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Barrister Global Services Network / they don't pay their technicians!

1 42548 Happywoods Dr. Hammond, LA 70401Hammond, LA, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 985-365-0400

I have been a contract technician for Barrister Global Services Network for 11 months. They are constantly late in paying me as a technician, and when I attempt to call their payment department, no one answers. Also, none of the emails I send regarding payment for the work I've done are replied to. This company is a SCAM. I did get them to pay me for late payments by telling one of their customers that I could not come out to the site because Barrister had not paid me, and I needed gas for my car. Barrister Global Services does not live up to their end of the contracts that they agree to with their technicians. They want me to get to the site on time, but once I complete the work for them, and expect to get paid (21 days after the work is complete)... They don't send a check. I did work for them that is 2 months old that I have not been paid for. They owe me $900, but I have seen none of it. Do not sign up as a computer technician for this company!

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  • Li
      10th of Dec, 2008
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    Barrister does have payment issues. I waited 2 months and only received payment when i emailed them a detailed listing stating when i had completed each job, job number and how many days had gone by since completition. I also put in there that failure to pay on time will result in no future work orders. You could complain to the FTC (federal Trade Commission) or to the state attorney general of Kentucky. I don't take many jobs from them these days because they won't pay on time but like to put it on the Techs as to why they don't.

    They have started a new thing where you get a login id and can check the status of your work orders. Perhaps someone has complained already.
    It does seem that unless you call them on it, they won't pay.

  • Te
      20th of Dec, 2008
    +1 Votes

    This company is pathetic inj their policies and the way they pay their techs, or rather, dont pay their techs.

  • Wi
      4th of Jan, 2009
    +1 Votes

    I have been with this company for 2 years now servicing the Davis and Sacramento regions in California. For most of the 2 years they have been paying me, but often there were major hassles in getting my money.

    Past 3 months however, have been an absolute nightmare in getting paid. I would have a big pile of broken parts that needed to be shipped out since they claim they couldn't pay me for them, deducting me $100 for every single part when most of the parts didn't even exceed $10~$30 for stuff like power supplies even a freaking motherboard battery that was dead. Unfortunately, I can't send these in without shipping labels, and get this, the parts they claim haven't been sent in have been sent in and I showed them the tracking #'s then they claim that I used the same tracking # for all the parts which is against their shipping policy. I don't possibly see how they can stay in business much longer.

    Even their customers are pissed off, as I can attest when I'm there fixing their stuff and they unload their frustrations on me. This company can burn in hell.

  • Br
      27th of Jan, 2009
    +1 Votes

    I'm a customer whom, has been waiting on Barrister to give my tech the supplies which in this case is no more than a couple of C.D.'s to do a tatoo on my PC...Since the issues haven't been resolved since Oct-08, I'm not really expecting any changes of POOR Performance on Barrister.! If Barrister wants this Co. to last, they will need PTT phones / CD's made N ready for techs.Should have a fleet of vans w/ Barrister ad on side of vans. All supplies that would possibly be needed for job site. Fed-Ex has to be costing them more than part itself. In my case 3 motherboards N 3 hard drives..What's up w/ Barrister..Jus give me a new PC N save yourself the misery N costs your applying to yourselves, Poor Techs...

  • Cc
      10th of Feb, 2009
    0 Votes

    More often than not it is a hassle getting paid by them. They claim they didn't get your signed work order, etc. Outright lies.
    I'm to the point i don't know if i will ever do any more work for them.

  • Sh
      11th of Feb, 2009
    -1 Votes

    I personally will NEVER do any more work for Barrister. I have not been paid for two jobs ($200 total) that have been in limbo for a long time. I cannot get in touch with anyone by phone or email and as stated above, their customers are VERY upset. I honestly don't know what to do. I have a right to be paid, their customers (MY customers!) have a right to have their stuff fixed, and nobody should have to go through this godawful hassle.

    Barrister's latest threat of charging techs for various things is really the last straw for me. I refuse to do any work for a company that will attempt to charge ME for working for THEM. Especially when they can't seem to pay me on time.

