Bank of Oklahoma / Rip off

My problem is with Bank of Oklahoma. I have been a loyal customer over 8 years. I was encouraged to sign up with automatic Bill pay for my Car payment. An e-check was sent out 3 days before scheduled payment allowing 7 overdraft fees over 200$ in total. When brought to the banks attention by clearifying I was in the right; they put my payment back in, but said I would be responsible for two of the overdraft fees...why? I am not sure? Later knowing I could not afford this to happen again, I cancelled my automatic bill pay, along with future payments scheduled by sitting down with a BOK manager to make sure it was correctly done.

The next month the same thing happened and left me 900$ over drawn with 7 over draft fees! They said there were two scheduled payments pending that I did not delete, but the "Payee" was not even listed. They proceeded to hold me or my car loaner responcible for fees, but BOK was the one that sent an automatic e-check, my car load did not take payment themselves. I have since then disputed and awaiting this matter to be solved. not to mention the supervisor was not willing to help nor take blame.

BOK are crooks, they are disloyal and I will be closing all of my business accounts and personal accounts with them.


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