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Barbizon School of Modeling / Fraud

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So I graduated from Barbizon in 2004 it is now 2008!!! I paid190 every Saturday and learned how to... put makeup on! I would not suggest any one to go to John Casablanca’s or john Robert powers!! Check out the site. Barbizon has nothing to offer despite their big school. Every time I call that school they never have anything for me and I am supposed to be a student there. So please just take my word for it and don’t go to barbizon. It really is a fraud.

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  • Ma
      3rd of Jul, 2008
    -1 Votes

    I enrolled my daughter. She needed a confidence boost and this seemed to be a good idea . It was. Her instructor was the very best. All of the girls became friends and the instructor really put herself out there to be a team leader, gave great motivational talks and helped the girls work towards their school, personal etc.
    The Barbizon end...the women running the school... that's another story.
    On the interview they said the girls needed to pay an additional $50 for a makeup kit. No makeup kit ever surfaced. I asked about it each and every week. I told they were back ordered. Then I was told the $50 was for brushes. Then I was told it was for the makeup used in class. So the $ 50 although not a ton of money the point is, it is a rip. These ladies are money hungry and excellenct con artists.
    Next my daughter gets a job. Good money which I had to fight for.I understand from all of the models that worked that day, my daughter was the only one who got paid ( I called several times a week for several weeks) . A few parents told me they never recieved money from previous jobs their daughters worked on. They were afraid to ask ...they didn't want to ruin their daughters chance of getting more work. The IMTA is another rip off that Barbizon promotes. Thousands of dollars for workshops ( NO we did not particapate in that scam). There are really good agents and coaching out there...Barbizon is NOT one of them.

  • Fo
      10th of Aug, 2008
    -2 Votes

    well i need some edvice b/c i when today for an interveiw and the lady ms diana told me i was getting a call back and that she really likes me. now that i have seen all the stuff about this school stuff being a scam i'm not sure what to do. i have some experience but i need a bost like i though this thing would give me now i have no idea what to do. please, if someone has tryed this thing tell me what you think b/c at this point i have no idea what to do but i really do want to continue acting and modleing so coments plz!!

  • Me
      6th of May, 2009
    -1 Votes

    Okay, listen i just graduated from Barbizon yesterday and to tell yu the truth those classes were bogus. I got accepted into every single place after my audition, but so did every girl in my class. It is a scam and i will not reccomend barbizon to anyone. It was fun while it lasted, but too much money was put into this. I got accepted into the IMTA to go to New York City in July, but i am not going. There is NO WAY i am paying $7, 000 to go to NYC. SCREW THAT

  • Wo
      18th of May, 2009
    -1 Votes

    I am truly sorry to hear about your bad experiences with Barbizon and IMTA. For really talented individuals who want to meet with talent agents and scouts from around the world, you should look into iPOP!--International Presentation of Performers. This is a legitimate event hosted in Los Angeles. I believe the next one should be in Las Vegas. Both my neice and nephew attended the Los Angeles event a little while back and they thoroughly enjoyed the event. They received a lot of exposure, but and most importantly, our entire family felt that the event was worth the investment. If you go onto and search for ipop, you will see many others that have the same positive feeling towards iPOP! On the iPOP! website, they list all the success stories/celebrity endorsements: . Take a look and this event and it may be a door opener into the entertainment industry.

  • Am
      6th of Feb, 2010
    -1 Votes

    I was almost scammed by Barbizon. Fairfax, VA Fall 2009. Turned out to be almost the biggest mistake I have ever made. 700 girls show up for the interview that was scheduled for my daugheter. The phone call I received at home was even a scam; they said that my daughter's friend at school, Katie, recommended her. A lie. There are a million Katies at the school so my daughter didn't think anything of it; she was just excited (turned out she signed up for info at SCHOOL!!!; how did they ever get this scam company in the school!). She was accepted at the interview; along with probably everyone else. The rep called us the next evening (said she had hurt herself and was home in Tampa Florida!!!); pressured us to sign; needed an immediate deposit of 600.00 (any credit card would do to hold her position)...seemed strange when she said we could think about it, but don't wait too long, she would give my daughter's place to someone else!...told her I would contact her the next evening. My husband went on line and found all this info (thanks!) about this scam...thank goodness. The rep called like clockwork the next evening; told her we weren't interested; she was very terse. I phoned the hotel that was hosting their first training session and there were 20 girls signed up!!! HAHAHHAHAHA. Of the 700 girls that appt (more like 1600 or more for the weekend); only 20 were caught! sorry that even one person paid these people a dime. They fool with a child's emotions and sensitivities. It is crushing to girls when/if they find out it is a scam. All the women who participated now make me nauteous. I cannot believe they sleep at night working in this corrupt business. My daughter is 5'11" tall and gorgeous. She can do better. signed, Happy in Haymarket!!!

  • Kt
      28th of Mar, 2010
    -1 Votes

    Okay, so you say that the classes are bogus, but has anyone gotten called for a job? How often? THAT'S what I'm looking for, is results. Does it work in terms of getting jobs?

  • Su
      16th of Oct, 2010
    -1 Votes

    A lady from Barbizon "Lana Cox" Called me on Sunday and told me that my daughter's friend in school recommended her. I did not know what's Barbizon all about. Anyway, We went to the interview, Lana said she will give us a call on Monday. She called on Monday and said my daughter got accepted. My daughter was so happy...Well, Lana went over the paper work with me and ask if I can fax the from with credit card number to her now. I said, I had to do that at work tomorrow morning...She asked What time????