  • Cu
      26th of Feb, 2009
    +1 Votes

    I did several jobs for them when i first started doing contract labor in the pc industry. After fighting getting paid for several months and then their flat refusal to pay service calls that their tech support line sent me on i searched and found the company CEO & CFO email addresses and emailed them detailed messages and threatened to inform every customer of theirs that I knew of about how they conducted business on the contract tech side of the house. This led to me getting paid for SOME of the work that that they owed me for but even that was at a reduced rate. I have since watch a friend / coworker of mine attempt to do contracts for them through this "NEW SYSTEM" they have concocted, guess what...he is still waiting for the "check that is in the mail"...been 3 months for him too...
    I knew this company was trouble from the first time I spent 20 minutes listening to that stupid "CERTIFIED WOMAN OWNED BUSINESS" message everyone is forced to listen to!!! Any company that takes more pride in the gender of its CEO/OWNER instead of the quality of service its tech's offer its customers needs to fail!!!

  • Te
      2nd of May, 2009
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    I am currently doing contract work for Barrister and have had nightmares getting paid. The (only) person in the 'payroll' department was getting help (of some sort). She's since left because it sucked for her to work there, so her helper has replaced her and she's an Angel (literally). She's at extension 246 and is willing to help since Melanie is gone. If you're still having trouble call them and see what they can do. Recently I had 'new' problems and found out my company name had been changed in their system and their program (ClearView) couldn't export to QuickBooks. Once fixed a bunch of money came.

    However, this last check was sent to my home and I've had a P.O. box set up to receive payments because I had problems getting mail at the house. I didn't change anything again but poor Angel is fixing that. They do not know what they're doing, and worse, they don't care because it's a terrible work environment for many.

    At Christmas I was owed nearly $3, 000 for an extremely large contract where I worked daily for over 2 weeks installing nearly 500 printers with a couple of other techs. I had to work with Debrah (the woman that 'owns' Barrister) and a few others to get paid. They overnighted the check (at my expense) and I NEVER will allow them to control my pay that way again. I work quite a bit for myself so, except for the work that resulted in over 100 hours I wait patiently for long periods (back then).

    Since that time I've received checks almost weekly, but must ALWAYS speak to Angel when I find problems on the 'TechWa' web page, because their system sucks.

    The biggest problem I have now (and I admit once the pay started coming regularly most of the other problems don't bother me as much) are the extremely high number of emails telling me they need closing information for calls that either aren't mine, or aren't due to be worked on. I get emails requesting parts back that I didn't replace, and I'll get messages that need some type of reply, but are addressed (or are getting replied) to NO REPLY. I get emails reminding me that I have a call to do and it was already done earlier that day. I mean a real full mailbox and very little time to read this useless crap, let alone respond, or call to attempt to stop them.

    The number one issue though (and they recently sent out a request for techs to do a poll, it took me 2 1/2 hours to finish, since I'm 'wordy') is their automation. Because of automation they send emails telling me that I didn't do a call that I was never dispatched to, I'm threatened with a phone call from Barbara Scopes. So I call to speak to Barbara, she hasn't worked there in a while. The dispatchers and others are demoralized and the CEO/Owner told me via email less than week ago that it's all growing pains. Perhaps they're growing too fast with no foundation. Oh well, like I said, the money's coming lately so I keep doing the calls.

  • As
      15th of May, 2009
    +3 Votes

    Unfortunately I feel all your pain, I am ashamed to say I do work for these people in a department that I will keep to myself due to the fact that I need a job at the moment. From day one at this place I knew I needed to keep my resume out there because the retention rate is high, so keep in mind when venting on us, more than likely we are short timers waiting to be told that we are no longer needed. The managers over the departments range from age 20 to 25, and more than likely work at Wal-Mart before coming here. It is like working in a sweatshop for these people with no light in sight, here is a fact we work 9 hour shifts with only a lunch break. I have read many unhappy tech postings and I will try to make each of your experiences with us as painless as possible but please keep in mind just because we are answering their phones does not mean we personally do business the way the owners want to run theirs, and I do believe I speak for the most of the people I know working for them. As for the systems, they do suck!!! And way they do things, its confusing to all of us.

