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Bargain Enterprise, Garage Door Parts, LLC / No Delivery of products Paid for

1 127 Columbia AvenuePassaic, NJ, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 1-973-472-4818

On April 2nd 2008 I ordered a tension spring from this compnay and paid with my visa. I received a confirmation email shortly thereafter with an order number. On April 4th 2008, funds were withdrawn from my visa account. No other communication from the company to date. I've sent emails to the compnay requesting an order update with no response. I file a "ticket" with the company's customer service with no response. I have called nearly every day to speak with someone, but I just get an answering machine that is always full. I did leave one message when the machine picked up. No one has comtacted me.

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  • Ke
      22nd of Apr, 2008
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    I too, ordered a part from "Garage Door Parts, LLC" and had the very same outcome.

    On 4/9/08, we ordered a garage door part. We attempted to contact the company by phone the following day, only to hear it ring numerous times before the call ended with a series of beeps and a voice recording stating the message box was full. I emailed him several times but to no avail. As of today, we have yet to receive the part.

    It was only after several failed attempts of trying to contact Ricardo Aquino (973) 472-4818, that my husband started researching this so-called company, only to find that there was complaint after complaint against this company.

    We did turn him in to the Better Business Bureau and to his local police department, but what can we do to stop him from doing this to anyone else?? As of this morning, the website is still active and ready to take from the next unsuspecting person.
    If anyone knows what other steps we can take to get this website shut down, please let us know.

    Thank you!

  • Ch
      23rd of Apr, 2008
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    I also ordered parts from Garage Door Parts, LLC on April 3rd, 2008. My credit card was charged on April 4th, 2008 and I too received a confirmation email from Ricardo Aquino.

    I have tried to call the company, as of yesterday, 4/22/08, the telephone number is no longer in service 973-472-4818. I have sent numerous unanswered emails.

    After some investigative work online, I found Ricardo's home unlisted telephone number which is 973-458-9414. I called and spoke to a woman at the above number who took a message for Ricardo from me. This was two days ago and Ricardo has not returned my call. His email address is

    Based on Whois.Net, it looks like his website is hosted by:
    Netfirms, Inc.
    5160 Yonge Street
    Toronto, ON M2N6L9
    +1.4166612100 Fax: +1.4166610700

    Thank you

  • An
      28th of Apr, 2008
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    Count me in as another ripped-off customer of Garage Door Supply. Placed an order on April 4th, the money was deducted a few days later, waited another week before I started calling to find out where my order was. Like all of you, I was unable to reach a person on the phone, just that robotic message stating the message box was full. I also sent an email but no reply. I've filed a complaint with my bank. Visa will investigate and hopefully someone will shut down this guy. But as someone pointed out, his website is still active and presumably taking orders from more unsuspecting customers. It's been a frustrating experience to say the least!

  • Ro
      3rd of May, 2008
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    Sorry to hear about your problems. Having been in the door industry for 28 years, I've come across a wide range of companies, both good & bad. I can help you out if you like?
    I sell parts via my company or you can find a good local door dealer who can give you the correct parts at This is an industry site and list both manuf. & installing dealers, and most dealers sell part to the DYI'er. Make sure you provide as uch information on the part you need and have model numbers, product info. usually found on the end of the door section-sticker or written on.

    Again, do not feel as thou you have to purchase from me, I'm just disappointed when anyone is ripped-off especially in an industry I worked and support my family for 28 years.

    All the best,


  • Ll
      5th of May, 2008
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    I too was ripped off from this company! The same thing happened to me! I submitted an order, the money was withdrawn from my account and no product! The same answer machine says message box is full. Someone need to stop this criminal!

  • Wa
      10th of May, 2008
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    I too was ripped off on April 21st in exactly the same manner as others have listed above. The website is still up and running and it needs to be taken down. I would be glad to sign a petition or do what ever is necessary to stop this criminal.

  • Do
      17th of May, 2008
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    Today is 5/17/08. No need to add more. Doing my research on Garage Door Parts I found this complaint website. My story is the same has the others posted here! Just add me to the list!

  • Ga
      20th of May, 2008
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    Crap! Add me to the list also... I should have googled the domain first! I guess I will call my credit card company. I can't believe someone can get away with this!

  • Ke
      28th of May, 2008
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    Add me to the list. Order on 4/19/08, $118, no parts, money paid, order confirmation received, not able to contact in any way.

  • Gt
      5th of Jun, 2008
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    Add me to the list. Order on 5/02/08, $68, no parts, money paid, order confirmation received, not able to contact in any way.

  • Jo
      7th of Jun, 2008
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    I ordered an insulation kit for $250 from this Richard Aquino guy, Garage door parts LLC, Garage door supply, ad he took my money and never sent anything. He is a thief. Richard Aquino is a loser. I don't know how he sleeps at night.

  • Bo
      10th of Jun, 2008
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    Again, if I can help out anyone with their orders that never shipped, send e an email and I can see if I can help you out. No strings attached-you do not need to purchase anything from me. I've worked in the door industry for 28 years and these kind of guys make me sick. If you need some parts, let me know and I can help you get the right ones.

    I still cannot understand how this guy is still in business.

    Bob Thoreson

  • Da
      14th of Jun, 2008
    0 Votes

    Same for me. Ordered a door seal 5/6/2008. No response to phone calls or emails. I contacted my credit card company to dispute the purchase and they will take action.

  • Ch
      14th of Jun, 2008
    0 Votes

    Add me to the list. Order on 3/18/08, $87.33, no parts, money paid and withdrawn, order confirmation received, not able to contact in any way.

  • Je
      19th of Jun, 2008
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    Your going down ricardo, I too was ripped off .Order placed 4/10/2008 confirmation of order shortly after and payment off card. nothing sent and no answers. Perfect scam with the 6 to 8 week special order time. Hope you suffer Ricardo Aquino.

  • Cj
      6th of Aug, 2008
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    I was about to place an order and thought I would read some of the complaints. I notice that the complaintants payments were on credit card, well, there is not credit card option now. The only option is for payment by check and they ask for routing numbers, etc. which felt suspicious to me immediately. Who asks for payment by check???? in this day and age it is all about the credit card for the business owner's security. Hmmm...fishy.

  • Wi
      19th of Aug, 2008
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    I also got ripped off, He charged me twice for the same spring, That I still haven't recived .That Thief needs to prison!!!

  • Je
      31st of Oct, 2008
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    I didnt realize it until now, but I have been hood-winked also. THat SOB stole my money. Same story as everyone else: Made order, order confirmed, money delivery, no phone number, no reply to several emails. No way this can be happening. I think its time to call in some favors in Jersey. Forget-about-it.

  • Pp
      15th of Nov, 2008
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    I wish I had scoped this company out b/4 we ordered from them on 10/25; yes, same thing has happened to us. I'm ashamed to realize how my normally untrusting self was dooped. Can they still come back to do more harm???

  • El
      20th of Nov, 2008
    0 Votes

    One more sucker is born.My spring never came, my, E-mail was never answered, my check was cashed!Burn in Hell Ricardo.

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