    I had a very bad feeling about this. I had my asst. to check on this comapny and all these scan pop out ????
    Lana kept calling me all the time days and nights...I know this is not right. I talked to my daughter and she check on out this comapny herself...She told me mom this is a scam...

    Lana left me a message said that I broke my daughter's heart for not supporting her blaaaaaa...

    I wonder how she can sleep at night for doing all this...

    Lana, this is for you..Comes around goes around ...put that in mind you monster :((((((((((

  • Ce
      29th of Jan, 2011
    0 Votes

    Barbizon's okay for persobal development, but the only real way to get a job is to proactively go for it yourself. Some people don't even need classes like Barbizon to get a job. I sent a simple picture in and got a call back. I've been to the classes and the only thing you learn is how to walk and how to apply their cheap makeup.

  • Dn
      1st of Feb, 2011
    -1 Votes

    I am so glad to see that these people are getting caught in their lies! Thank gosh for the internet! I worked for them YEARS ago, 3 months and couldn't take the corruption. The owner told me, if I didn't do a good job, me and my kids would starve to death, I knew then this was not the place for me, I do not work under scare tactics! It was a experience I will never forget it, it made me feel bless in anything I did after that experience. I do feel terrible for all the families that fall for the BS, it is just terrible. MAYBE 1 out of 100 kids gets something from it, a boost to self esteem, but mostly their families get debt. all for wanting their child to be happy because some [censor] told her that she will go far, just take the classes, It is sad that they have been put of of business long long ago, , but still happy to see all their stink being broadcasted on the internet! DON'T GO TO BARBIZON! YOUR SON OR DAUGHTER is WORTH MORE!

  • Co
      22nd of Mar, 2011
    -1 Votes

    We were almost duped into the same scam. Read this lawsuit againt Barbizon:
    The name of the biggest scammer is: CHARLES R. NEMES 434 E. SIXTHSTREET HINSDALE 60521

  • On
      5th of Apr, 2011
    -1 Votes

    We recently participated in one of the hotel session sales pitches. We had only a few days notice before the session and interview, and were told of the need for prompt payment, etc. The interviewer called late, as noted by others, and wanted to speak with both me and my daughter. The interviewer told my daughter all of her lovely attributes and that my daughter was one of the less than 70 accepted of the 400 girls who had applied. We had done some research online earlier in the evening because we felt the high-pressure tactics were suspicious. When the rep called I asked if there were girls in the area we could speak with who had gone through the program so we could get their feedback (one would think there would be hundreds considering the school has been in existence for so many years and scouting sessions are held regularly). I was told this was not possible and that the rep would get in trouble if she shared such information. This struck a chord. Any reputable school has an alumni network---that is usually front and center on a website---where you can reach out and talk with alumns. To be told it was against company policy for this to be possible and there would be repercussions for the rep did not bode well. In regard to payment, we were given various means to spread out the payment and still take advantage of the full payment discount, which seemed a bit desparate compared to what had been initially proposed; which also indicates the reps get a percentage of the tuition. High pressure tactis of giving only four days to make a decision, playing on the dreams of children and their parents, and not being forthcoming with information necessary for a balanced decision is why we are not taking them up on their "opportunity." Based on the sales video we were all shown at the hotel, there were no major movie stars included who had been mentioned in the presentation, so can the school truly take credit for their successful careers? Surely the school has been beneficial to some, but based on the input of those above and on other complaint sites, and the thousands of successful people in the industry, there are many ways to achieve one's goals and this is not the one we will be pursuing.

  • Em
      26th of Feb, 2012
    0 Votes

    I just had a meeting yesterday at Barbizon in SF and I was the only girl there. They had me walk ( i was wearing 4 inch heels and i don't usually wear heels considering I'm 16 and 5'10.5 ) and read a script out loud. I do have some previous acting experience and the interviewer did comment saying that my walk was already perfect and my voice was loud and clear. She told me that if i had a portfolio ready then she would set me up with agents without even taking the classes, but that the classes could help me fine tune some things and practice makes perfect. She didn't pressure me AT ALL about jumping right into things, and that a payment plan was available because she understood money is tight and I'm a busy girl. She said I could take as long as I want to go through the classes, spreading them out to fit my schedule and even though I'm 16 I'm mature-looking and could possibly be in the adult classes. She accepted me right then and there no "call-backs" or anything like that. So at least in my experience there, they arn't trying to just take my money. She gave me her personal cell phone number and that I can call at any time. I'm not going to rush into this because I have other priorities but I feel that maybe for me it would be a good experience and help me later in life. The classes are all about working hard and practicing and taking things seriously. If the instructors see this, then they are more likely to take you seriously and more modeling jobs will come out of it.

  • Ju
      28th of Dec, 2015
    +1 Votes

    Barbizon USA is amazing. There are people who have negative things to say about Starbucks ... Who doesn't like Starbucks ?! People will complain that their .50 cent coupon wasn't honored at their grocery store and never go back to that store again. Life is what you make it. Negativity will consume you. Halley berry came from Barbizon not to mention the rest of the celebrity list. Barbizion can't change who you are, you have to do that yourself and not hold people that try to help you along the way responsible for your outcome and success ! Good luck !

  • Mi
      16th of May, 2016
    -1 Votes

    I've worked behind the desk for this company. The Illinois owners are jerks. Rude to many. The male owner would talk about students behind their backs, "she'll need a nose job." The money parents paid were pretty much for Saturday morning babysitters for their kids and funding the owners spending habits.
    They treated mist of their employees like expendable garbage too. ANYONE AND EVERYONE got accepted into this scam as long as they had money to pay for it.

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