  • Jb
      21st of May, 2009
    0 Votes

    ive been doing contract work for them for a bit over a year. as the normal complaints are, yes..they are always late. i have to call them every time to get something. they come back with the "it was needing authorization"

    as of late, they really got my blood boiling.
    doing work on a color laserjet. the original work order was to diag. no prob. had to get on with tech support to verify. they changed the problem to possibly being the carousel. no biggie. ill install whatever you want. however, the secondary problem on the ticket. i also diaged and told them what i needed. it was the paper tray ASSEMBLY. which barristers third party gave them the part number and i verified on the three way call "ok, this is not the tray right? because i DO NOT need the tray" they verified that no, it isnt the tray. what do i get...the damn tray!.
    after installing the new part for the original problem, it was throwing up codes and everything else. in the meantime of waiting for an escalation, they send the part i needed for the paper tray assembly. or so i would have thought. what do i get again?! the damn paper tray! i made sure each time i said "no paper tray is needed!" went out to the customers site that day. obviously, i cant do the work with a wrong part, however. they told me to check carousel alignment for the primary issue. so, i had gone out there for something that i was told to do by barrister.

    at this point, ive been on site 5 times. 70$ per trip. i get an email stating they arent paying me for one of the trips due to wrong parts being ordered! for something totally not my fault, they get fined by the warranty company, therefore fining me. penalizing me for incompetance of the barrister tech ordering wrong parts.
    not only that, they took me off the repair call!

    i talked to the branch manager and reamed her out. basically giving me the "we still arent paying you for one of the trips". BS! i requested to talk to her boss. i then got the excuse "im the branch manager here"
    my reply. "thats fine, but you also have a boss. i want to talk to that person" so, ill be waiting on an email that probably wont come. so, if someone could get me the CEO email or contact info. that would be great. email me at jbfirebird69 @ hotmail

    at some point, i will stop doing work for them. right now, i can use the money

  • Te
      27th of May, 2009
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    They still suck. I like having calls fill in between mine since I'm not doing as many calls as I had been. Now the wait times to clear a call, or to ask if one is available is nearly half an hour. After receiving a call yesterday, I didn't get the email with the details so I called in. The call was given to someone else. I'd already scheduled my day (not hard to recover from) but had spent tons of time trying to get a service call from them.

    Debra "the owner" is so excited by the new contract with the Social Security Administration that she's pretty much let everything else fall apart.

    Luckily no one counts on them for their livelihood (except for the employees on site there on Happywood Lane) so I guess I won't miss them. The one saving grace (if there's one) is that Debra actually reads and responds to her emails. If only there was an actual change AFTER speaking to her. She talks a good game, just doesn't deliver

  • Hi
      27th of May, 2009
    +3 Votes

    Oh, you poor, poor techs...I'm in the same boat as Ashamed. I work for these people in their home office, and I'll even go so far as to say...yes, I am one of the techs that you unfortunate souls have to talk to when you want to call in and order a part. Believe me, we try our damnest to get you guys the parts you need so you can complete your onsite trips and get paid. If you think it's hard to try and get your work done, imagine what we have to go guys call in ALL DAY from ALL OVER THE COUNTRY and aside from trying to order your parts, wealso have to handle the call cues from the residential customers that got suckered into buying an extended warranty on their computer and want to know why we can't help them run a recovery on their computer when, really, that's all they need. Instead, they end up waiting in our cue for sometimes 30-40 minutes (one really determined guy stayed on hold a record 1hr. 12 minutes) and they're not there because we don't want to answer the phone, or that we're lazy, we simply don't have enough people to handle the call volume! I've worked in tech support for 2 other companies, and they had TWICE as many techs to handle probably a THIRD of the call volume that we get. Also, what Ashamed said about our hours is true. Louisiana labor law states that for every 8 hours of work, you get 2 15 minute breaks. But not at Barrister, noooo. I had one of the higher ups ask me what I was doing away from my desk when I was trying to make a dash for the bathroom since I'd been on calls for 3 hours straight.

