YEAR-long contract" not the 3 years you can't even find except in fine print if you spend over an hour looking through the Harvard-attny made up long contract.

    These people are greedy, full of misrepresentation, and are not even quick to respond to ANY emergency....they're ONLY AFTER THE MONEY, while promising the world. Stay away from them. I'm going to report them to the BBB and any governing, licensing government body I can. They'll intimidate you and scream at you on the phone to pay for something YOU'LL NOT GETTING!! With ARROGANCE! Of course, it's with arrogance - crooks NEVER respect people they're scamming from like this company scams their customers!

  • Jo
      14th of Oct, 2007
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    Who signs a 5 year agreement? You do!
    Who pays for an install on a 5 year lease? You do!

    I work for Pro 1 and I have never had a customer complain about a contract. If it is properly explained there is no issues. A contract is there so that companies can stay in business. With all the penny pincher's in the world today, companies need some kind of guarantee. All alarm companies don't see a profit until after the 3rd year of the contract that is why you don't see a new alarm contract for less than 3 yrs. Unless of course you pay twice as much per month. On Average you should be paying $25-$30 for residential security and $30- $35 for Commercial Security. You think Pro 1 is bad try getting out of a contract with ADT or Brinks, they count the days until your contract ends so they can automatically renew it for another. Good Luck!!!!

  • An
      7th of Aug, 2009
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    My problem with Protection One is that they did not install what they were hired to install. We had a home under constuction with impact sliders (open walls). We requested a hardwired system. They insisted it was not necessary. We insisted that they hardwire the system since we knew the sliders are designed in such a way the sensors would fall off with the wireless system. We were give some load of garbage about the wireless were better, they were much less noticeable. We said NO. They agreed to hardwire the house, then hardwired the panels (we needed 4, they only would give us 3) and then said OOPs we cannot Hardwire the rest of the house. We insisted and they refused to come out until we agreed to wireless. The costruction was held up over a month because of this company. Finally we said OK put in the wireless. Guess what they constantly fall off and now they want to charge us $99 for a new one since it broke falling off the door. DO NOT DO BUSINESS with this company. We also paid over $1500 in installation for this product, so since I could have bought the system and done it myself for $300 I do not think they need 3 years to recoup!!

  • Cd
      8th of Jul, 2011
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    If they were forthcoming, the 5 year term would appear as a line item that requires an initial by the customer. And, if it takes 3 years to recoup at their current pricing, than why not offer different plans with graduated terms and pricing? If they are proud of their request for a 5 year commitment, why hide the 5 year clause deep within the contract under a section that has nothing to do with the duration of the contract? I see no reason to hide this and not tell your customers up front. No one told me, the sales guy was in a hurry and now I am in a bad situation with my business closing. pretty sleazy protection one! Watch yourself with them, might be better to get robbed outright than install one of their systems!

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