    So, in closing, we do understand what you're going through, because we're going through it too. I haven't been working there long enough to know how the techs get paid, but I do know that they tell us to look for any excuse to fill out a "NO PAY" form on ya'll (break a part, show up late, etc.) We don't want to do it because, after all, we're techs too and we know you guys work hard to get our customers going again. Just believe me, we try to make your jobs easier because when you guys are able to get the customers going, it makes OUR jobs easier. Remember, WE are the ones who get fired when Debra wants to know why Tech Support has so many service level misses and complaints.

    Please, please, please...we're doing our best, and if it wasn't for my precious little girl, I would have NEVER even given this company a resume. Remember that before you vent in my ear for 15 minutes straight.

  • He
      9th of Jun, 2009
    +2 Votes

    I've been working as a contract employee for one of Barrister's lovely little projects for about 4 1/2-5 months now. I didn't really have too many problems other than the fact that they started our "project" with out thinking things through and now in less than a month I'll be out of a job (in a very very tough economy) struggling to pay my bills.

    We didn't have problems at first but in the last month or so, the person who was put in charge of our "account" has failed to produce less than stellar work. We've been lied to about a number of things, including the fact that our store is now closing.

    For those looking for the CEO information, here it is...

    John S. Bowers, III
    Barrister Global Services Network, Inc.
    42548 Happywoods Road
    Hammond, LA 70403




  • Te
      24th of Jun, 2009
    -1 Votes

    I worked for them several years ago and had the same problems. They would neglect to include a return slip, forget to provide one when informed that the return slip was missing, and then refuse to pay. Happened all the time. One customer's machine had a broken USB port on the front of the case, and after a YEAR of calling back and forth they never could figure out what part I needed, despite even sending pictures. But the worst one, which still has me mad, years later, is when they called me up in a panic, begged me to go out on a call right away (for a high profile customer) because the tech assigned flaked out on them, so I bust my butt getting on site and resolving the problem (rather touchy and complicated, BTW, something most techs would have had to escalate), in essence, I saved Barrister's reputation in the sight of this very large company. I submit my completion report, and when no check shows up, I call to see where it is and I get told "You weren't the tech assigned to that job". Excuse me???? I have the completion report, I have the manager's signature, I have the e-mail YOU sent me sending me out, with emergency authorization, and you won't pay me because I wasn't the original tech, who left you guys high and dry? I save your butt and you won't pay me for it????

    The last straw was when Hurricane Katrina hit and they shut down for 3 months. I never got paid for anything I submitted the month before the hurricane, and I never will.

  • Bg
      1st of Jul, 2009
    -2 Votes

    Barrister has been in business for over 35 years, serving customers throughout the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico. We have business relationships with most of the major OEM manufacturers and companies in the United States. We are a strong, capable company with a proven history of successful operation. Barrister representatives speak with every technician who is assigned a job. The rate is offered verbally. Once the technician accepts the rate, the technician is emailed dispatch paperwork where the rate is clearly specified. That paperwork including the rate serves as the agreement between Barrister and the technician. Technicians are urged to review the paperwork prior to performing the service and to immediately contact our dispatch team upon receipt of paperwork if there are any questions, concerns or if the rate is not clearly stated or different from what the technician agreed upon. Once the tech has accepted the rate, and performed the work, Barrister is unable to adjust the rate as we have dispatched the work to the tech at a rate at which we may bill our customer. We care a great deal about the perception of a client or a vendor and anyone with a concern should access company management via our company website

  • Te
      1st of Jul, 2009
    0 Votes

    Please note this 'unidentified' person makes claims that

    1. Have nothing to do with most of the allegations made against the company

    2. Use vague language like: urge, perception, verbally and 'immediately contact'. Immediately is not something you can do with any method of reaching them.

    3. Don't address anything, mostly it's a poorly written diatribe explaining that Barrister has existed, pays what they verbally agree on (but that's TOTALLY disputed by most in previous posts) and I guess we're to infer that somehow when technicians aren't paid, it's because THEY messed up.

    Sorry, there's too little to believe from this unnamed 'representative' but I'm here to tell you that if I didn't 'babysit' Barrister to get paid, there are and were times that I'd never see it. Oh, they jump yer goat to get on board doing calls that are sometimes a nightmare, usually because someone else went ahead of you (none of this is in the 'emailed' dispatch paperwork). Anyone that claims that Barrister is strong and capable is merely lying or uninformed. There are a lot of nice people and many capable working there. That does NOT mean the program works as it should, and more importantly, it doesn't mean that even though the upper echelon knows there are problems, that they're not addressed. The place needs a complete overhaul.

  • Th
      20th of Jul, 2009
    0 Votes

    the schmo representative there, trying to give barrister some sort credibility, needs to have their head removed from their behind.
    GREAT! you have been around for 35 years! so, that means you have been screwing your techs over for that long also, i would imagine? its been over 2 months since i posted about my issue of not being paid. guess what. i still havent been paid. the last job ive been on...over a month has passed. guess what. havent been paid for that yet either.
    angel says "ill look into it". but my guess is, that was just to put my mind at ease. in the meantime, they will forget about my case in hopes that i also forget about it and stop chasing the elusive purple dragon around, called "my paycheck".
    they are this close to having a complaint filed on them through different organizations. if they wont fix themselves, im sure a bad reputation through many places will make them think about it.

  • Bg
      28th of Jul, 2009
    -2 Votes

    As with any job, you must perform certain tasks to be compensated. Some employees punch a time clock; some submit expense reports while others must submit appropriate paperwork to receive payment for a job completed. A Barrister representative is not with the Technicians while on site therefore; we rely on the Technicians to submit the requested information to process payment accordingly. We ask that any Technicians with pay issues email their BASID and Work Order/ Service Order number with their concerns to We are continually working to streamline the Corporate Office and Technician relationship to ensure that we are all successful and prosperous.

  • Te
      28th of Jul, 2009
    0 Votes

    BGSN pay issues makes good points (they're obvious so it's hard to dispute that some people punch a time clock etc) but doesn't address the issue at hand. I contend that I've been paid every penny due. It took some work and before Angel it was terrible, but... there are many that haven't been paid for some reason or other. I spoke with Gerry Solis and came away thinking that some things might be fixed. However, to this date none of the issues I spoke of have been dealt with directly to my knowledge. One of the issues is the way you receive calls now is almost always by staying vigilant about the emails that come to us and we must reply in time to receive a call. Unfortunately, by the time you call you're told the call has been given out. Simple enough, but how much extra time now must be spent by technicians calling to be told the call has been dispatched. How much time must the TAG dept spend telling everyone that calls that the call is no longer available. By emailing us the fact that the call is gone, you might prevent wasted time on hold (boy does Barrister need to hire more people) and the people at Barrister's offices can do other things.

    They could put up a real time 'board' on their corporate web site but that might be a little difficult. Barrister doesn't seem to have a lot of things together logistically and that might put a tax on them technically. The TechWA thing should be a good example, despite Gerry's claim that it's all a tech needs to do calls. When you receive emails, they claim the hours for the TAG dept is 7 am to 7pm. It hasn't been in all of the time I've been with Barrister. It appears to be a simple thing to change, but the 'powers that be' think that other things (I don't know what they are) show just how dedicated they are to making this work.

    Good luck to all, especially Angel

  • Th
      28th of Jul, 2009
    0 Votes

    BGSN u even read previous things that were typed? or are you saying what your boss tells you to, to try to save face?
    PROBLEM NUMBER 1 is: you find reasons, at times, to not pay people. OR are very slow at it. this is by far the worst company i have EVER worked for when it comes to money. barrister throws the responsibility for a problem on someone else to save themselves money.
    angel means well. however, her incompetent supervisor is the one that is in control. this supervisor will not listen to reason for any issue. like i said before, the problem i had was YOUR (barrister) tech support ordered the wrong part AFTER i had made sure 2-3 times during that call, that i wouldnt get the wrong part AGAIN. they ensured the part number. we were seeing eye to eye on what was needed. now, mind you, i had 2 people on the phone with me. barrister tech, and their HP rep. the HP rep is the one that told part number. HE knew what i was speaking of. yet, i get penalized for him giving barrister the wrong number, or barrister just being stupid and ordering it wrong. EITHER WAY, i get penalized. perhaps i will start penalizing barrister for late payments.

    but, in the end. i will recieve my money. i will just up my rate until i accumulate what they owe me.

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